Spring has sprung! (Part Two!)

Ahh, the long-awaited (ok, probably only by me!) follow-up in my mini series of my picks of the beginning of S/S12. Although by not posting immediately after, my wish list has grown quite considerably. I’m such a sucker for pastels and light colours, that I think that the majority of my wardrobe has been bought during spring/summer seasons!

So, you know the drill, I’ll go through a couple of brands and list about ten gazillion things I think are nice. Does what it says on the tin!


ASOS Curve Exclusive Dress in Blurred Floral – £40

I like this because it could be really smart or more daytime depending on the accessories. Also, it’s quite rare to find a dress or top with long sleeves, so I like that touch! Not to mention the print is gorgeous.

ASOS Blouse with Bicycle Print – £35

ASOS Curve Exclusive Blouse in Chair Print – £35

These two blouses are really rather similar, except for the print, both of which are absolutely adorable! I want both of them, although if I had to only have one, it would be the chair print, mainly because I slightly favour the colour more!

ASOS CURVE Midi Dress with belt – £45

I adore this! I don’t know why, but lately I find myself liking items that are more classic or luxury looking than anything else. Thats not to say my playful side or my edgy sides have disappeared, just that I seem to want to channel something else more! Love the colour and cut of this beauty.

ASOS CURVE Dress with Ribbon Trim – £50

That being said, playful still gets me going too….love the way the colour pops on the black base!

ASOS CURVE Tee with Heart Balloon Girl Print – £18

If there’s one thing that I wish there was more of on the plus size market, its t-shirts in well made fabrics with interesting, on-trend prints. This ticks the boxes more than anything else I’ve seen for a good while!

ASOS CURVE Shirt with Pintuck – £30

I love a good white shirt….I dont know why, but lately I’ve been dreaming of white shirts in interesting cuts and fabrics….this one I’d love to wear with a pair of cigarette pants and a tuxedo jacket or biker jacket, skinny jeans and a bowtie. Bowties are cool.


I really do rather like Ann Harvey…yes, it can be a little on the expensive side, but the few things I’ve ever owned from them have always actually been quite good and made from the sort of fabrics you’d expect them to be made of! They’ve now got a slightly younger/more casual line in Anya, and most of my few picks are from that range….

Ann Harvey Anya Blue Striped Drop Back Top – £25

I really can’t ever resist a nautical inspired top…..if its blue and white striped, then I’m generally going to want it!

Ann Harvey Anya Longline Denim Tunic – £80

Yes, £80 for what essentially is a denim shirt seems like a lot of money, and I did wonder if it was a typo on Ann Harvey’s behalf, but even if it is not, I’d suspect that it’s the short of shirt that would last you a lifetime….not to mention it’s classically lovely….

ANN HARVEY Ivory Collarless Utility Blouse – £55

I need this shirt in my life. It’s like they made my perfect idea of a luxurious white shirt, and well, it just needs to be mine, basically!!

ANN HARVEY Anya Striped Jersey Panel  Detail Dress – £45

Did we notice that word ladies, jersey? Yes, Jersey, that fabric that is so hard to come by in a plus size range. I’d style this with edgy jewellery and a contrasting cardigan to give it a bit more toughness to it….

ANN HARVEY Navy Diamond Quilted Jacket –  £70

I’ve been wanting a quilted jacket for a while now, and have lusted after a few from various places, but the conclusion I’ve come to is this – given that I owned one as a teenager and its something I’d wear regardless of it being on-trend, maybe forking out for one that is good quality and thus will actually keep me warm is a good idea!


I have to say they’ve been so on the money lately….I think the reason why they have periods of being über popular is that they’ve cracked onto two things that will always help – being affordable for any pocket and having fabrics/cuts that echo the main ranges. So combine that with styles that are on-trend or well made, and off they soar….I have to say I’m quite liking this season, and have bought a bit already…but really didn’t like A/W11….in fact I tend to prefer their S/S collections, strangely!

Inspire High Waisted Coloured Skinnies – £26.99

Inspire Coloured Skinny Jeans – £19.99

I adore these shades of pink and purple, and although I sometimes question whom came up with the fit of their jeans, I’ve always thought they have the most fashion forward colours….so I intend to brave at least one pair of their colour pop jeans this S/S!

Inspire Long Sleeved Aztec Print Top  – £7.99

Dont know why but the print of this just grabbed me….I can imagine it looking amazing with the first pair of jeans and some beaten up converses. But the main thing I like about it is that its less than a tenner!

Inspire Rainbow Thread Jumper – £14.99

Again, this has that casual air to it that works well with jeans and trainers, but I could easily imagine it with my trusty denim skirt and a pair of tights….I’ve not nearly enough jumpers in my wardrobe, so that’s my justification for this lovely!

So, thats my ASOS CURVE, Ann Harvey and New Look wishlists covered….just Yours and Next left for me to show you what I’m liking…..I figured that if you weren’t asleep already, you would be by the time I’d done them, so I shall leave them for another time.

Toodle Pip!

5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung! (Part Two!)

  1. you have picked some very pretty items. I love the asos chair top but its slightly out of my price range and Ive heard some girls say that the sleeves are tight :0( I also love the asos t-shirt. I think I need some colourful jeans too as to often I stick to blue denim or black trousers. x

    • The sleeves are tight? Boohiss!! I usually stick to the usual colour of denim, although have bought some different ones before that I wore once and never wore again….but these days I’m so much more confident and sure in my style, so I know I’d be a hell of a lot braver in my style and not relegate them to the ironing pile!

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