A pretty quiet weekend….

So yeah, I’ve not really done much at all in the last few days, mainly working like a demon! However, I could have gone to a NaNoWriMo local event in the day on saturday, but I chickened out. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be seizing the day and all that, but friday night I was hanging around its chat room for my area, and someone said something, probably just a throw away comment to them, but it made me feel like I’d not be welcome, at least in my head it did so I didn’t go. Which is pathetic, really, but I guess I feel so vulnerable about putting my writing out on the line, actually putting myself out on the line that I just couldn’t. There’s a meet-up every weekend of the challenge….we’ll see if I manage to work my way up to going to one!

I’ve spent oodles of time with the nieces and my sister this week….which always makes me feel beloved and happy and worthy of anyone’s affections. I’ve not really said it before, mainly because its sappy, but I love and adore my family and they make me feel invincible and awesome. Anywhos, I went shopping with my sister on Friday (not in town, just locally to her….all I bought was the most needed purchase of some new bras. Couldnt ignore the fact my underwire is poking through all the ones I own anymore!). I’d gone straight to hers after being elsewhere that required the wearing of heels, and to make a long story short, I’ve got blisters the size of houses….work today and yesterday was hard on my poor battered tootsies!

So yeah, I’ve really not been up to much…..between going out and drinking at least one creme brulee latte a day on my way to work, being at work, and then doing this NaNoWriMo thing, I’m about knackered! I’ve got a hetic few days ahead too….mainly filled with cleaning and tidying as we’ve got some people coming around thursday,so ergo, we need to clean up! (not that the house is filthy, it’s just that sort of cleaning you feel compelled to do when someone’s coming a-calling!). But mainly this novel is kicking my ass…..I’ve hit a bit of a block, mainly because I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had much time to write some more, and also because the ‘everyone’s doing better than me’ thoughts have set in. Not to mention that other than perhaps the end achievement of being able to say I’ve done it, I’m, failing to see the point of it…any delusions of being discovered as a writer from it are long gone!

So, I bide you and this picture less ramble good night….a sign that its time for me to go to bed!

5 thoughts on “A pretty quiet weekend….

  1. Good luck with your nanowrimo – I did it once years ago and it was such an achievement to get to the end! Good luck with making it to one of the events as well – I hate going to places where I dn’t know anyone, but I try to force myself every so often. Usually I give myself a time limit and come up with an excuse to leave after an hour if it is awful though!

    • Thankyou….it definitely will be an achievement if I manage to finish it…..I’m currently languishing around the 16,000 mark! I’m not overly fond of going to places where I dont know people and have to try and make myself go also. I like the idea of a time limit!

  2. The bit that struck me most in this post was your declaration that you love your family. I feel the same about mine and it’s refreshing to hear someone state so clearly that family makes one feel invincible. Absolutely.

    • I’m gad you liked that bit….because its entirely true! I think its because with family you know that they’re not going anywhere, mostly, and its easier to feel safe and secure in their love and affection because they’ve put up with you for years anyway so if they can manage that long, they’re quite likely to stick around!

  3. I confess I’m quite shy about going to the write outs too. I think for me because this is my first novel I feel like I’m not a “real writer”. So I can totally relate. However I’ve been reading your blogging for years and I know you can do this and do it well:)

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