One of those ‘Getting to Know Me’ posts…

So, I’ve a confession. I love quizzes. Pretty much of any kind, including questionnaires and getting stopped to do market research. But after the good old pub quiz, my favourite type would have to be the sort where you answer questions about yourself and then share it with others to compare and contrast. ‘Cos I’m tres nosy like.

It’s a good job that I do, as I’ve been tagged twice in as many weeks, both times by truly awesome ladies.

So, here’s them rules things….

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

Me and an elephant. It’ll make sense later.

11 Random Things About Moi

1. I can down a pint in under a minute. It was something that I discovered entirely by accident when I went on a trip to Prague when I was studying Media at college, and in fact was teetotal until that trip….ever since, if it get mentioned in front of boys, they tend to challenge, and they tend to lose.

2. I am a Harry Potter geek. I can quote not only whole sections of it at you, but also have deep conversations about the gaps, errors and what-ifs of the series. My burning ambition before I pop my clogs is to go to a HP convention.

3. I love to sing, and because of a long and constant diet of musicals at an age when others were drinking cider on the park, I tend to burst out in song when I don’t realise others are around. In fact I once got caught doing so on my work’s CCTV in the middle of the restaurant dinning area, and then my colleagues gathered around the counter to watch me. It was a slow evening.

4. I don’t like camping anymore, yet spent my youth as a girl guide/brownie and loved it.

5. However, I do adore travelling by train, even on british ones….I get a whole stack of magazines, a stash of sweets and I’m set!

6. I cannot catch or throw to save my life.

7. Despite having studied Media for three years, I really don’t like Citizen Kane, and resent the fact I’ve now seen it three times.

8. My sister and I invented a game called ‘Feet Fight’ when we were younger. It involves sitting at opposite ends of a three seater settee, putting your legs out straight and then using your feet to shove your opponents feet so their legs bend towards them. Being the older, stronger sibling at the time, I always won.

9. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 21. And then it was only because I was mad at someone and was in ‘well, I’ll show you!’ mode.

10. I’m obsessed with cake stands and actively ogle them in shops. Alas, I can’t really bake so I’d have nothing to put on one if I owned them.

11. I once shook Prince Charles’ hand when he opened my college.

Hanna’s Questions

1.  What is the last movie you’ve seen? What did you think of it?

Oh god. I really don’t want to answer this. I will preface this as I usually have great taste and if you were to ask me what the film before that I watched, well it would be The Help. But umm, yeah, it was Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. I’ve read the books and seen the previous films, and I’m of the mind frame that I have to see every film made of a book I’ve read. It was awful. One or two moments were ok, but generally it was dreadful!

2.  What has been your fave holiday?

Hmmm, hard question! Mainly because my dad’s no longer alive so they all seem to have taken on a sort of nostalgic quality. But I have to say the few times we went to Dunster in Devon were particular memorable….we stayed in a small beach hut thing so the beach was literally outside our door, and we were in the part of the world that is filled with lovely places to have a quick drive to…

But then my trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka with my friend Kat was pretty special…Sri Lanka especially, as she’d been a few times before so we got to see bits tourists usually wouldn’t. Oh, and I got to touch an elephant!

3.  Talking about holidays.. what is a place that you really want to visit?

New York. No hesitation. But then I’d like to see a lot of the states, including one particular bit of Ohio, just so I could see my friend Eleanor in the flesh and finally give her a hug. Oh, and Italy. Have wanted to go there since we had a ‘Italy Day’ at school.

4.  Do you like to cook? What’s your ‘signature dish’?

I like cooking. I like watching cooking programmes. However cooking does not like me. Signature dishes include Stir Fry and slightly too well done pizza. But I’ve vowed that when I finally start living alone again, I’m going to buy a shitload of cookery books and actually learn.

5.  Have you tried online dating? Any success?

Yes I have, and it depends on what you qualify success as….if you mean simply a reasonable amount of interest in your profile and at least one person wanting to date you, then yes, success abound. But if you mean resulting in a relationship or decent match, then no. I’m starting to think that it’s not really for me.

6.  Are you a phone person? Talking on the phone I mean.

Oh, I do love a good chat on the old blower. I’ve been known to have conversations that last a good hour or two, and since the invention of Skype, I daily have conversations with people from around the globe via my headset. Aint technology grand?

7.  If you could only shop clothes from one store for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

If it had to be from my current choice of shops, it would be Simply Be. Mainly because New Look doesn’t always fit me, bottom wise.

8.  Do you have many best friends or just one?

I’ve six friends that I think would qualify as certainly my closest friends. Being the age I am, I find the term ‘best friends’ doesnt work for how I operate. But I will admit that there’s probably one person that I feel the closest to, just in terms of time spent together in the last few years, and having been there for me emotionally. But I do love everyone equally, really! You’re all fab! *hugs*

9.  Do you feel that you’re in your right career (or going towards one if you’re still studying)?

No. But I do feel like I finally know what I’m good at professionally and what sort of environments suit my working style. But that elusive career rather than job still escapes my grasp. For now.

10.  Are you a creative person? How does this come across? (Painting, photography, music.. whatever.)

I do like to think of myself as creative, yes. I spent most of my youth singing and acting, so there’s that. Also, having studied media, I’m passionate about film making and understand how it works, even if I don’t practise it anymore. Again, I like to think I’m quite creative with words….I do a fair bit of creative writing in my spare time, and have written all types of writing for reasons both educational and personal. I’ve also dabbled in a bit of Photoshop, but am not brilliant.

11.  Where is your happy place? Please describe it.

I’ve two….one that is just in my head and one that is real. The imaginary one is a wooded area with a river/stream. The other one is Rufford Country Park…haven’t been since, well in a long time!

Lakota’s Questions

1. Favourite game you played as a kid a) at home b) at school?

A)Teachers. I had my own proper sized blackboard and everything, and would spend hours making up fake registers. That or playing post office with this one that came in a carry case. B) I didn’t really play games at school, well the occasional make-believe one in my head, but I was that kid that took books to school.
2.  Personality trait which secretly really irritates you in a close friend or partner?

Wanting everything to be perfect and having no room, patience or desire to hear about the harder side of life. Most of the time its great that I’ve a friend that makes me feel like it’s all positive around her, but sometimes I really rather like it if she could empathise with what’s going on for me.
3. You get to choose one TV channel only – what do you go for?

Ooooohhhh, that’s tricky. There’s a part of me that wants to say BBC 2 or 4 because of all the wonderful documentaries and dramas they’ve got, but I’m secretly rather more lowbrow so it would have to be BBC3. Doctor Who repeats, Don’t Tell The Bride and Cherry Healey documentaries. Sorted.
4. Would you rather be really beautiful, or really funny? Why?

See, I actually think that I already am marginally amusing. And there’s a part of me that says ‘well, if you were really funny, people would find you lovely for all the right reasons’. However, to be a very funny fat woman, well it seems like a cliché almost. And again, I’m so much more self-obsessed than you might think, so I’d rather be really beautiful. But still be me….I’d not want to be one of those types whom is beautiful but also not much going on upstairs!
5. What’s your Native American totem animal?

Owl. Always. They like books, they’re often depicted as wearing glasses and being wise as well as a little bit snobby and full of opinions, so I think a good fit for me. Not to mention I really would like to be able to turn my head all the way around so I could be even nosier than I am now.
6. Which fictional character do you most relate to?

So, so, so hard! There are just so many fictional characters that have somewhat struck a chord with me when I read the books that they are in, but for me it has to be Emma from One Day. Which sounds hackneyed, but if that book ended before they *spoiler alert* got together, that would be a representation of how I am in love, of how I’ve lived my life. Basically I’m hoping I too am halfway through the novel that is life, and there’s a better ending yet to come (although, not entirely like One Day, I’d hope!)
7. Music which you couldn’t be paid to listen to?

Metal or proper Rock music….in other words songs where you can’t hear the words and the singer screams rather than sings. That or anything ever produced by Justin Bieber.
8. Who would play you in the film version of your life story?

Now, I could be clichéd and say Adele, because in my eyes my life has been a little bit like one of her songs, but in reality I think Miranda Hart would be the best woman for the job. Mainly because portraying me would involve a lot of falling over and getting into awkward situations!
9. Best band you’ve ever seen live?

Scissor Sisters….saw them when they were touring the Ta-Dah! album at Cardiff Arena, and we were stood really close to the stage. I want to be Ana Matronic. Although, their support act was The Guilemots, and they were pretty awesome too. Oh, and The Wombats played Rock City in Nottingham and even from way in the back they were pretty good. I just like live music, really.
10. Most annoying thing about blogging or bloggers?

What, other than those word verification things when you comment? Actually being serious, the thing that annoys me the most is the snobbery/cliche-ness that can be present amongst bloggers. I do think different genres of blogs have different challenges, but for me, I’m constantly worrying whether I’m accepted into the fold or not yet. But then worrying about whether I’m liked or not is the theme of my life, really!
11. What is or would be your Superhero talent?

For me the best power to have would be Telepathy. I’d really rather like to be able to read people’s thoughts, yes I know that I’d hear the good and the bad, but at least I’d hear them! That or being a shapeshifter, so able to change my appearance at will.

My 11 Questions For Bloggers

1. Who was your first ever crush, real or celebrity?

2. What sort of sweets would you eat if you could only eat one kind?

3.  Books are my favouritest thing in the whole world. What was your childhood favourite that you’d pass onto a child?

4. What do you eat/drink when you go to the cinema?

5. Do you have a particular passion for any cause, in other words, what would you happy protest for?

6. What is the last song you got stuck in your head?

7. Are you a weekly shopper or a quick flit round to chuck stuff in your basket?

8. If you had a time machine, and could go back into your own personal time-line without causing a rip in the very fabric of time, what would you change that you’ve already done?

9. What is the one item you don’t own, can’t afford but would give anything to have?

10. What’s the one book you say you’ve read but you really havent?

11. Tell me a secret. Honest, I wont tell.

So, guess I probably should tell you whom I’m tagging to do my questions….drum roll please….

Jem of Beautiful Clutter, Dani of Danithegirl, Preya of PetroleumDoll, Tracey of A Blog Is For Life and Scarlett of ScarlettLovesElvis

9 thoughts on “One of those ‘Getting to Know Me’ posts…

    • Thats my dream to look like her….she’s the first woman I saw that I thought ‘yes, thats exactly how I’d like to be….’. I’m quite fond of ITV2 and its trashiness….but yeah, most of my tv comes from boxset type viewing also!

  1. I’m going to borrow petroleumdoll’s line – I didn’t realise you’d tagged me! Bah! Bit late to the party to post about it now I suppose but I’ve enjoyed your post and I love the shot of you with the elephant, it’s a brilliant picture!

    Jem xXx

  2. Great post, love these! So need to get round to doing one so ta for the tag :o) My dad isnt alive anymore so i totally understand what you mean by holiday memories being nostaligic. Lovely learning a bit more about you chickadee. Scarlett x

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