A Look For Lakeside…

So at the weekend I went out with my mum and sister for the day. Which, is a rare occurence. Not spending time with them, because I do that all the time but because none of the nieces were in tow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my nieces, but it was nice to do something a bit more grown-up.

We went to a local exhibition, which was held at Lakeside Arts Centre, which is based in the University of Nottingham campus. My sister is studying to be a midwife, and managed to miss the day she should have gone there so we had to go on Sunday as it was the last day Mothers and Midwives was on show.

The weather was gorgeous, which meant its setting by, well a lake obviously seemed even more idyllic. Sitting in the cafe post viewing the exhibition meant we got to gaze out across the rolling hills and still lake of the campus. I must admit that whenever I go there, I slightly regret having gone to Nottingham Trent University, as the campus I went to can’t compete at all. Although, if I had, I’d never had met Jem, she’d never have tossed me a link to Claire’s blog and I’d never have found my calling as a fat blogger. Nor have an awesome friend. Things are supposed to happen for a reason, methinks!

Anyway, I’m ridiculously squeamish and therefore normally entirely disinterested with all things medical. However, this was more like getting an insight to how womens’ lives were across the ages, lots and lots of paper based records showing the way different people had once been. I do love a good bit of history (I almost studied it as a degree, but I’m rubbish at remembering dates, so I didn’t!), and the whole exhibition was like a real life version of Call The Midwife – across the centuries. It was amazingly good, and I’m gutted that as I went on the last day, I can’t recommend that people pop along if you’re in the area. Boohiss!

But anyhoot, I obviously wore clothes to said day out, so here’s the outfit!

Necklace is from Fossil, which I got in Manchester a couple of years ago….I always forget that I own it!

Earrings that I bought in the Accessorize january sale and have barely had them out of my ears since!

Close up of my Fat Face scarf’s pattern….I got inspired to show me wearing a scarf after reading this post by Em!

Jacket/Top/Skirt/Leggings – All past seasons Evans

Shoes (just seen) and Scarf – Fat Face

Having decided to wear the shoes that I’d also forgotten I owned, it meant that I’d then want to wear the scarf that compliments it, and from there on I got carried away with that particular colour….I’ve even got eyeshadow on that is a similar colour! I can be far too matchy-matchy sometimes!

So, whilst I was uploading the images for this post, I found this picture of what I wore when we had all that lovely weather….I’m not sure why it went unposted, but anywho, you get an extra bonus outfit pic!

Top/Shorts/Necklace – Evans

Sunglasses – Prada via local posh sunglasses/glasses boutique

Bag – Radley! (oh, how I adore all my Radley items!)

Sandals – Fat Face (but need replacing really – looking a bit scruffy these days!)

So there you go. Two outfits in one post. Where is your favourite arty place to go in your hometown?

12 thoughts on “A Look For Lakeside…

  1. The Lakeside outfit is so up my street – I love the shades of blue and green, typically I’m fairly in love with the scarf too! 🙂 You really cannot go wrong with a Radley bag either

    • yes, I could see you wearing something not too disimlar….the scarf has quite a tale – it got covered in an exploding body wash during one move and I had to wash it three times to rescue it….it still smells faintly of said bodywash!! But yes, can never falter with a Radley bag!

    • Thanks…I might have to bust out some similar outfits given how the weather’s like as I write this comment back!

      And you’re most welcome….your blog was and still is awesome!

  2. Go ahead girl! LOVING the colours on your face esp. lips!! Glad you got to spend some time with the awesome ladies in your fams xo ALSO those earrings seriously look like some precious gold nuggets ❤

    • Thanks….I decided to embrace the colour for a change! And yes, always good to spend time with the family. But yes, those earrings really do look much more expensive than they actually were!!

    • I know, right? That skirt is a wardrobe staple of mine….its one of the first things I bought that wasn’t what I’d get told I should wear….I’ve gotten some stick for it in the time I’ve owned it, but now I’ve been proven right in my decision to embrace a denim mini-skirt!

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