Where on earth did I wear that…

Hullo dear readers! I have to say that I meant to blog this outfit days ago. But I’ve been somewhat out of action due to feeling like I’ve been dug up. Damn you cold/virus thing!!

So, this post doesn’t really have the same consistence of detail as I’d normally be likely to post. In other words, I’m not typing an essay for this one, folks! Dance with joy that I shan’t leave you reams to cast your eyes upon!

I do have another outfit post waiting in the wings, and one or two other things that I might feel compelled to write endlessly on also. Oh! And the first post of a challenge I’m part of is this week too. You might even get a post a day all week….how amazing would that be, if I managed to post that often like I always intend to?!

Cardigan – Very | Top – New Look | Jeans – Evans | Jewellery – Accessorize and Primark

Other than the jewellery and the cardigan, the rest of the outfit is relatively ancient…and I’ve actually no clue when I wore this! I know it was before Friday, and after Sunday, so sometime during last week methinks. God knows really, but obviously somewhere low-key was where I was headed, because this is definitely me in semi-effort mode!

So that’s it, people, another outfit post tomorrow – until then, lovely folk!

2 thoughts on “Where on earth did I wear that…

  1. I have always LOVED that necklace, ever since I saw you wearing it at Plus London Two. But never told you because I’m shy as heck, hahaha. x

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