Feeling Festive…..

Hullo all my gorgeous readers! Are you all feeling in the christmas mood yet? I know I am! But then I’ve had the last week and a half of christmas songs at work, talking about christmas at work and working at christmas, sorting out what I’m doing over the three-day marathon of festivities we have here and well, singing to said christmas songs. I’ve had the dulcet tones of Michael Buble on repeat on Spotify over the last few days….I may or may not have had some daydreams about him serenading me…..in the snow….

Anyway, today was my work christmas lunch and I went for pre-lunch coffee with a few work colleagues that I’d classify as friends, really. Sadly, I ended up dashing off to go look after two poorly (although they did an awful lot of being active) girls in my eldest two nieces right after it got finished. So I missed out on all the debauchery in the pub afterwards….but then I’m getting a little too old for all that and it sounded messy! (*yeah, still probably would have gone if hadn’t been needed elsewhere!*)

As it is with all work dos, there was ‘entertainment’ one of which was a game of Play Your Cards Right. Two rounds of it, and the second round there was no female volunteer so I agreed to do it. Its weird, in the past, the not too dim and distant past, I’d not have dared, but these days well I’m up for a laugh as long as people are laughing with and not at. Anyway, I won via what I swear was Jedi Mind Tricks…I really shouldnt have, in normal circumstances. However, when I saw my prize I suddenly wanted to rewind time as it was a comedy prize of a top trumps style card game, but with mingers. In my head, all my insecurities spoke up in a second and I was imagining all the things people could and probably did say ‘she doesnt need the game, she could play with herself’ ‘well, there’s some strange irony….the fat girl getting a minger’s game…’. I know really that it might have not even have crossed peoples mind, or figured in their days at all, it just made me really rather glad that I had to go not long after! But I did realise that I’ve come along way because whilst I worried that people might think that, there was no second voice that chipped in and said ‘but they would be right’. Then again, I was feeling like I was looking rather fetching today, so maybe that helped!

In fact, all this waffling is for a point…..to show you my outfit today!

Tunic: Simply Be// Cardigan and Leggings: Evans// Jewellery: Accessorize and Primark// Shoes: George@Asda

The tunic I’d overestimated the length of it, and thought it was long enough to wear with tights. It wasnt so I had to do a last-minute change to leggings and socks. Also, it was a bit loose on me….in other words lots of gaping at the top, but either its to do with the cut of it, or more likely me not realising I’ve lost a little bit of weight and still be convinced that going from sitting doing nothing to doing a pretty demanding job physically has had no impact on my weight whatsoever (it most likely has, but I haven’t really tried clothes on a lot lately, so its hard to tell!). But not that I’d be bothered if it was the former…..I’m pretty happy with myself at the moment, and that’s something a whole lot more precious to me than being a certain size.

A shot of today’s makeup and hair….the hair being not that tidy by the end of the day when these shots were taking and also not being the world’s best lighting in my bathroom where I took the picture so it’s a bit hard to see it! I felt particularly proud of my makeup today….on the whole it didn’t end up going horribly wrong. Well apart from the part where I got to town and had no mascara on so had to stop via the Benefit counter to persuade them to pop some on for me. My lashes are quite fair, so I feel naked if I’ve got makeup on but not mascara! But they oblige, and I got a compliment from my sister about my lashes….bonus!

So that’s it for now. I’ve one or two things in the pipeline in terms of my own socialising over the next week or so, including a visit to Derby for a spot of late night shopping with Jem….

So, what are you all doing in terms of Christmas socialising and have you worn/will be wearing anything really nice? Do tell, I’m fascinated by other peoples’ party attire!

11 thoughts on “Feeling Festive…..

  1. I’ve got the dreaded work christmas party on friday – im planning on taking in the booze just to get through it! Im sure no one thought anything when you won the game, but i know from being self conscious in the past myself and being a fellow curvy girl that those mean inner thoughts can creep in. I think you look fabulous in your pics, im a fellow red lippy wearer – love it :o) Scarlett x

    • I agree that it was probably just my own inner thoughts rather than anything else! Thanks, I do feel like I look rather fetching in this picture….red lippy works miracles sometimes! ;p

  2. That dress is lovely – I am so fed up of dark colours for winter – I love nice bright colours right now!

    My work christmas party was last night and I am suffering for it today, so probably a good thing you missed that bit, but I hope your nieces are ok!

  3. good on you for getting out there and doing you!! TRUST ME everyone has confidence issues…some of my most beautiful friends have the worst insecurities and I have no idea why….but with that being said…You look GREAT…the red lippy is foxy on you girl!!

    • Thanks! Its weird though, I feel like I’ve turned a corner….this post got quite a bit of attention, so its given me a boost! This is how I mean to go on, appearance wise!!

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