Simply Be Doncaster Opening….

So I was very privileged to have nabbed an invite to the Doncaster Simply Be store opening a little while back. I’ve been wanting to go and see one of their stores since they opened their first two way back when I was relatively new around the blogging world. Mainly because the shops seem like events in themselves, and definitely the sort of store that I’ve been banging on for ages as what our flagging British high street needs – an experience that makes you walk away with a smile on your face, not shaking your head in dismay!

So, I met up with my fellow bloggers Becky, Toni, Claire and Preya both before and once I’d gotten to the event….you know me dear readers, I might be brave enough to head to something but I do tend to need to find someone to gravitate towards once I’m there!

We were greeted with champagne and canapes, which for me, booze + food+clothes+hot barman=total win. The store was amaaaazing, a riot of colour which had carefully been grouped together in different colourways and sub-brands….everything about the store had the touch of someone who had thought about every little detail….

Me, Toni and Becky upon arrival and drinking champagne. Get us looking all glam!

We’re calling this picture ‘soft focus’ and not admitting it is actually just badly shot by moi

You can’t really see these shoes that well, but I want those coral ones. a lot.
Seriously lovely lingerie…well apart from that one item which can just been left of shot….one abboration in an otherwise ace selection!
One of my favourite sections of the store…I do love a good bit of denim, and their visual merchandising of the range is on par with Topshop, so makes it feel like you’re truly getting a great pair of on trend, well-fitting jeans!
Want all of this range. Fact.
Becky and Toni having a chat with one of the many lovely Simply Be workers that were present (sorry for chopping you off, Toni, my camera skills suck sometimes!)
Becky and Toni looking serious, although it’s actually them listening/talking to the same employee in the previous picture….they were actually chirpy and happy!
I was actually trying to do an arty ‘outside, looking in’ shot but as well as that, I got a snap of Claire!
Slightly blurry, but otherwise a great shot of Preya in her fab outfit….want that skirt!
So, I really like the ethos that Simply Be has going on at the moment….if you were to take a wander over to their site at the moment, you’d be greeted by their eight Wardrobe Secrets….which I think is a fab idea, as it gives you some great thoughts on how to dress different bits of yourself without it being sold as ‘Dress your shape’ which always seems a little patronising. Oh, and I love the design of the campaign, I’m always a sucker for a bit of fancy graphic design!
They also have lots of tricks up their sleeves when you’re in store, and these are  available to anyone not just on store openings….their fab Magic Mirrors which you can do all sorts of great things with, such as tweeting the picture, emailing it to yourself and whatnot. Also they have an army of style advisors whom will give you a full consultation, based on your own wants and needs. Most people weren’t taking advantage of this on the evening, what with already being pretty stylish, but I figured if I was going to comment on the store overall, I best try it out! So bear with me a little longer, and I’ll show you the results of me saying ‘I’ve a set style….what would YOU put me in?’
Very, very blurry, but basically I look and felt like I was 50 years old and about to go on a cruise. Not a good look!
See, if this had sleeves, I’d love it…although I’m very tempted by the nude version of this dress….shame I’ve no occasions to wear either!
Seriously J’adore! Its got that magi-sculpt stuff underneath which usually doesn’t work for me because they roll down my lumps and bumps, but as its built-in, it actually works….I’m definitely going to get me one of these!
So all in all, it was a fab night out and I cannot wait for the Leicester opening which I’m also going to mainly because its closer to me and whatnot! But if you have a Simply Be store in your area, I highly recommend popping along!

7 thoughts on “Simply Be Doncaster Opening….

  1. I actually really like that flowery jacket on you – the orange andp ink really suit you. Also loving the ‘special’ dress, been looking at that myself. Frock and Frill have some great stuff at the moment. Glad you had a great time lovely lady. xXx

  2. The purple dress looks sensational on you – it’s got to be a ‘must buy’!

    Also think you’d have rocked the flowery jacket with a plain black tank top and some skinny jeans.

    Jem xXx

  3. I was in that Doncaster store on Saturday and did not have a good experience I do not live in the area but was visiting and was excited to visit the store as none in Cumbria where I live,however there was about 5 staff not one of who spoke to me ,there was a member of staff stood near the door with what looked like postcards I presume to collect customer information ,she was not interactive with any customers ,there was 3 or 4 staff members stood at the till again no customer service did I see ,needless to say I left whithout buying a

  4. I’m not just saying it cos others have, honest – but I actually scrolled down to comment that I thought the floral top/jacket really suited you! But obviously it’s all about how it makes YOU feel. What do I know?! x

    ***To those I follow and who follow me – is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

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