Plus London Two – by day….

Hullo my lovely blogettes! If you’re either a reader or a follower of many a great and awesome fatshion blog or two, it wont have escaped your notice that good old London town was host to the fab event that was Plus London Two. Heck, you may have even attended yourself, you lucky thing, you.

I must say that Claire of A Monkey Fatshionista did one awesome job at making the event one that went with a swing….in fact all that were involved with the event, the brands such as Simply Be, Anna Scholz,ASOS, Elomi and many more besides did an ace job in helping Claire to pull it off. Well, apart from one brand, but we’ll not mention that! (yet)

So I awoke the morning of Plus London Two all of a flutter, finishing off that last-minute bit of packing that we all have to do the morning before a trip away, hopped into my mum’s car and headed off to the train station. I cannot stress enough how much I adore train travel. Seriously. Getting to read magazines, legitimately being allowed to eat crap because you’re travelling, having someone come up and offer you a tea or coffee of a clunky cart with a dodgy wheel; oh yes, J’adore. I love even more train stations….oh that old-fashioned Victorian era glamour of them….I went from Nottingham to St Pancras, and both of them still have somewhat of that allure, even if there’s also a lot of steel, chrome and in the case of St Pancras, and alarming abundance of shops in an airport style fashion….

Upon my arrival I did what I always do best, and fannied about, meaning I had no time to drop my bag off at the hotel because of standing in the station for ten minutes umming and ahhing if I had time. Which I didn’t ever have, really but those ten minutes meant I lost out on meeting those that were well meeting to travel to Anna Scholz together, but c’est la vie (I think that standing in the vague area of Eurostar has rubbed off….shame I couldn’t have found a sexy Frenchman wandering around to bring home with me as a souvenir….)

So, I had to brave the good old tube all by my lonesome. Now, dear reader, I cannot stress how much I get confused by the Underground. I dont particularly like escalators, of which there are alot, I’m pathalogically afraid of heights so that ten foot (ok ten inch) gap between platform and train always scares the bejesus out of me and I constantly worry that I’ve not the right ticket and will get thrown off, even when I know I have. All of which was not helped by the fact I’d not be organised enough to look up the stop and directions from the stop to the morning’s venue….I’d blindly assumed that the Plus London Two tumblr would work on my phone as always, but epic fail for yours truly! But the power of twitter saved me greatly, and Dani of Dani the Girl     was also running well not late but bang on time and met me at the tube station around the corner from the venue…..I cannot stress enough how calming it was to walk in with someone, rather than on my own, especially with someone who hadn’t necessarily met everyone already. Not to mention she’s all shades of awesome too!

The back of Bethany from An Arched Eyebrow’s head, don’t know who the second head belongs to! (I like to think Bethany’s looking at the dress she looked awesome in and I’ve captured her head doing so!)

Once inside Anna’s atelier, I’d stepped through the door of a fairly non descript building into fat girl heaven. From the wallpaper made up of frames with icons of plus size loveliness to the table full of gorgeous cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery and prosecco, it was heaven. Very busy heaven, though and I must admit that it took me a little while to warm up to mingling. I’m not a natural mingling person, but eventually I got into my stride. Which was worth it, as everyone I spoke to was so incredibly lovely….but more of that in a bit…

only one of those glasses were mine!

food and booze! yay!

lots of lovely bloggers including Kathryn, Katha and Mhairi

Proof that Anna’s dresses look fab on anyone!

I *need* this dress in my life… and my posing doesn’t do it justice!

I cannot stress how lucky we were to get to try on the White Label and Black Label collections for S/S12….every single dress was made in a fabric that you wanted to just stroke, never mind wear and the patterns and cuts flattered almost everyone. The palm print above is one of Anna’s favourites and will be jetting off to the States with her, albeit in the maxi dress version!

That blue dress got serious love….Kathryn and myself were just a few of the 20 or so bloggers there to put it on, and every single person looked great in it! Which surprised Anna a tad, not that it looked great, but just how much love we were showing it!

*That* dress and its more grown-up sister….

But after the drinks, food and dressing up came the main event….a Q&A with the woman herself. I was particularly excited about this, because to me she’s plus size royalty, really….way back when I first starting shopping in plus size, there were really only two places I’d even ever heard of  – Evans and Anna Scholz. For years I’ve drooled over her dresses whenever I’ve seen them in print, the flesh or online, so to meet their maker was both exciting and nerve-wracking!

It was more along the lines of a one question asked/Anna answered/some of us commented….it was so lovely to be in a room full of bloggers that felt and thought the same things about the issues I care about, mainly clothes of course!

the lady in question!

Anna showing us some of her favourite pieces…

Anna surrounded by bloggers hanging on her every word….most of those there are in shot because I was stood at the back(ish)!

It was just such a magical experience, really….I got to meet some of my blogging heroines, such as Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion and Em of Oh The Places You’ll Go…Lauren was very lovely in her compliments of this very blog when she realised who I was (damn my rubbish twitter name/picture!) and Em actually sought me out to bestow upon me words that really meant alot….there’s nothing like those which you admire telling you that they like your work to make you smile!

Not to belittle all the others that were there….I really should have put a pre-event warning out that I was shy, as there were so many people I either didn’t get to speak to because I only ever saw them in a group and I was too shy to approach, or even worse that I didn’t recognise at all! If you fall into those categories, my sincerest apologies and a vow to track you down next big event!

So, I’ll stop waffling now….stay tuned for my version of the afternoon and evening including my outfit for the evening….luckily there are some pics in existence of that, because I forgot to take any!

14 thoughts on “Plus London Two – by day….

  1. It was SO lovely to meet you. I got quite busy at the night event selling all those tickets, so am glad I managed to see you during the day. I think you write magical, HONEST words on this blog and I find it touches my heart.

    I felt LUCKY to be able to tell you that- in person. x.

    • Aww, you’re making me blush! I cannot stress how much those words meant to me, well without sounding a little lick-arsey! But having read your blog and your tweets I was a bit bowled over by this warrior of a blogger likes my little old thing! So great to meet you x

    • Ahh, thats the mystery solved then! I’ve actually more pictures of the back of peoples heads, but they’re very blurry….I was trying to take pictures of the clothes, not the people, hence back of head shots! Nice to meet you too! x

  2. Fantastic post, and thank you for being lovely about me! I keep getting warm fuzzy feelings with how nice everyone is being! Glad we could be each othes saviours for that horrible “walking in” bit xx

    • I’m glad of that too…it really is the most horrible moment of anything, even if the anything is amazing! I cannot believe all the lovely things people have been saying….makes me feel so lovely!

  3. What a fabulous event! You look wonderful and i esp love that palm print dress :o) Scarlett x P.s been catching up on your previous posts and you got a huge ‘here here’ for the diet one – i agree completely x

    • It really was an amazing event, and if nothing else, its now made me brave and bold and ready to go to pretty much any event going….people are going to get bored of my face at this rate!

  4. Ooh, I love that blue dress. Looks absolutely lovely 🙂

    How did you get to go to this event? I’d love to go to an event but (at the risk of sounding er…massively inexperienced) have no idea how it works! Do you have to get invited?


    • It really is a divine dress, it needs to be mine! I got to go to this one by emailing to say I wanted to go, I’ve been invited to a couple of others, but then often I’ll now pipe up and say ‘can I come?’ if it seems like invites are likely!

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