Something frilly and fabulous…

So, you’ll notice that I didn’t post yesterday. Which probably wasnt noticeable at all given that I’ve been known to not post for days at a time but this time it was deliberate. Sort of, well basically I knew what I fancied writing about next, but I felt to follow a post so serious and thoughtful with one where I gush about clothes wouldn’t really work. Because that’s totally what I’m about to do!

Ok, so I’ll preface this with the fact that the closer it creeps up to Christmas, the more in the party mood I get. This is simple really, in that when I was younger I used to have at least three party occasions – Christmas Eve with relatives at their house where I’d usually wear some sort of leggings/velvet/dress concoction (it was the mid nineties after all!), Christmas Day where I’d usually be wearing a jumper/blouse/dressy top and leggings/jeans/skirt dependent on my age and then Boxing Day when my Grandma would come over and I’d be wearing some combo of the things I didn’t wear on the other two….basically it would be a three-day clothes marathon, with a new nightie or pyjamas on Christmas Day and Boxing Day nights. Yes, Christmas is where my love of clothes and their ability to dress up and transform yourself began. Havent we all gotten ready using our new Xmas makeup and beauty products to the soundtrack of the newest Now That’s What I Call Music played on a cd player? Just me?

So then I grew older, and actually no, for the most part this tradition stayed the same except for the weeks leading up to Christmas gained various work christmas parties and evenings out with friends for Christmas. And now, because I associated Christmas with clothes, and a certain sort of clothes as well, I find it hard to think of such occasions without the need to rush out and find the sparkliest, shiniest, frilliest and most fabulous outfit known to man to celebrate the festivities in.

This year however there is one thing, and one thing only that be stills my beating heart….it would be the humble dress. Now, I have to confess that my continual addiction to reading religiously the blog that is Essbeevee may be due in part to the fact dresses are on the brain. Its a little like when you keep hearing the same song, and eventually you end up singing it and not knowing why. Also Simply Be tweeted about their party dresses, and having followed the link and flicked through, it also made me go ‘oooohh…..I need more dresses! I need them for christmas!’ (see the collection here)

So, I’m giving you my top ten of plus size party dresses…..feast your eyes, enjoy and drool over them as much as I did!

10.  Lovedrobe Purple Pearl Trim Skater Dress – Style369 £40

9. Colbalt Mesh Dress – Yours Clothing £35

8.  ASOS Curve Exclusive Lace Dress with Mesh Skirt £60

7. Rise Boutique Edwina Dress – Simply Be £75

6. Dorothy Perkins Champagne Sequin Dress – £54

5. ASOS Curve Midi Dress in Pink  – £50


4. So Fabulous Jersey Wrap Ruched Dress – £39

3. Pearl Lowe Corsage Shoulder Dress – Peacocks £50

2. Monsoon Paris Dress  – £120

1. Rise Boutique Dorothy Dress – Simply Be £70

So that’s my top ten….you’ll notice that quite a few of them are a similar length and fit….thats not for any reason other than coincidence, I just picked what I liked, to be honest! What dresses or party outfits are you lusting after for Christmas?

12 thoughts on “Something frilly and fabulous…

    • yay! I think you’ll look gorgeous in it….although I did find some dresses that I liked the look of but discarded because there was no chance in hell I’d look nice in! Although I’d totally wear it as is….dont think Edwina necessarily requires any Armery!

  1. You’ve picked some gorgeous dresses! I really like the black asos curve one – very black swan and balletic!

    Also I love your description of what you wore at christmas in the 90s – mine would be very similar!

    • Glad you liked them….it was mainly an exercise in ‘what I’d like’ and living vicariously through my blog! But yes, that ASOS dress appeals to my inner ballet self….I’ve been lusting after tulle and satin and lace and anything Ballerina since watching Black Swan!

      I think most peoples christmases of that era would be alike….I’m thinking I might have to trawl the archives for a Christmas past post at some point!

  2. I think the black ASOS one is gorgeous! Definitely my favourite, it would look so glam with hair pinned up and some statement jewellery maybe. Lovely picks!

    • I think that the voice of the people are definitely saying the black asos one is one of the best ones….I think it would have been higher apart from the fact its not the most recent one I’ve seen, and I get easily distracted by new things! But I’m now very, very tempted to make it mine!

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