What I Wore Today…..

Well, actually this post should be called ‘what I put on to take an outfit post with’. In reality I was wearing an even worse outfit of old t-shirt, old leggings and my winter dressing gown. Cos that’s how I roll when I’m feeling under the weather dontcha know. But anyhoot, I’m trying to get into this blogging everyday malarkey, as other people reckon that’s the way to well, to building a following. And I actually am inclined to agree….the blogs that post more regularly stick in my mind more, so you’re quicker to return to them. Unless they writing is tip-top and the person behind the words is damn right lovely, in which case you’ll just read whatever they put to screen, even if it was only their weekly shopping list, non?

So…be warned readers, I eschewed my usual policy of ‘I’m not going to show my blogging audience how I really look on the days I can’t be arsed aka most days’. Because like I said, I’m feeling poorly and sorry for myself and am not about to make my really bad skin worse by slipping on some slap. I did do my hair though, so feel privileged!

So, shirt and jeans – Evans (both so ancient they’re ridiculously comfortable), jewellery – well, don’t know where it’s from, it was a much belated birthday present from my best friend that lives in Bristol. And yes, I do actually wear glasses but not all the time, at least in my head I think I don’t wear them always!

So, a short and sweet outfit post. Toodle pip!

4 thoughts on “What I Wore Today…..

    • ta muchly! I wasnt really expecting any compliments of ‘oh you look nice’ on this post as to me I look shocking!! But yeah, when I’ve made an effort and wear it people do say its a nice one….you cant see it in the pictures but its got like a lace/crochet piping to it….

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