Going Oop North….

Now, I’m very proud of my own hometown, as displayed in yesterday’s post. However, I feel very fond of Northerners and of northern towns. Why, I hear you ask, well I shall tell you. Whilst my dad’s side of the family are as far as I know all Nottingham born and bred, my mum and her side of the family are northern, from Oldham in Lancashire to be precise. My mum moved to Nottingham as a child, and as thus sounds like she is from the midlands most of the time (if you ask her to say the word Bus for instance, you’d know really she’s a northerner). However my Grandma was very, very northern….a proper old-fashioned northern sort even though she’d lived in Nottingham for the best part of 50 years before popping her dear clogs.

So basically, I really do consider myself to be sort of half northern….I’ve befriended many a northerner, and in fact loved one or two in the past as well…most of my favourite comedians and bands are northern as well….and after London, two of my favourite cities are Manchester and Leeds…

Baring that in mind, when the lovely Becky and Toni announced plans for a northern version of Plus London 2, I was putting my name down in spirit before a date was even announced….

But now it has, and Plus North is a mere 120 days away…which translates as 3 months and 28 days. 7th of July 2012 between 1pm-6pm will see the biggest plus size event the north has ever known! Its to be held at Aspire Leeds, fact fans.

Tickets are on sale now, and for a mere £5 you can have one of the best days known to woman. Simply Be is the event’s premier sponsor, and the other brands joining on board are now coming thick and fast… as well as Simply Be, Life’s Big Canvas, Plus Size Tall and Excite Clothing are signed up to be there as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy a ticket, get your train tickets and hotel booked, and I’ll see you there!

6 thoughts on “Going Oop North….

    • there will definitely be plenty of them, and thats the one thing about this international blogging lark – sometimes means awesome people like yourself just live a tad too far away for stuff!

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