A Lovely Week Thus Far…

I’m definitely the sort of girl who enjoys christmas. Well, mostly but I intend to write a post that explains why I find christmas slightly bittersweet later….anyway, I enjoy the run up, and the present buying, and the food eating. Ohhh the food eating. But the thing I enjoy the most is the getting to see those people who mean the most to me.

This week was no exception and I toddled off to Derby to go spend an afternoon with the lovely Jem. It was a day filled with fun, frolics and some very tasty pizza. I cannot stress how much my friends and family mean to me, they keep me sane-ish as do all the friends I’ve amassed over all my years of online activity.

Now, I’ve a tale to tell, so sit still folks….its,well its pretty short actually. Last week I went to my work’s xmas party, and wore the dress that I then blogged on here. It was from Simply Be, and was the size I thought I was but was actually a little big on me. So far so strange.  I then donned a red jumper from Simply Be, again too big slightly. And thing is that I’ve heard pretty good things about the sizing. So I’d gotten it into my head that New Look was the best place to try my theory out….I know that they’ve not really changed the sizing of their clothes much in the last few years, and previously I couldn’t even get their jeans up my legs, never mind anywhere else….so a quick pit stop to try stuff on resulted in….

They fitted!! I mean, I could actually breath and move about and stuff! Now, if I was to be critical of myself, I’m not liking the VBO all that much, but that’s because I was also seeing if I fitted in a smaller top….so yeah, I fully intend to buy jeans in the gazillion colours they’ve got, and probably the top but in the next size up. Oh, and apparently the colour suited me….

((yes, I’m getting excited by being slightly smaller, but I’m trying to get healthier because of, well stuff I’ll discuss in a different post and its a bonus if I lose any weight. But when you’ve been a solid 26/28 for the last eight years, its easy to get giddy about your size 28 bum suddenly becoming a size 26. I may have even cried a little. Just maybe.))

So of course I  actually wore proper clothes (which you can see on the changing room floor if you look hard enough), but I got home so late that I felt too exhausted to take a picture. I’d been in a rush when I went out, and it never occurred to me to take a picture of myself pre or post the above photo….

Which meant when selecting what to put on today, I went with the same outfit so I could recreate it for your viewing pleasure….it was a pretty awesome outfit, including said red jumper that is just a bit looser than I’d like atm…..(although the tights are in the wash so I was wearing a pair of leggings today instead….)

Jumper: Simply Be// Skirt: Evans // Leggings – Evans

just because I was feeling impressed with my make-up skills today….

Arty shot of my eye…..no idea why I felt compelled to nearly blind myself via the flash…

my lovely new Primark earrings. And my ear, obviously. Oh and a few of my ten bazillion moles….

So that’s about it folks…..like everyone else I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas….cant believe there’s only two days to go! Mainly because I’m at work for both of them, which I’m dreading as I’m expecting to be run off my feet!!  Are you all ready now?

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