My recent adventures…..

Or as this post should more aptly be known ‘What I’ve been doing since getting a cold’.  Which probably wouldn’t be that much, given that I’ve had a major case of the sniffles. I’d have to wind back past the weekend to the last time I made an effort with my attire, but I didn’t take a picture because I was convinced I’d blogged myself in the exact same clothing combo, but I was mistaken!! So I promise I shall take a proper picture next time I wear it (which wont be long, as its one of my favourites), but for now here’s the items in question….

I so love this dress….its the last thing I bought from Evans, actually. It doesn’t really look that way in the pictures, but on its got a sort of Skater dress shape to it. But I mainly love it for the fact that it makes me look like I’ve got boobs, and the bow and the cutout at the back….

For once I was quite proud of my eye makeup….not on the scale of a professional, but someone who is not that steady handed, it went quite well!

Please excuse the brows…..I’m trying to regrow them, so they’re a tad messy atm…..and thats with a brow gel mascara on them too!

A lovely bit of jet black beaded jewellery from good old M&S via one of my friends by way of christmas present last year…..or was it birthday but she gave them me at Christmas? Who knows, except for the fact I’ve had them about a year!

I managed to get the last of my Christmas shopping done on friday, which turned out to be a very good thing given I had work all weekend and today I’ve felt rotten!! I bought my sister the soap and glory set they had on offer at Boots this week (she’s asked for it and knows she’s getting it, so I’m not breaking any trade secrets!) but I also went into Primark and besides getting presents for other people, I couldn’t help but pick up these bad boys!

On, they look a lot more expensive than Primark, and I think combined with my favourite festive jumper, they look suitably festive!

So that’s it, not that much to report folks, at least not for now.

Oh, one last thing before I crawl into bed…..Plus London Two is coming soon!! It’s just a shade under seven weeks until  bloggers of all ages and sizes come together for a day and night of fun-filled frolics. I’m especially excited by the prospect of potentially getting to go to for a sneak peek at Anna Scholz’s S/S12 line as well as getting to meet all the lovely plus size bloggers that have inspired me and made me want to walk tall in my own body. The marvellous folk at Simply Be are sponsoring/paid for the evening venue and I don’t doubt more plus size brands will come on board closer to the time. So I urge you to click on one of the links below to go put your name down!!!/PlusLondonTwo

So, until we meet again. I’m now off to go find my nice, warm bed and sleep as well as my currently rubbish breathing will allow!!

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