Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Tesco

So, many a moon ago, I agreed to take part in a swimwear challenge organised by the lovely Becky.  She, alongside myself , Gina and Mhairi all got graciously sent a swimming costume of our choice by Tesco – actually their swimwear range didn’t look too bad on the website. Sure, not tons of choice for those of us that are past their core ranges’ sizes, but then I find that their plus size range generally to not be as extensive as their main range. Which is fair enough – their clothing arm is huge!

Anyhoot, I decided to take part in this challenge as it was me being incredibly brave. Although, I’ve not once felt any fear or hesitation in taking part, and think for me, that’s the most telling. A sign of my confidence having gotten to a point where even baring my shape in a tight-fitting swimsuit doesn’t phase me. But I should shut up and review it, really.

I will just say that I’ve not had a chance to test it in water and I will update this post when I have – a combination of being ill and the local swimming pool being shut throwing spanners into the works!!

I’m a bit of an odd size, in that my bottom half is a size 28, my top half a 26 but I’ve got small boobs for a fat girl – 42 b/c (I’ve got one boob a whole cup size bigger than the other, just to make matters more complicated!)

So, I chose the F&F True Twist Swimsuit

Look! No makeup! Wet hair for that just jumped out the pool style! My dodgy feet on display!


The colour is to die for – I’m definitely a turquoise fan, and this didn’t disappoint. Its got an almost mermaid-esque quality to it, and the metallic detailing and the ruching on the side are all touches that just add a bit of something to an otherwise plan style 5/5


It actually fit really well. Swimwear has always been a bit of a nightmare for me – yes, I probably should brave a tankini or bikini so I could do a different size on my bottom and top half, but for some reason I’ve always stuck with the humble swimming costume. Anyway, it fitted nicely around my bum, whilst the straps felt nice and tight, rather than lose like they do sometimes when I’ve got a swimsuit. The only area it didn’t fit perfectly was the boob area, but then that’s a familiar story for me! 4/5


Now, on first looks I had entirely branded this as a beach/pool swimming costume, but actually, it was so comfortable on, I could have easily done some laps in it. It had plenty of material in the rear, so I didn’t feel like it would go up my backside after a while, and the ruching was function in that it made me feel properly in the suit. 5/5


The banding underneath my boobs and the padding inside the cups made me feel pretty secure – well, apart from the edges near my cleavage – those I felt like I might have a wardrobe malfunction with! Like I’ve said, I felt the rear was plenty covered – something I sometimes have the odd problem with! 4/5


So I’ve not given it a run up and down my local swimming pool, so that’s something I intend to do and post an update on when I can. However, having done a few lunges and strolls about in it, and comparing it to other swimming costumes I own, I think that for the casual swimming it definitely would hold up to that. Which is what makes me think that this is the perfect beach/pool costume. I don’t know about endless lengths – for me alone, I’d be a little concerned that the front bumps might fall out of the cleavage making front! 4/5 


This costume costs only £14. Seriously, £14, that’s all. So in terms of value, for the overall performance of the costume, I think it’s a ruddy bargain! Larger ladies, get your hands on one sharpish!

Overall, I really loved this suit and I felt amazing in it, even when I was posing in my living room! If you’re wanting to nosy at what my other ladies have gotten and reviewed, the links are below.

Becky – The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe

Mhairi – Lilybobombs

Gina – Fit Fat Fine

24 thoughts on “Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Tesco

  1. I love that you and Gina selected the same suit. What a great way to contrast two looks! You look really cute and I love that you wet your hair for the picture.
    My left boob is a little bigger than the right – just about a half a cup, but I know what a weird situation that can create in tops/bras/bathers! You look fab.

    • yes, I found it really useful that unbeknowest to us we’d selected the same one….it really helps I think to see something worn by more than one body shape! And yeah, it was totally a time constraint thing on the hair front!

      But yes, uneven boobs definitely make life a bit harder….grrr!

  2. Bravery thy name be yours! That’s a great suit and it looks very nice on you. You’re right about the mermaid-esque 🙂

    • Thanks!! Have to say that now I’ve done it, I feel like there’s not really much I can’t do and it certainly made me feel more comfortable about myself in clothes!! Thanks….I was worried I’d look a total state!

    • Thankyou! Its not necessarily what I’d go for in a suit automatically because obviously we wer chosing from a limited selection. But glad that I helped you think differentl!

  3. Firstly, I know on Twitter you were concerned about your stomach, but you have nothing to worry about it. Your confidence in wearing the suit means that no one notices your stomach! The fit is really good on you and whilst you’re a pear shape your boobs look lovely :).

    Good on you Sara! I’m not brave enough to wear a swimsuit on my blog.

    • I still have a hangup with my stomach….I just feel really self conscious about it, even if in other peoples’ eyes I look good and they don’t notice it! But yeah, I think my boobs look alright even though I felt like I was going to pop out…

      Oddly despite being brave enough to wear swimwear on here, I’m still not brave enough to embrace VBO in normal clothes!!

    • it just didn’t really have any structure to it….Gina who got the same suit found the same thing with it. For me, I usually can’t get bra sized swimwear due to my small cup size but large backsize!

  4. Looks so good on you, the colour as I said on Gina’s is stunning, I’m just so proud of you all too!! We’re breaking barriers girls!! xxxx (I know a bit melodramatic, but true)

  5. Only £14? That’s an absolute steal – it’s a really nice swimsuit, love the colour and the detailing. You are clearly more and more confident and it really shows – I find it really hard to do outfit posts of any kind, let alone swimwear! I wear Freya swimming costumes as I have to have underwiring and bra-sized top half – eBay is good for them if you know your size and style. Good work girl!

    • Yes, have to agree that you can’t beat Tesco for a good old bargain!! I agree that this post kind of felt like a milestone of how confident I’d become….if someone had told me I’d be this comfortable with my body as little as a year ago I’d have told them they were nuts! As being relatively small boobed I can get away sans underwiring in a swimsuit, but there has to be some sort of support…but yeah, I’ve always struggled with cup size swimwear due to my bra size being an awkward one!

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