A quick missive….

So, umm, yeah. This post, I’m sure, would be much longer and full of wonderfulness if I hadn’t been at work all weekend and then decided that I needed to spend about twenty minutes in the garage hunting for my winter clothes in the dying light after work this evening. Normally I don’t bother, but I decided to pack away my winter clothes in the summer, and well I’ve not gotten around to getting them out. But having decided that I needed them, I annoyed my mum no end with ‘oh, I’ll just nip in there when we get home and before going inside’…and like all garages or storage places, you put stuff where you think ‘oh, that’s easy to get to’ and then over the course of time you end up putting stuff in front of it.

Anywhos, tomorrow I’ve got off, yay me! Not that I’m usually a big fan of Halloween but I’ve a few things to do, including getting to see my nieces all dressed up and having a tea around my sister’s. I *may* be making a nod to Halloween and doing some creative but perhaps a tad predictable makeup…but more of that tomorrow!

Not much has gone on lately, hence the lack of posts…..unless you wanted to see me in my pjs two days running? I did however manage to snag a pair of faux uggs from work for, well they’re supposed to cost £14.65 on sale, but then I get my 15% discount off that. Yes, I know uggs are the root of all fashion evil, but I’m the world’s clumsiest person so in the colder weather, I need something that has lots of grip on the sole….and I also tend to shove them on if I’m going to work. But I promise I try not to wear them too often in everyday life (I *may* slightly fail. Hell, I’m a comfort girl, even if in my head, I like to think I’m a girly girl!)

So yeah, that’s the exciting life I lead….getting excited over new cakes at work (perk of my job – getting to sample some on rare occasions like today) and buying comfort over style shoes. Rock and roll, I’m not!

However, on one last note, I am absolutely crapping myself over having decided to do this NaNoWriMo challenge. Seriously, its like 36 hours or something away….I may be thinking I’m mental for thinking I can write a 50,000 word book in one month, if a book at all. It’s supposed to be about quantity, I know that, but the perfectionist in my will no doubt make it about quality too! I’m on there as confusedbritgirl so if you’re doing it to, add me as a writing buddy. I’ve set up a twitter for it the_girl_the_guy but that’s mainly because I’ve a blog site for it which I think I may have already mentioned, but am going to again


So yeah, if you’re a fan of my ramblings over here, from Tuesday you’ll be able to read my terrible attempt at writing a novel!

Off to bed, before I end up finding out what happened in tonight’s Downton Abbey, which I’ve recorded because I was intending to go to bed early. But blogging and commenting/reading other beautiful and fascinating blogs made me lose track of time! Oh well, never mind!

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