A round up of this weeks outfits….

A really quick post today as having spent three of my four days off this week out and about, I’m positively tired out! Do any of you struggle to get creative when feel run down, tired or just a bit fed up? I know I do!

So, two outfits for the price of one today…..because I’ve had them sat waiting to be posted for a couple of days collectively. Hopefully I can remember when and why I wore them!

First up is one taken on my phone because the camera battery died and I couldn’t wait until it was charged! So if its terrible, my apologies!

yeah….now reviewing it, that’s one terrible picture! I wore this to go over to my sister’s on monday….who has now gone to Glasgow on holiday – the running joke is that she’s bringing me a Scottish man back! But then anyone that’s being paying attention will know I’ve a thing for northern accents, so when I say ‘yes please do!’ I’m only half-joking!

Brown Knitted Cardigan – Evans

Cream Button Top – Evans

Denim Skirt – Evans

Boots (unseen) – Sainsbury’s

The next outfit I wore yesterday to go somewhere that required smart dressing….I actually went for comfort more than anything else, but I think I looked quite stylish in the end!

Black Cardigan, Black and Cream ruffled top and Black 5/6ths trousers: All Evans

Yes, I’m not wearing shoes…..but I’d just gotten in and had aching feet….and didnt realise that my feet were in shot otherwise I’d have retaken the picture to not show my feet or just put my shoes back on!

So thats it folks! Until tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “A round up of this weeks outfits….

  1. Love your black ruffled top.

    Hope you get your Scotman one day! I love the accent. My Mum and all her family came to Australian fro Scotland when she was a teen. She purposefully lost her accent but I grew up with wonderfully Scottish Grandparents.

  2. Its one of my go to pieces….I dont usually wear it like that though….I usually team it with a pencil skirt for a more 1940s sort of look, but I couldnt be bothered with tights that day!

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