A Wardrobe Makeover….

This week I’ve been a very lucky girl to score not one, but two fashion consulations. Now generally speaking I consider myself quite stylish, but I need that push into being the bang on trend person I wish I was…..I often think laziness plays a huge part! But via the mediums of twitter and facebook, I’d been offered/applied for two styling sessions, both very different and equally interesting!

First up was a skype chat with Stephanie of Wardrobe Angel on Monday night. Luckily I’m not shy about voice chatting, but if you are then I’m sure she has lots of ways to get the same process going! Anyway, we chatted most happily for half an hour, and it didnt feel awkward at all….it was basically a process of her asking me questions, so she could get a feel of me and my life. But more important were the questions that covered things like what I want my wardrobe to do, what it has to fit in around, what I’m looking to change or tweak and also about where I was at in terms of my buying habits. She really did come up with a ton of suggestions – as my aim is generally just to become more fashionable and pulled together, she suggested somethings that I’d thought about but perhaps dismissed, such as charity and vintage shops in my area, and specific ways to target them but also finding a good dressmaker, pattern cutter and also chatted about blogs for inspiration etc. It was only half an hour but I came away feeling incredibly inspired….if you are lucky enough to get her full wardrobe makeover package, then you’re very lucky indeed! I’d definitely suggest taking that first step of having a consultation phone call with her, and discussing what your needs are….I think if you had a specific reason in mind for the wardrobe revamp, she’d been even more on fire with it! Stephanie is Manchester based, so you northern boys and girls are even better based to get a taste of her expertise…..in fact she’s got a Plus Sized event on this Saturday, so if you’re in the area, I recommend popping in! You can find the details on this event here

I was also lucky enough to grab one of the ASOS style sos slots Wednesday night….which when it finally all got going, I really enjoyed! Again via the medium of skype, except for this time text based….personally I think though voice is easier, mainly because it gives my poor fingers a rest! It wasnt without its techincal hitches though….I had a time slot of 9pm-10pm, which was the last time slot available, so I was expecting my 15 minutes somewhere within that….as it got closer to 10pm, I got more anxious as I was unsure if I’d entered my skype name right on the entry form, and so some fast tweeting of mine went on with the person tweeting for ASOS….at one point they said I’d got the contact request, but I swear that nothing appeared on my end!

But it all worked out ok, and off we went…..it was pretty simple really…..I got asked what my question/query was, and from there the ASOS style advisor offered up some suggestions…..now, this is where I’ve a a gripe or two. To get a session you had to already tell them what your style query was, so you’d have thought that they’d have bothered to read that! Also I did stress that I wanted something different to my usual style….I deliberately wanted to not go with what I’d normally go for, because if that was the case I could pick for myself….

But she did do very well indeed, and being the lovely blogger that I am, I’ll share with you the suggestions offered up!

Collar Dress with Scallop Edge  – ASOS Curve: £40

Now, I do like this dress and had seen it, along with the majority of the suggestions, on the ASOS Curve website. But as I was looking for something a bit different for the party season, it didnt quite work….at least not for me whom doesnt really tend to do that casual smart going out thing that some people do…

So, onto suggestion number 2….

Jersey Body with Mesh – ASOS Curve: £25

I’m assuming that the suggestion is the whole outfit and not just the body, which is nice but I’m not really into that whole going out without trousers ala Lady Gaga and erm, Kitty Brucknell. Back onto the subject of the outfit and I’m very much a fan….I’m usually either a skirt or dress kind of girl on a night out, and this with a bit of sparkle is definitely my cup of tea.

Katie Lace Dress – ASOS CURVE Exclusive: £45

Option number three is another one that made my overall shortlist….however its slinkier, sexier and shorter than anything I’ve ever dared to wear before, and slightly worry that it might look terrible on me! But I still really like it….

Maxi Dress in Metallic – ASOS CURVE Exclusive: £41, down from £55

Now this I worry that I’d look like I’d doned that tinfoil cape you get at the end of a marathon, and in wont of needing one, I’ve made it into a dress…..perhaps a tad too shiny, and too long (not really a maxi dress fan, as I’ve got surprisingly short legs for someone of 5ft7)

Swing Dress with large sequins – ASOS CURVE: £75

This dress actually reminds me of a few my nieces own….which actually isnt necessarily a bad thing….if there’s anytime you can get away with a girly party dress, its Christmas. However, I dont love it enough to spend £75 on it…

Party Playsuit with Lace – ASOS CURVE Exclusive: £40

I do like some of the detailing on this playsuit, I dont think I’d be confident enough in it to pull it off….I’m conscious about my hips and bum, just because I’m aware that my bottom half is my bigger section, and whilst I know that is a playsuit is a little looser in the bottom section it would work, I think I’d have to love it to give it a whirl….and I dont love this, I merely like it.

Now, the next suggestion I got may get you all going ‘Oh, its *that* dress!’….

Lace Dress with Mesh Skirt – ASOS CURVE Exclusive: £45, down from £60

So, umm, yeah I’m starting to think the universe is telling me that I should buy this dress!! I’m actually going to wait and see if the taxman is nicer to me this payday and by not taking all my overtime off me so I can afford it….but I did giggle when the style advisor tossed me the link to it….’oh, that dress….funny you should suggest that…’

Mesh Panel Dress – ASOS CURVE Exclusive:£30

I really like this….its a sign that I do when it didnt feel like a comedown after *that* dress….I’ve never really worn slinky numbers before, believing that a) I’m a pear and thus things should flair out to hide my larger behind, and b) that I’ve too many lumps and bumps to be wearing anything close fitting. But thanks to the many wonderful and lovely fat acceptance bloggers, I’ve actually realised that if I like something and want to wear it, then I bloody well should because after all isnt it more important to feel good in what you’re wearing? So this dress would definitely make the shortlist that is now getting a little long…

So thats it in the dress/outfit department from my lovely ASOS Style Advisor Katie, but then she uttered the word that is always sweet, lovely music to my ear – Accessories, and did I want to discuss some options….the answer to which would always be ‘hell yeah!’

ASOS PEPPER Platform Mary Jane Shoes: £37.50, was £50

Now those are some serious shoes! I love any shoes with a bit of sparkle or detailing to them….there’s one area in fashion that I’ve never been scared to be braver in, and thats shoes. I guess because even though finding shoes to fit my awkward feet, its always a hell of a lot easier than clothes….so I’ve been able to indulge my spangley, sparkley side always.

We did however struggle on the clutch side….she had to offer me quite a few  before I was oohing and ahhing….but those that know me will atest to the fact that I’m a handbag connesieur with particular taste! So very quickly here’s the ones that didnt make my personal grade….

Clutches – Karen Millan and ASOS – between £21-£140

The two that I liked a little bit more than the others were the following too, but none of them really got me going how handbags should, imho…

ALDO Keeble Feather Clutch Bag:£30, down from £40

Karen Millan Jewelled Clutch Bag: £140

So, thats its ladies and gents, how my wardrobe consultations went down. My overall verdict? Both managed to find me what I was after, and I love ASOS’s clothing so that goes without saying that the fact I knew their site well was always going to prove tricky to find something to wow my socks off. But I was very, very impressed with Stephanie’s attentive and detailed session, to say it was a free preliminary call….plus it felt like you got more of a connection because of the fact she could be seen and heard! But I’d recommend both of them in a heartbeat to different people for different reasons.

Basically, I was just quite a lucky girl this week!


2 thoughts on “A Wardrobe Makeover….

  1. Really like the ‘Collar Dress with Scalloped Edge’ only I’d be a little odd and match it with some glittery silver courts I’ve seen and a matching glittery silver clutch rather than the classic black.

    Jem xXx

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