A few shiny things…

Now, I guess because I focus so much on the clothes on this blog, I’ve not really properly ever touched on my love for accessories. In particular, necklaces and earrings. I own *a lot* and if I wasn’t the sort of girl who breaks/loses a fair few more, my jewellery box would be full to heaving.

I think my love of jewellery stems from the fact when I was a younger girl whom had no confidence and only just wanted to shop where everyone else did, the fact jewellery and bags (of which I’m going to do a sister post for) don’t need you to be a certain size, well it meant that on some small scale I could keep up with the rest. In fact, I’ve a term for my habitual routine of walking into shops like good old Topshop and heading straight to the back where the goodies are. Its called ‘the fat girl walk to the back’. Not exactly catchy or easy to say, but hey, I came up with it when I was 15 and not quite so eloquent!

Nowadays, I do still love a bit of Topshop jewellery, but my tastes have expanded somewhat also. Primark gets a lot of love from me, mainly because of the aforementioned losing things. Accessorize I adore and seriously could buy most of the shop anytime I venture in. Tatty Devine and All Saints I also adore too for something quirky and a bit different. I’m also fond of Fossil, Pandora, Lola Rose, Pilgrim, Links of London on a slightly higher price level – some I own some pieces from, some I don’t but really wish I did.

I’m not really a diamonds girl, much preferring my more expensive jewellery to be more unusual precious or semi-precious stones. I cannot walk past a jewellery shop without lingering to take a look at their wares. Being able to jazz up an outfit with a statement necklace or earrings is something I’ve always been able to do, no matter what. I actually feel not properly dressed if I’m off out somewhere and haven’t put any jewellery on.

So, my lovely readers, I’m now going to give you exclusive access to my favourite pieces. Some you’ll have seen before, because I’ve worn them in blogged outfits, obviously!

My favourite jewellery items en mass.

Fake pearl necklace from Primark and Earrings from Accessorize – I used to have a faux oversized pearl necklace from Coast, but it broke and I hastily replaced it as the faux-pearls always made me feel über glam when combined with red lipstick

Necklace from Evans and Earrings from Accessorize. The earrings I’ve had for a long, long time and have been worn with all sorts of necklaces before now. However this combination is my favourite of them, because it’s what I wore to my sister’s wedding…I wore a navy 1920s inspired dress from Ann Harvey of all places and I felt tres-Keira Knightley in Atonement. Or at least her much larger sister!

Teapot necklace – picked up at a vintage fair although don’t think it’s actually vintage. Worn often and in many varied ways.

Both necklace and earrings from Topshop, bought for my last birthday by my sister. I tend to wear them with quite summery outfits – maybe all this bird jewellery I own is an excuse for more bird themed clothing!

some of my owl jewellery….much beloved and from Tesco and Primark respectively

Now these are my go-to items of the moment….most days I tend to plonk them on when I’m not really up to much. As you may already know from previous posts, the necklace was a christmas gift from my sister (yes, I often get bought jewellery from people), and the earrings were bought in the Accessorize January sale.

These owls are from Topshop, and my mum bought them me from the sale when we went to Outfit once, which is a store that has all Arcadia brands under one roof (and cruelly puts Evans next to Oasis!)

In the main picture, the necklace on the left is from Pilgrim and the one on the right is from Fossil. I have to say, despite not really being a gold sort of girl, these are two of my favourite necklaces, albeit not often worn. I used to have the Pilgrim one in silver with a pink stone at the bottom but I lost it along with the earrings that matched the gold necklace. However I still have the silver earrings, somewhere! My mum bought me the Fossil necklace when we went to Manchester once, and with both brands, since getting these necklaces, I regularly drool over their wares!

Necklace is from Accessorize and both sets of earrings are from Primark. I originally had some earrings that were studs vaguely similar to the necklace, from Accessorize also, and I wore them with the navy dress to my nieces naming day. Since then, I’ve devoured its vintage-esque glamour and teamed it with these lot anytime I want that sort of look.

These were bought for me by a friend, again for my birthday. As you can see, one of the earrings are missing in action, but I’m hoping to find it soon! I don’t often wear the bracelet as it’s a bit small, but I’ve worn the other items on numerous occasions – the earrings especially as I’ve other black necklaces that I team them with.


This beauty is from All Saints and I wear it with all sorts of outfits when I want to make it look a bit more edgy. I have to say that I’m definitely lusting after jewellery in this sort of vein at the moment, especially as there’s a lot of that type of thing about!

So that’s it – my favourite jewellery items at the moment. But anyone that knows me will tell you there’s a high chance that in the not too dim and distant future, that may well change. After all, there’s a lot of that spiked jewellery in various places that keeps drawing my magpie eye in!

4 thoughts on “A few shiny things…

  1. I know exactly what you mean by the fat girl walk. I’ve done it many a time, or I’ve pretended I really only wanted to come into the shop to look at scarves and hats whilst friends try on clothes! I love your jewellery collection especially the All Saints piece. I have a bag collection that could rival the Kardashians, maybe one day I’ll blog it!

    • I’ve actually modified the Fat Girl walk into a fat girl ‘fuck all you that get in my way only to give me death stares’ strut. Much more diginfied ;p Yes, I’m definitely fond of the All Saints piece although it could do with a wash….the fabric is not looking quite as nice as it once did!

      But yes, I now really want to see your bag collection!!

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