Quick as a flash….

Yet another super quick post, just to show you lovely people what I wore yesterday. I did blog yesterday. And the day before. You’ve just not seen my effort yet, as it’s the same piece that I’ve been working on and not posting….its so far up to about 1,500 words and still isn’t finished. Yes, I know that’s long, but its a bit of a departure and a revelation or two, and is a hard one to write, so bare with! likelihood is either it will be up tonight post work, or will languish in my drafts forever. Who knows which will be the case!

Dress: Yours Clothing // Cardigan: Evans (old!) // Earrings: Accessorize // Necklace: Topshop //Shoes: George at Asda

Wore this little combo to an interview yesterday morning, for a place that has quite a relaxed dress code on a day-to-day basis, so aimed for more relaxed interview style dress…still smart, but not completely suited and booted. Fingers crossed that I did well as feel slightly like I’m jixing it by talking about it!

The dress was a purchase when I went sales shopping in Derby a few weeks ago….I’d seen the dress on the website, and so ended up buying something actually at full price! My only criticism is the waist area…its a smocking/belt combo, and that doesn’t really work so felt a little tied up in the middle….either ruching all the way around or a belt next time, Yours! But on the upside, the length was a good fit on me as sometimes being a bit taller means things are too short on me and the fabric was to die for!! It did crease a little towards the end of wearing it, so its been relegated from being a potential Plus London Two daytime outfit!!

So thats it for now….time for me to pootle off to work!

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