A Little Something From The Other Side Of The World…

Yes, I’ve not blogged for at least a week….I’d been having one of those sort of ones where really either you’re going to blog the most depressing post in the world, or you need to stay away from the blogging. So, for once, I went with the latter!

Not that its been all doom and gloom….last sunday I went to my work department night out, which I organised. It was a-typically messy as you’d expect of a work night out, and I got all but forced onto the jaagerbombs….but still ended up at home relatively sober after doing my Florence Nightingale act looking after someone worse off. I missed the dancing portion of the evening, if there was any, which makes it now about three nights out where I’ve not properly strut my stuff on the dance floor. Dancing by myself in my bedroom doesn’t cut it….I need to get my dance on!

Tomorrow is my work christmas lunch, so will try to remember to take some pictures of both my outfit and anything blogable and post them!

Anyway, onto the real subject of today’s blog. I’ve been following and commenting on Falala Mele’s blog for a while now….there’s just something about it that has me eagerly anticipating every post. Here’s a link for those of you that want to go take a look at her wonderfulness.

So anyway, she did a ‘Buy Nothing New Month’ or ‘BNNM’. And what a month it was, a beautiful parade of thrifted, swapped, shared and well-worn fashion that was heartachingly cool and perfectly styled. I was hooked. Then she did a post about someone participating in the challenge too that sent her some stuff, which as we all know is a nice thing to get something in the post – especially when its unexpected. I’m waffling now, but it prompted her to pay it forward, and send some stuff to someone else. And that someone was me!

This is the sight that greeted me…..seeing my name on the parcel when the postman handed it over to me, made me squeak with delight and possibly jump around a little….mainly because I knew that it would be filled with love and carefully chosen clothes….plus, like I said, we all like getting post, no?

The bit that nearly made me cry was the lovely handwritten letter, which you can see just on top of the clothes in the package above, and a little snap of it here too…

My favourite out of the three, although they’re all lovely is this….I think that’s mainly though because I could immediately think of ways of how to wear it….given that we’re on opposite sides of the world having very different weather, the other two are more summery, but I’ll get to them in a sec! I intend to dig out my dark indigo jeans, black patent flats and then load up on the gold jewellery. I’ve already earmarked this as part of my Christmas Eve outfit when I pop around to my sister’s post work…..although I may come up with a different way of wearing it entirely….

This is definitely summery, at least if I wore it as is. However, I’ve had a brain wave to layer it up with a long-sleeved white t-shirt underneath, jeans and a chunky cardigan….I’m a big believer in multi-season dressing anyway, so if anyone can find a way, its yours truly.

This dress is the one that had me stumped….I did really think I’d no way of wearing until the weather was much, much warmer. But then I had the fate to show all of them to my mum, and say that I thought I couldn’t wear it until the summer – she had the inspired genius to suggest wearing it as a skirt; apparently she’s got a dress in the same sort of style, and does the same thing! So I might team it with a polo neck or white top to make the most of that gorgeous pattern!!

So, that the three new additions to my wardrobe. I must say that they’re a hell of a lot more cherished than things I bought myself, probably because of the fact someone put thought into sending me them, and the fact they’re a representation of what someone thinks of me. So, I urge all you fellow bloggers to do the same, send something to a commenter or blogger that you want to say ‘ta for love’ to…I promise that they’ll be so completely over the moon about it!

Thanks, Mele, you have made this blogger a happy bunny and throughly cheered her up in an otherwise dull week!

8 thoughts on “A Little Something From The Other Side Of The World…

  1. Parcels are the best!! Lucky you:)

    The second dress with the stripes and flowers is so divine. It’s amazing. Hope you can post photos of you wearing them all!

    • I intend to post them as soon as I wear them….I meant to wear the top on xmas eve, but I ended up just chucking something else on! But they’re definitely going to be well worn, that I do know!

  2. OH YAY!!! You got it!!! I was wondering if it had arrived…..Im glad you liked it….YES the black top was the one that immediately spoke to me saying “Sara would like this”….. I really have no idea how cold it is over there…but I can’t wait to see your outfit pics….. Receiving stuff is the BEST right!! MERRY CHRISTMAS my dear friend ❤

    • I meant to email you….I still mean to…*baaaaad me!* Its pretty cold atm, although still rather mild for the time of year, so a bit of layering should work for them….the black top is going to the cinema on wednesday, I think! Receiving stuff is so ace, thanks for sending me them!!

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