What a lovely day….

It really was as well. Now, I will say that I was already in a good mood. Partly for all the flattery I’d been receiving via those new-fangled electronic messages they have, but mostly because it dawned on me – I’ve cracked this confidence thing. Ok, I still have days when I feel like total shit, but thats normal, and most of the time I really could just dance through life feeling ace and tiptop.

So I’ve spent today with one of the best girls in the world, the lovely Miss Jem. She had toddled over from the Peaks to the fair city in which we met and it was a day full of covering old stomping ground and seeing my beloved hometown with fresh eyes. I’m not kidding, I discovered shops that had been there a good while but never noticed….I swear Jem is like a shopping good luck charm!

However, her own style of blogging did actually rub off on me, and the next thing I knew, I was taking pictures of all sorts of things….ok, so well mainly trees and buildings. But still, I got arty with it, so thats fine!

The last three pictures are from an amazing vintage shop in Hockley, Nottingham…which is actually full of them, these days but we did get into hot water for snapping away – I think they must have had problems with students before for some reason….I think its fine to come over and politely ask why someone’s snapping on their phone, but tbh, in our modern electronic age, surely its a given people will take pictures for their own amusement when shopping? Just me?

Window display of a proper magpie of a shop….it kind of has a grown up gothic style to it, and their black painted tables awash with jewellery inside made me want to get a bag and just pull all of the shiny things into it!

From the outside I was expecting this to be another expensive but chic boutique, but turns out it was a charity shop, and not too badly priced….I’ll be heading back, thats for sure. However, the china in abundance may have spoken to Jem, just saying!

Had that proper vintage shop smell….shame that I’m not talented enough to be able to pick up something that wouldnt fit and whip it up into something that would! They did have some great silk collars that I might head back for!

I really, really, really wanted that shirt. Wouldnt have fitted me though! Alas, not to be!

Couldn’t resist going in the best branch of Waterstones ever (fact) and the Agatha Christie display had us both stopping and drooling….in fact, I swear we were in there at least half an hour wandering around going ‘oooh, I want to read that….and that….’

Some arty tree shots….not perhaps that arty, but oh well, I enjoyed taking them!

And a much deserved coffee at the end….mine is the massive bucket in front of shot!

Arty shot of me drinking said massive cup of Vanilla Latte copyright of Jem!

So, all in all, it was a fantastic day…definitely made the top twenty of best days ever. Funny acedote, as we were walking down the street, we can hear the refrain in the distance of a male busker whom didnt sound too bad. In fact, dear reader, it was exactly the sort of music that when busked or just played, will send this fair blogger into meltdown – have I mentioned that boys with guitars and a decent set of pipes just tend to make me go insane? Anyway, after a quick poise to laugh, we then continued on past the busker. Whom as we did, according to Jem’s eyewitness account, he sang right at me. I wasnt looking at the busker because I’d have giggled….he was singing the sexiest music in the world, which makes midly attractive men hot (which is motown/soul. fact)

Anyway, this did make Jem later invent a song entitled ‘Sara fancies a dirty busker’ when we had to walk within earshot of his playing once more. But, to add to the hilarity of this event, when we walked around the corner, there was a tramp playing a tin whistle whilst sat on the floor. Which, well, you can see where the humour then lay. Because of course a busker with a proper amp and everything is the same as a tramp with a whistle. Which I might have just said a bit too loudly at the time. (it isnt the first time I’ve gotten entranced by a busker….in fact, I’ve spent far too much time watching them when they’re really good and attractive to boot…)

But really, it was about the shopping and the really lovely food and even more lovely company….it was quite saddening to have to wave Jem off. Sob!

However, I did wear clothes on this outting, so right at the end I’m getting to an outfit post….go me!

Shirt: New Look | Jeans: Evans (ancient!) | Jewellery: Accessorize and Primark

On the way home, I took a short cut through House of Fraser and the Urban Decay girl offered to let me have a try of the Naked 2 palette….and you should all know that if I like a makeup brand, it is nigh on impossible for me to refuse being made up, even if I am on the way home! I have to say I was glad I did, because its made me 100 percent sure that I need to have one of their palettes in my life….they’re amazing!

So that’s it folks, my day in a very long nutshell!!

8 thoughts on “What a lovely day….

  1. ‘Sara loves the scruffy buskers’ Oh yes. Total Eurovision material if you ask me.

    It was a brilliant day, just one of those that leaves you very contented and completely happy with the world – I can’t wait to come back and do it all again in a month or two! I think you’ve done me extremely proud with the arty tree shots and vintage snippets!! You are excellent company my lovely 🙂

    Jem xXx

    • Definitely Eurovision material….it’d definitely do better than our current entry! ;p

      But yes, ace day and we need to get our skates on and do it again sharpish – glad that I did you proud, and you’re excellent company also. x

  2. Great post 🙂 I do love a busker too…they always seem to cheer up even the more dire days, especially on the underground. It’s needed there! Your lipstick looks gorgeous by the way. And I really want a Naked palette too, but can’t seem to justify the price when I have similar colours already. Ooh, and coffee is best served in a bucket sized cup! 🙂 xx

    • Buskers of the right sort just make me smile infinitely….in fact in my half finished novel the protagonist dates one (clearly wishful thinking made real in novel form!). I don’t have a lot of basic colours as I tend to go for the ones that make me go ‘ooooh, pretty’ so I definitely need one to add to my groaning makeup collection! But yes, coffee in bucket sized cup is a must!

  3. Sounds like the ideal day out! Did you guys meet at university? Good to see some Jem style arty shots on your blog – but I think you need to convince her to do an outfit post in return!

    I know what you mean about boys with guitars, I married one. He has fewer holes in his clothes these days mind you 😉

    Your makeup is pretty, I always quite fancy those palettes when I see them in magazines and on blogs but I know that realistically they’d be wasted on me (I need a full time hair and makeup artist)

    • It definitely was an ideal day out….doesn’t happen nearly enough! And yes, we did meet at university, good guess! But yes, she definitely owes me an outfit post in return!!

      Lol at marrying a boy with a guitar….you’re living the dream for sure ;p lol

      I definitely could do with a full time hair and makeup artist….I only do so well by myself that having one would make things soooo much better!!

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