A 30 before 30 update….

So, I figured its high time I did an update of what I’ve been doing to complete my list. No, I hadn’t forgotten about it, I’ve just been busy doing it! I’ll provide you with the list once more, and as I go through each item, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to….dont think I can tick that many off though!

1. Lose Weight  – well, I’m not really doing that much, other than eating a bit more sensibly and vaguely considering the notion of exercise. I guess the other things on the list are just more present and pressing than this!

2. Get a career.   – umm, yeah, nothing occurring on this front, other having had ten interviews in the last three months. Am giving the constant application and interview merry-go-round a rest for a little while.

3. Go on lots of dates. – Well, I’ve now managed to amass myself a male to email via good old Match.com….we’ll just see what happens, but am trying to do as much as I can to find different ways to get me some dates!

4. Let myself be set up by friends or anyone that reads this and knows someone in the Nottingham-ish area. –  So yeah, seems like my friends arent that willing to set me up with anyone….or have anyone that would be remotely interested in me. Which is bloody depressing!!

5. Go speed dating. –  Still not tried this, but I’m working my way up to it…

6. Write a blog entry everyday, or at least every couple of days.  – I think I’m getting better at this. but you readers are the judge of that!

7. Dye my hair a different colour. –Done!

8. Have my hair cut in a non fat flattering but highly fashionable way – Done!

9. Make all my christmas cards this year – ummm….yeah, we’ll see about this one in the next few weeks!

10. Tell people I love them at least once a week – yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion I say that often enough already….but Done!

11. Quit second life and any other online gaming for good – havent really played for ages….still keeping a toe in it, I think though its more about how I play than whether I play at all…as long as it isnt all life consuming!…I’d consider it good enough to say  – Done!

12. Read all the books in one of those 100 best books ever list – ummm….not started yet….but that doesnt really worry me!

13. Join a choir/singing group – nope!

14. Join a book club – nope!

15. Ebay/Carboot all that crap that I’m hoarding and will never ever use. – its cold and winter and stuff. So I think it just needs to get warmer….

16. Organise a blogger’s event. – Nope, and my sister has actually just organised her own netmums event, so she beat me to it! I just don’t know what would work, though…

17. Attend a convention of the sci-fi/comic/hp kind (preferably the latter) – nope!

18. Take up dance classes –  Nope

19. Implement a ‘do I need or do I want’ policy to shopping in an order to not buy stuff I don’t need. – havent bought myself anything for ages….so Done so far!

20. Eat a curry – nope!

21. Make a cake – nope, but I intend to asap….

22. Learn to Knit –  have looked into possible places to go, and think I’ve found one….

23. Conquer my fear of heights – nope!

24. Start letter writing to my favourite people.  – I’m off to buy some nice paper tomorrow!

25. Buy a decent camera – far too poor atm, but am going to get some batteries for my dad’s old one tomorrow, which is a slight step up from my digital point and shoot…

26. Be brave and hit the streets to stop other plus size people who are looking fierce – nope, but the previous entry kind of is the sticking point on this one!

27. Draw up a map of places and attractions I want to visit in the UK and go to them all. – nope!

28. Go out of an evening at least once a week, money allowing. – yup! Done! Or at least I have stuff happening every payday….keep finding loads of interesting things to go to….

29. Save up for a rainy day – yeah, it’s nearly christmas, so what do you think?!

30. Have a party on my 30th, even though I hate parties.  –  trying to build up some ideas for it….but in my head it’s still too far away to be thinking of it properly.

So, a brief post today….mainly because I started this yesterday before my computer decided to have a meltdown! I’ve a fair few days of wonderful stuff to look forward to, and of course blog! Tomorrow sees me popping along to the meet of the Nottingham branch of NaNoWriMo….well, as long as I can be bothered to head out early as have work tomorrow night! Sunday I’ve a nice long day of work, a super quick change and then out for my work department’s Christmas night out, for which I’ve splash out on some star tights from Yours Clothing – something that makes me more excited than the night out itself!

Next week is pretty jam-packed too….on Tuesday there’s an event at my local museum which is the archive of Boots No.7….3-7pm at Nottingham Contemporary if you’re in the area and fancy coming along….its free to boot, which is always good! The following day they’ve also got an event called Flashback, which is an evening of vintage fashion and music…8pm-11pm….which sounds amaze-balls – live music, free hair styling, a fashion show of vintage and vintage inspired styles – what’s not to love! Again, I’m currently intending to brave it and go on my own, but would more than welcome some company! Finally, I’ve vaguely got plans in the works to go out with friends the following weekend…..

All sounds like some sort of mad social whirl, but I’ll be broke and event-less for quite sometime after, I think!



12 thoughts on “A 30 before 30 update….

  1. Star tights sound great! I like your list. I’d love to do lots of those things as well.

    You’re right. A night of vintage music and fashion does sound amaze balls:)

  2. I love Christmas! I hope you enjoy your social events and wear lots of sparkly, stary things. Tis necessary this time of year (along with the christmas coffee). I think I need to create a list like yours, though mine will probably read ‘unfulfilled’. Those type of lists tend to always include unrealistic (or at least highly optimistic) things (well, mine do). I keep saying ‘things’. Should be more specific (one to add to my list! Along with not using brackets so often. Ho hum). Sorry for being waffly 🙂


    • I love Christmas too! And feel free to be waffly….I do it plenty myself and if I can over use the old ! then you can feel free to do (lots of this). I agree that lists like this can sometimes seem impossible to complete, which was why I tried to pepper mine with plenty of things that I knew I could get done and make myself feel good! Now, off to go imagine what I shall wear for tomorrow’s work christmas lunch, and pre lunch Christmas flavoured coffee with friends!

  3. Those tights sound awesome! Good luck with the rest of yur list – I think those things can be so fun – but sometimes they teach you what you dont really want to do as well as what you do, so I reckon it’s fine not to do all of them!

    • The tights were indeed awesome…although the may have a hole or two in them now…..but luckily at the top so I’ll just wear them anyway…does that make me a fashion sloth? I agree that not ticking them all off is no bad thing….in fact the last one wont get ticked off unless I get my skates on!!

  4. Have you never eaten curry?? Oh my its one of my fave foods! Love the list – you are doing well keep it up chick. I also love the one about stopping other plus size peeps on the street who are looking fabulous. Scarlett x

    • I’m famously a wimp when it comes to spices…yes, I know you can get all types of curry that arent spicy at all, but its just not something I’d ever go for when at home…afterall, if you’re going to eat something for the first time it should be better than a readymeal or takeaway, right? So have spent a while trying to convince people to go for one!

      I’m enjoying the fact that its been pretty easy to do stuff….meaning that its not involved a whole heap of effort on my behalf and thus hasnt been stressfull! That one is my favourite too….I might make it my new year’s resolution to be brave and do it!

    • I’m fond of a list too, clearly, although this is one of the rare times I actually get stuff on it done! I’ve yet to ebay/carboot a single thing…but now the weather’s turned horrible, it might have to wait until nearer the deadline! Thanks for the luck!

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