A super quick one….

Not that the title of this post belies a lower in the usual quality of my blog, far from it, just I’ve an outfit from yesterday awaiting you all, and figured I’d actually blog it, rather than leaving several days and then not blogging it at all. I’ve such bad habits that I’m trying to crack down on!

So if you’ve got me on the old twitter-sphere, you may have noticed my ten billion tweets about the fact I had a date on Tuesday. Well, I exaggerate a little, it was more like five billion.

It didn’t go overly well, but I was continue to persevere and try not to bore you too much with my singleness today…in fact I will be blogging a really rather brutally honest post tomorrow in line with the airing of the documentary I was almost in. But more of that tomorrow, you want to see the clothes now, non?

Shirt: New Look Inspire // Jeans: Evans (old….sooo old!) //Jewellery: Accessorize and Primark

The shirt is actually so much more of a coral colour….which is one of my favourites, btw! I did have shoes on in this picture, those of you that spy that sometimes I forget to put them on  for blog posts, they’re just not in shot!!

So that’s all folks….me looking really quite nice, and wasted on a date where I got taken at the end of it to see a carved monkey on top of a building, which you actually can’t see when its dark. Yes, that actually happened.

Until the ‘moro, dear lovely people!

11 thoughts on “A super quick one….

    • I’ve briefly mentioned it in my latest blog post, but I think that it will get talked about again, no doubt! I definitely agree that coral is one of those colours that work for a lot of people!

  1. That coral/orange-y shade is one of my favourites. I remained unconvinced until I noticed how great the old Penguin covers in orange and cream looked. It was a simple step from there!

    • exactly….I’ve learnt that there has to be some middle ground between not being picky at all and being too picky entirely! Its definitely my new favourite colour too…cant get enough of it!

    • I’ve given some details in my latest post, but I think there will be a more dating focused one in the not too dim and distant….I’ve an idea for one, basically! Its a fab top….definitely one of my new favourites!

    • I think he was trying to show off, but it was dark, so I was never going to be able to see it!! It was mainly just that I was bored, and he didnt really show me much attention or any wooing at all! Coral definitely is a colour that works for a fair few, I reckon!

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