A round up of presents…

So, I’ve been a bit lack in that I’ve not yet posted the many, many pictures I took over Christmas…mainly of presents and food….not because I’ve been wanting to be all ‘look at my stash and weep’ but because people put so much thought into them, and I wanted to share my joy in people knowing me so well!

But I’ve been sidetracked by good/bad holiday tv and the contents of a box of Celebrations and most of  the fridge also…..not that I’ve been buying into the whole ‘gorge yourself at Christmas’ malarkey, its just shops sell stuff I like to eat more freely….I’m very much a picker and a grazer, so a tea comprising of the sort of things you’d have on a xmas buffet is one of my favourites! And I’m a sucker for chocolate in minature…..,probably because it feels less naughty!!


Christmas dinner!


Inside this parcel from the lovely Esther was….



….this lovely book journal which I’ve had enormous fun filling in….give a book geek a place to write what she’s read and review it, and she’s a happy bunny!


Inside this was…..


…was this, which inside was….


…which was….


The two books on the left….the one on the right was from my sister, and funnily enough Jem almost bought it for me, as I’d got it on my wanting to read list on Goodreads!


This bookmark also….very, very badly shot by me….it has Wingardium Leviosa written on it!


which was from this place….in case you fancy one yourself! (no, I’ve not looked at how much it cost! I’m very good like that!!)


And these kick-ass badges….sadly though, Bingley was killed in a rogue person knocking into me and and yanking him off accident. Luckily though, the witty label Jem wrote and they were attached to tells me that they were from the Bath Centre. Even luckier still, I’ve a friend’s 30th weekend to attend in that very city in March, so he’ll be replaced with a clone!

My sister got me other goodies than just the book, such as some chocolate scotty dogs and bones from Thortons, which sadly were lost in a freak being eaten incident before they could be captured on camera, and some white magic spell cards, which I found really rather amusing on Christmas morning when my mum read them out loud. But she also got me….


finally she admits that I’m the best at everything! (joke!!)



this lovely scarf from Primark which is the same shape and size as my red one!


This lovely bicycle necklace from the wonderfully named Tea Please!

Oh and this, which I’ve want one of for ages even though she didnt even know that!


Came in this lovely packaging….my sister got me an extra long chain, because quite often necklaces dont fit me!


A scrabble necklace!! And it sits in the perfect preferred place on me, so is perfect for wearing loads as it doesnt annoy me whatsoever, like some necklaces do!

My mum got me a bag, which I’d seen in a window and she’d got me when I was with her….I’ve attached, well did attach, the two badges to it….


She also got me….Image

The obligatory smellies and chocolate! Isnt Christmas without some Soap and Glory!

Finally, she got me this scarf….which is really, really long, even on me and thus fulfills my fantasy ambition to become the first female Doctor Who whom dresses like most of her previous regenerations! (I’m a total Who geek….but not a full on Whovian, as they’re known…cant quote bits or anything like that!!)


So, I was a very, very lucky girl! Not that I expected to be so well showered by those that like me enough to give me presents! I was generous as I could be in return, I’d like to stress, its a two way street in my book!!

I’ve been to the sales and came back with a fair few purchases so I shall be blogging them now I’ve got this out of the way at last!!

Oh, and lots more outfit posts this week….thats a given!


3 thoughts on “A round up of presents…

  1. Ooooh I love your presents! Beautifully wrapped too. I wish it was still Christmas and sad that our Christmas tree is coming down this week and I think we’ve just about run out of Chirstmas leftovers. Boooooo.

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