A Lovely Day Spent Doing Not Much…..

So, today has been a good day, briefly had to pop into work, which was actually enjoyable, but started the day off with nipping into Costa Coffee….is it just me or A/W dictates that you need to drink hot drinks? I had a low calorie vanilla thing, although I sneakily suspect it was full fat….if that was what I’d asked for, then blow me down with a feather it tastes good for something lighter on the calories! Also picked up a copy of Grazia….I used to be all about the Heat Magazine, and I still am but I think old Grazia is slightly overtaking it in terms of what I’d rather read…..I think its because I’m growing ever more style conscious!

I headed back into town for a wander, and stopped by the Disney Store – isnt there no better delight than having to buy young relatives presents? Especially girls when you are one yourself! I particularly enjoyed chit-chatting with one of the staff members whom asked me what my favourite princess was (I was stood by them at the time)…..its always nice to have a reason to be like ‘yeah, it would be either Belle or Little Mermaid’ (I was young when they were released so I legtimately am allowed to say that! Perhaps not quite ok that I still know all the words to the songs though!).

Then a stroll into Yours Clothing. I actually found loaaads that I really liked, which I was surprised by, because I’ve been a bit of a snob about it, because I’ve a thing about fabrics and at least in my local store its all been a bit ‘man-made fibre jumble sale’ but for the most part it was better organised and stocked. I’ll blog more on that and the fact I’ve stumbled upon Very’s plus size range tomorrow, but I will tell you about the horrible service I got. I was looking for this

As I’d seen it on the website, but wasnt sure if I’d like it in the flesh, but then saw it in the window and thought ‘oooh, looks as good as I’d want it to’. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how desperate I am to own a cape. Like a lot. So, when I’d walked around the store about twenty millon times, I finally found the only staff member on the shop floor and asked them if they had it. They hadnt, but she wander around the shop floor aimlessly, barely acknowledging me, only to take me over to the counter. Which if she didnt know, and was always intending to send me there, I could have just gone myself. Anyway, the person behind the counter, which fyi I think was what they consider to be a manager in Yours landΒ  – I just got that vibe off her, was blunt to the point of extreme rudeness. No, they hadnt got it and no, they werent getting anymore. Now, personally I think having something in your window that you’ve sold out of is a downright cheek, simply because you’re getting footfall off false promise. But she could have mentioned that I should check the website (I have, and it seems in plenty of stock). She could have offered to sell me the one in the window, if I’d been desperate to purchase it. She could have, even more simply and obivously, offered to ring other stores to see if they had it in stock. Or, she could, knowing that its a highly sought after item and they’ve not got it, been apologetic and sympathetic. It was the worse service I’ve ever received, which is a shame because its just resolved me to use the shop to check stuff out and try it on, and then go home and promptly order it online as there is no way in hell I’m purchasing from that store. Which is Nottingham by the way, so avoid it like the plague if you’re ever wanting to be treated like a human being.

(Btw, the person giving me the ‘tude was at best a size 12, maybe 14. I’ve a sneaking supsion that she’d rather be working in Topshop than selling fat people clothes. When are plus size retailers going to clock on that its hard enough to go shopping when you’re fat, the least you deserve is a warm and friendly face when you go in somewhere?)

Anyway! I spent the rest of the day with my sister and nieces, which was a fun filled mixture of a quick waltz around a supermarket to go pick up a few clothes bargains, picking the eldest niece up from school, and lots of gossiping with my sister and cuddles from the nieces…..the eldest two both gave me hugs where they ran at me when I saw them….which always makes you feel good! But it was nice to see my sister and have a chat….although the whole day today has been spent on and off the phone for something I’ve in the pipeline!

So, this is what I wore today….

Jumper and Skirt – Evans

Earrings (just seen) – Primark

Necklace – Tesco

I look a bit grim, but in all fairness, I was knackered! The skirt I stuck in storage earlier in the year when the weather got warmer because it didnt fit, which I forgot about, but now it does! Ok, slightly tight but thats only because I’m so used to loose clothes because as a rule thats how I prefer to wear them….but all in all, not a bad ensemble I thought!

Ok, off to go write some more of my novel…..that is if I can manage to before I end up falling asleep at my desk! Toodle Pip!

17 thoughts on “A Lovely Day Spent Doing Not Much…..

  1. There is nothing worse than bad customer service, it really gets my back up and you are right they shouldnt have something in the window that they havent got in stock, total cheek. You look great and im totally loving your pendant :o) Scarlett x

  2. I seriously can’t cope with rude people, how do they even keep their jobs!!!! I hope you email the company with your complaint – you never know sometimes they send you vouchers πŸ˜‰

  3. Ohh like the denim skirt, I quite fancy one too now!

    When I visit home I go to the Yours shop in Hull and their customer service is awesome. The ladies in the shop are lovely and genuinely excited about their stock. Sadly I think different branches are only as good as the team running them. I have a very close eye on yours and think they will get much better.

    Good luck in finding your cape!

    w x

    • Yes, I love my two denim mini skirts….they make me feel like a proper girl!

      I agree that its not all Yours stores, I’ve been in the Derby one, and the whole vibe there seemed alot better! They are a relatively new shop to the high street, so here’s hoping they just get better and better!

      The cape in question is atm in stock online, but the taxman took all my pennies away 😦

  4. I’ve read a few of your posts and always really enjoy them. You write well! Good luck with finding the cape. I’ve always wanted one as I think they look warm, yet elegant and swishy…but I always worry about how i will carry a bag on my shoulder and wear one at the same time. The arms being hidden and all that. Though I haven’t actually tried!

    Know what you mean about the winter drink thing, but winter does demand it πŸ˜‰ A good way to keep warm and alert. Yup.


    • Thankyou for reading and enjoying them! You know though, you make a good point….I’ve never owned a cape, and I have enough trouble keeping a bag on my arm as it is! But they’re sooooo pretty!

      Indeed winter demands that hot drinks get drunk. And if said regular coffee shop has introduced a christmas range of drinks….well, it would be rude to not participate, what with them being around for such a short time. Its not my fault they dont make any that are light. Oh shucks, I guess I’ll keep having to have a to die for full fat creme brulee latte. Oh well! :p

  5. Oh gosh the shop assistants in Yours sound awful!

    Such a shame they are so rude. I often think age has a lot to do with how you are treated in shops as well – I can be totally blanked by shop assistants, only for them to be *so* polite if my mum’s there too.

    Glad they apologised on twitter at least.

    • I’ve come to realise its one staff member in particular that served me both times and gave me the ‘get lost and stop asking for stuff’ treatment. But yeah, at least the company at large was apologetic.

      I find that too though, that as I look younger than my age, especially when not made up, I get really shonky treatment as they think I’ll just accept it. When in fact I’m nearly into my third decade and have worked in retail long enough to know I could get better if I served myself!

  6. Really, really, despise bad customer service. I blame all those years of waitressing and retail. Probably sounds silly but I make so much effort to make a customer feel looked after that I feel quite annoyed when someone clearly doesn’t even want to give you the time of day, let alone help you out!

    Jem xXx

    • Doesnt sound silly at all because thats exactly how I felt! I spend all my time in my own job, working for a company that cares about customers and its employees too actually, that when I go shopping, I expect to be treated with the same care and attention I give the people I serve. Its not hard afterall…..and if it is, then customer service is not the job for you, you people that give me the bad service!

  7. I work in the customer experience and quality area of my job and although we are not selling anything we are offering a service and I go mental if I receive poor service because I know how easy it is to offer good service! Did you make a complaint to the company (and not just Lauren on Twitter??)? If you haven’t I would!

    I really like the ease of your outfit too. I am envious of people who can wear denim skirts and look good in them. They never look good on me 😦

    • I’m the same as I work in retail, albeit cakes rather than clothes so I get annoyed when I get treated poorly! I’ve not made a complaint, but I think I might….especially as its not the first time!

      Ta muchly, I’m obsessed with that particular denim skirt and it gets worn alot! But between you and me, I always think that I dont look good in it either…but then I think thats just because I’m always conscious of its length!

  8. Damn, wish I had a job in Yours Clothing – my idea of heaven! You are lucky to have a store near you, hopefully they open one in London at some point… and I LOVE the owl necklace btw! xXx

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