Plus London Two – By Night

Finally, I’ve gotten around to writing part deux of my Plus London Two write-up. Reason for the delay? Firstly it was because I didnt have any decent pics or any pics of myself at all from the evening, and secondly because I’ve so entirely been lacking my blogging mojo. It took two krispy kreme doughnuts and writing a little of my novel to get my creativity flowing.

So, it was a very quick dash after Anna Scholz finished to trek across deepest, darkest London over to the One Stop Plus offices. And actually, both the journey there and back gave me the gift of two things – one, now feeling rather comfortable with tube travel where previously it scared the hell out of me and two, the lovely memory of that certain sort of joy that one can only get from hanging out with the girls. I must admit the site of us all trasping on mass with our bright green Anna Scholz must have cut quite the figure!

The middle section of the day, namely the running around all in the name of pleasing someone other than ourselves, is perhaps best left to the words already written on said topic. Although I will say that it definitely bonded me to those that were my fellow models…how could you not laugh and converse over such a situation?

The briefest of dinners that was still entirely enjoyable and scrummy before hot-footing it to the venue and my modeling debut. Now, some have opted not to share the pictures of their modelling efforts, but I was greeted by such a different site to what I’d envisaged in my head, I can’t but not share the picture taken by Claire‘s husband Rob, who’s clearly a photography magician.

picture taken by Claire’s husband Rob

So, whilst I still am not particular enamoured by my attire, I do think that I look nothing like the previous creature whom inhabited similar clothing.  The tilt of my head, the look in my eyes, the fact I’m clearly stomping up that catwalk ANTM style, well I brought the fierce. So brownie points pour moi.

I’m now going to show you a few of my favourite pictures of the evening, not too many as I’m sure you’ve seen them all by now, and the other few pictures of me from the night that are in existence!

 The gorgeous handiwork of Wendy….I can vouch that they were very scrummy!!

 picture taken by Claire’s husband Rob

picture taken by Claire’s husband Rob.  Me in my evening outfit!

so wish I’d had the foresight to save my pennies for the gorgeous vintage wares of Red Bows Boutique!

seriously love this picture of Lauren….and I’ve totally got my eye on that jacket and shorts from ASOS Curve!

I did queue up but ran out of time for a fitting with the lovely Elomi Ladies!

The above five pictures are all taken by Sarah Price –

Seeing how stunning they turned out, I’m miffed with oneself for not grabbing a session with Diana in the pop-up photography studio….although that being said all the pictures taken that evening were stunning! for the pics taken by her on the day!

So, it was such an amazing event, and its made me want to attend everything I can….seriously the whole day makes the top ten of best days in my life ever…so many thanks to Claire for being such an amazing organiser and all the other people and companies that either sponsored or helped organised it!

10 thoughts on “Plus London Two – By Night

    • I think there was some ‘smizing’ just not in any pictures I borrowed! And I was laughing too much because of being catcalled in the rehearsal and that then being in my head, so not able to be serious enough to smize!

  1. What a brilliant write up Sara! I really love your written style. But beyond all that I am so so so SO pleased that despite OSP-gate you still had a good time and its not put you off coming to future event. PS if you ever what to get rid of your night time outfit (ie the spotty tunic) please can you give me 1st dibs? I was gutted I missed it on Evans/Style369.

    • Thanks, and I love your style too! But yes, no putting off, in fact am encouraged to embrace events even more so!

      P.S am fickle, so can easily see dress heading to the ‘unworn’ pile after a few more wears, so indeed will give you first dibs!

  2. Go ahead girl! Look at you and all the lovely London Fashionistas….Looks like so much fun…I would DIE to attend stuff like this….I don’t know if there is any around sydney 😦

    • It was amazing fun, and actually I did wish that you didn’t live so far away so you could have come! I’d think that if there isn’t any, then you should host one! Thats what the organizers of this one and the North version did, they just created the events themselves!

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