One Skirt, Three Looks…

For once, I intend this to be a post which doesn’t have essay level prose in it…mainly because it has one sole clear purpose – the blogging of how I wore my new favourite skirt three different ways. And, restraining myself on the word count shouldnt be hard as I intend to schedule post something longer when this is done…thus fullfilling my need to pontificate.

Look 1

Shirt:New Look Inspire | Skirt: So Fabulous by Very | Jewellery: Accessorize and Primark | Shoes: George at Asda

This outfit was what I wore to an Open Mic Music night a few weeks or so back…its when the skirt got its very first outing…I’d owned it for a while but didn’t dare wear it, for some strange reason. But I figured that it would be uber comfortable yet dressier than jeans (as I don’t own a pair that look smart atm (which is why many seem to be calling to me)). And how right I was…

It seemed to be one of those days where hair/makeup/clothes all behaved and I felt entirely comfortable! And I caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen for ages, so was a good night!

Look 2

Cardigan and Skirt: So Fabulous by Very | T-Shirt: New Look Inspire (really ancient!) | Scarf and Earrings: Accessorize

So, here’s me looking a little rough as I’ve no makeup on….this is how I look on most of my days off actually…I alternatively working until late, so I tend to spend the day after feeling like I can’t be bothered to do much other than get up! Not to mention, this was the day after the Open Mic Night, so it was a self-inflicted late-ish night and several wines induced tiredness!

But as the skirt was so comfy, I chucked it on and threw a neutral palette on top of it….I think even though I clearly need to acquaint my face with makeup, I don’t look half bad!

Look 3

 Cardigan and Blouse: Evans (both very old!) | Skirt and Shoes as before | Jewellery: Primark and Tesco

I did go out wearing more slap than this, usually I take pictures before I go out, but this was once I got back and I couldn’t be bothered to top my makeup up!

I wore this a few days later when we went out for lunch for my Mum’s birthday, which again meant lots of sitting down, eating cake and drinking tea – the skirt passed all the sitting down/needing room for stomach to expand tests!

However, I did have an incident…I wore tights with it on both the night out and  the lunch, but the second time I wore I different pair and they kept falling down! So when I went into town to get my mum’s birthday present in the late afternoon (her birthday was the following day but she was too busy to have lunch then…I didnt get paid until that day, hence the mad dash into town!), at the bus stop I had to discretely remove them (there was no-one else around) because they were completely doing my head in!

But yes, I adore this skirt, and have seen a similar looking one that Naomi of Diamonds and Pearls has got from Yours, so might have to investigate adding a second to my wardrobe!

22 thoughts on “One Skirt, Three Looks…

  1. I really love the skirt, and I think it’s really cool that you were able to have such different styles in each look. I think my favorite is #3. The black contrast against it just makes the skirt shine, and I love that the top is sheer. I’m also impressed that you look so nice on your day off. If people saw me on my days off, they’d be horrified, hahaha 🙂

    • thanks….I think on reflection I kinda like the black look the most too, oddly! I don’t always look so good on my days off – for instance I look a right state as I type right now!!

  2. Its a great skirt and i love how you have made three different looks, fabulous., I also chuckled at you removing your tights at the bus stop :o)) Scarlett x

    • I think its the fact its got more than one colour in it that made it so easy to style…but yeah, my life is full of comedy moments like that….I’m slightly a walking disaster!!

  3. It’s a great skirt, I am obsessed with stripes (actually lots of bloggers are, maybe that should have been in my quiz). I have the same problem keeping my posts to a length where readers don’t need to settle in for the night to get to the end – too much to say!

    Lol at wardrobe malfunction, this is the kind of thing I’d do.

    • yes – stripes/bird print definitely should have been in the quiz!! I think I’m just a wordy person…even my online dating profile reads like an essay, but I talk a lot irl so I figure I’m just generally preparing people for my wordiness!

      I often have wardrobe malfunctions and it frustrates me that they break the mirage of me being super stylish sometimes!!

  4. Love the first look, I was just thinking how good your make up looked when I read you loving it too!

    I hate tight problems. They are the bane of my life! Where do you get your (good, not falling down ones) tights from?


    • Yes, it was one of those rare moments where I actually managed to not find fault with myself somehow!!

      My decent tights are really really old Evans ones….from the days when they did ones that actually fitted!!

  5. All three looks get a tick in my book, but my favourite has to be number two – rocking that quirky/preppy academic look with a twist of colour. Magic!

    Jem xXx

  6. I love your posts with essay level prose in them. I will tell you this often. Because I LOVE them.

    I like all of these looks and never ever think to do a post with one item in three ways. It is great though as it shows how versatile items can be, huh?

    You look great in all these looks – but your smile in the middle photo is pure gold for me.

    • I shall continue on with the essay level prose then….I do like doing them, obviously!

      Its the first time it occurred to me to do something in three different ways, and revisiting this post to comment on the comments has made me want to do it more with other stuff I’ve got!

      Thanks muchly…the middle photo I’m a bit ‘meh’ about because of the no makeup, so thanks for the compliment about it!

  7. Love look 3! I am a sucker for black and colour. I am now following you properly, I do read but think I always get to you from links and what not! I once remember wearing a pair of tights in the taxi ride out and taking them off as soon as I got to the restaurant! Grr to rubbish tights!

    • Yes, I’m the same in that black and colour together is just a no brainer for sure! I’m the same with some blogs until I figure out how to follow them! Grr indeed to rubbish tights!!

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