A little dedication…

Today is one of my best friends in the world’s birthday…the lovely miss jem…

Now I am terrible about remembering birthdays. Actually I’ll correct myself, I’m rubbish at remembering to send birthday cards…I can even actually write them, put a stamp on it and still not post them…or remember someone’s birthday about a week or even a month later. But its definitely some sort of missing gene or something, as my dad was just as bad, and I’ve never met them, but maybe there’s a whole line of birthday forgetting ancestors in my lineage…

So, I’m going to list all the ways she makes the most delightful of friends…I’d never say this to her face as we’d both get embarrassed, but on her day of birth she most truly deserves to know exactly why she’s so fan-flipping-tastic!

1. She is a really really good listener, I mean seriously so…I talk a lot of drivel, so anyone that can listen and put up with that is certainly due for a sainthood sometime soon!

2. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of Hotel Chocolat from when she worked there…and that’s always a good quality in a friend!

3. She shares the same taste in books as me, which being a literature nerd, its always good to have some one to be geeky with

4. Whenever I see or speak or text or I’m with her, I instantly feel happier and more confident about myself.

5. She has the most positive of outlooks on the world…they may falter and be tested from time to time, but it still remains there underneath

6. She likes a good cup of tea and tea lovers always win bonus friend points in my book!

7. She’s incredible thoughtful, much more so than me, in fact than a lot of people, which is a quality that should be cherished so much more!

8. She is ridiculously talented…one of the best writers I have ever met and inspires me to want to write more and to write better

9. Is very good at all things I am useless at, which is always good to have a friend with different skills…baking, crafting…a source of tips for the domestically inept.

10. Has excellent taste in quality television, and I’d have never have watched Great British Bake Off if it hadn’t been for her enthusiasm for the show!

11. We can go a day, a week, a month or several months between visits or communications, and its never different, we’re always just as good friends…something I value greatly

12. She enjoys quaint tea rooms as much as I do, and expect to have her as my old lady friend when we’re grey and wrinkly and can legitimately do that every single day!

13. She is an excellent thrifter. Seriously, has mad skills in the bargain hunting area.

14. Likes shopping as much as I do, especially when it comes to books and quality handbags…although there’s always more book buying than handbag investment

15. Genuinely believes in me and wants me to be happy and have all that I want and stuff…which makes her part of my very much needed cheering on team

16. Knows me better than I know myself…which isn’t hard though!

17. Excellent advice giver…you know the sort that you know has you in mind, but also can be objective enough to see it from all viewpoints.

18. I’d have her as my phone a friend friend on who wants to be a millionaire. Because of her excellent knowledge in lots of different areas…

19. She is humble about herself, which is high up on the list for me because I hate people that can’t be a bit modest. Which does mean that this will all probably make her blush…and especially at the length of this list but I’m kind of committed to this now!

20. She has impeccable taste in all things decoration, which I intend to fully utelise when I have a proper home of my own.

21. Is actually interested in the world around her…for me, I don’t have many friends full stop, so to have some that care about the same issues that I do, it gives me people to share and discuss my thoughts on things. Which I have a lot of, obviously!

22. She likes Harry Potter and has both read the books and seen the films…for some people, that would be a reason not to like someone, but as a huge HP geek myself, it always adds points to my opinion of someone if they can manage to not only not roll their eyes when I get on a spiel about it, but understand and even join in!

23. She is an excellent gift giver, both on important occasions and in general.

24. Shops, at least for now, in the same shops I do, and having gone a long while with only very skinny friends, its nice to have a shopping partner in crime that likes the same things I do on a whole, and doesn’t make me feel like the comedy sidekick…

25. She loves a good quality beauty product…and is as almost as easily swayed by packaging as I am!

26. Lastly, the most important reason of all – I always feel like she enjoys having me as a friend as much as I do her. I’ve only ever met a few people in this life that I don’t ever doubt that they’d want me to remain their friend, that all my own self doubts don’t ever make me question it, and that is worth its weight in gold.

So there you have it…a cringe-making list of why the unforgettable Miss Cope means so much to me. Apologies to anyone, especially the lady in question if this made you roll your eyes in derision, but I don’t often tell people exactly how much I value them, and hey, this was better than a card, right?

Toodle pip! Xxx

6 thoughts on “A little dedication…

  1. What a fabulous post, from “Meeting” Jem online and becoming blog buddies I can totally see her having all these qualities you have written about. Its great to have such a close friendship with someone in life and you two have just that, what a treasure :o) Scarlett x

    • ta muchly! she definitely does have these qualities, even though I think she’d claim to the contray! But yeah, it makes me warm and fuzzy to see how well loved and respected she is online, as it rightly should be. Its weird though, if someone had told me when I’d met her that we’d become this close, I’d have said they were loopy! Mainly because I thought I was too cold and standoffish at the time to make lasting friends ;p

  2. This is just a lovely lovely post – I bet Jem is blushing but delighted. I second what Scarlett said, I like Jem online without having met her, so I’m sure she’s even more fabulous IRL. And you’re obviously a keeper as a friend too, cold and standoffish is certainly not how you appear from this post!

    • well, I’m talking a fair few years ago, I’m a bit warmer and friendlier these days! Glad you liked the post, I was a tad concerned that I’d have only one reader that enjoy it, at the most! Shes as fabulous irl as online, there’s not much difference, you get the exact person you get online in the flesh!

  3. You’re far too kind you know!! I did blush madly and think ‘Eh?! But I’m so dull!’

    Mostly though it brought tears to my eyes that you thought such lovely things of me!

    You make it very easy to be your friend and I feel lucky to know you xXx

    • Aww, shucks, I’m not far too kind! And you’re not dull at all!! Of course I think lovely things of you, its not that hard to! I’m glad you said I make it easy to be a friend to, because thats not necessarily the feedback I’ve had previously from other sources!! ;p

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