Spring/Summer’12 has sprung! (part one)….

There is nothing I love better than the start of a new fashion season. The tease of what the full range will be like, the sheer availabilty of the new lines because they’ve not been promoted/blogged to death and thus sold out as yet. It gets me giddy with excitment, and frankly its what’s getting me through the post-Christmas January blues.

So, I thought I’d show you what I’m drooling over at the moment….which is quite a lot, really. I like Spring as a satorial season, its my second favourite after Autumn. Yes, I’m the girl that like a bit of inbetween-ness to her fashion, but thats because I like layering and prefer the sort of feel of weather than actually enduring it come Winter or Summer. I’m fond of a light knit, a mac or raincoat, a scarf or two and pastels. So, you’ll be in for no surprise that some of these are featured a little in my wishlist.

Simply Be

Georgette Kimono – £26

Georgette Spot Dress – £68


I have to say that I’m very relieved that this season, the little that is available already, I actually quite like. For the first time ever, last season I was very disappointed and disillusioned with their offerings, however I’m liking what I’m seeing so far for s/s12!

Raspberry Pleat Blouse  – £35

Grey Stripe Button Back Jumper – £29.50

Pink Ribbed Pocket Top – £35

Floral V Neck Blouse – £35

Duck Egg Crochet Top – £18.50

Coral Stitch Detail Cardigan – £32

Butterfly Floral Dress – £45

Style 369

Which really I could have said that the above were for Evans’ younger sister as they’re all on there, but if something is Evans made, then I kind of consider it to belong to them, and the other brands to 369.

Samya Mustard Sleeveless Ponte Dress – £35

Embellished Multi Floral Dress – £39

Marks and Spencers Plus

I’ve previously dismissed their range as just being boring basics. However A/W11 they had some gorgeous pieces that I wish I’d gotten, and S/S12 is no exception. The range is small in comparrison to most plus size ranges, so please expand it Marks and Sparks!! I adore what you’ve got at the moment!!

Plus Sprig Pleated Jersey Dress – £35

Plus Crossover V-Neck Star Print Jersey Dress – £35

Plus Stud Embellished Block Print Blouse – £35

So that concludes the first part of my little tour de spring fashions….I could go on put I figure two posts might be in order to continue to show you my spring must haves….next time I’ll be featuring Ann Harvey, ASOS Curve, New Look and maybe one or two more.

Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer’12 has sprung! (part one)….

  1. I love the butterfly dress from Evans – I think that could really take you from winter to spring. I also love the stripey jumper. I cannot wait for my Simply Be catalogue to come through – that always gets a good thumbing when it comes through the door! x

  2. The grey stripe jumper I just love – it’s gorgeous! But the colour of the duck-egg top is divine, blue is my colour so I may treat myself 😉

    Jem xXx

  3. I like all the spotty dress, but the wrap v neck with a star print has all the elements I love! I really need to do some shopping whether high street or 2nd hand, I’m really short of clothes again and didn’t get any for Christmas. (aside from a dressing gown, but sadly can’t wear that in public)

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