Gok-ing hell, what a range….

So, besides other things, I went on a little trip to my local Sainsbury’s to pick up something for dinner, and oh yeah, mainly to go see the new Gok Wan range in the flesh. Now being a curvaceous 26-28 I don’t fit in it, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating its launch since I saw the showstopper red dress in the company magazine (I work for Sainsbury’s but I’ll stress now that they’ve not bunged me a fiver to blog this, nor that this post or any others are a reflection on them as a company. Except if it makes you love them more, cos then I’m sure that’s all good!)

So she came away with five pieces from the range – the palazzo trousers in black but unfortunately are too long in the leg as she’s only small in stature (5ft 5 inches fact fans), the sheer shirt in Cherry Blossom print , the swing tux, the perfect fit pant in black (I can confirm they do fantastic things to your derrierre ladies. My mum doesn’t really have much of one normally, and they, well without being too graphic cos its my mum, it lifted and shaped where you’d want it too.) and the Ultimate Wrap Dress, which well, it’s as lovely as I thought it would be – I reckon there’s not many people who wouldn’t look knock-out in it!

So, this is my mum working the shirt, jacket and trousers to death….she was a very willing sport in letting me take pictures of her, especially as she was sans makeup at the time! She doesn’t normally smile as cheesy as this, but her normal smile didn’t translate on camera so I made her over egg it a bit! Totes loving the hand model hand posing….makes me very jealous that I inherited the banana hands of my dad instead!

Yeah, I made her pose with the carrier bag that they give your items to you in….the range really is reasonably priced imho, so the fact they give you a proper cardboard carrier bag is more than to be expected….its really clear that a lot of thought has gone into the range – all the hangers have pink size cube label things, all the assigned clothing staff have gok t-shirts and clearly, at least at my local store, very enthusiastic about the range. It was rather comical though to watch those that were purchasing from the range, and what items they were selecting. I’ve never had as good chatter with ladies of a certain age than I did whilst hanging out by the range, especially hearing their opinions about a range that I actually consider to have pieces suitable for any age range in it….although at one point I started giving my opinion on both the range and certain pieces, and started to feel that I was just one name tag away from doing all the work for them! But my hat goes off to Gok…..somehow he’s managed to united women via his range, and I bet that its very similar up Oxford Street in Mary Portas’s House of Fraser shop….I really do bow down to these gods and goddesses of straight talking fashion, especially Mary whom I want to single-handedly take on the plus size world. But more on that in the next blog post!

My sister also picked up a piece from the range, after hearing us talk about the fact Mother dearest had a fair few bits….now, she picked up the Flirty Dress, which I knew as soon as looking at it would be right up her street, and I wasnt much wrong!

This picture doesn’t do it quite the right justice, but she looked fabulous in it….its the sort of dress that makes you want to twirl like you’re five and in your party dress again. Except for the fact that she’s in my shoes for posing purposes, so would probably go flying if she tried!

So all in all, Mummy and Sister Brit did very well…..lots more for me to blog about, and am eager to do so, but as I started this particular post about two days ago, I think end it now as otherwise it would be very rambling and confusing if not already so!

Night people, off to go watch the most awesome online show known to man, The Guild….as a gaming geek, it makes me laugh something chronic as I can sooooo identify! Think Big Bang Theory, but gaming rather than science and a kick-ass female lead in the form of Felicia Day, whose character I relate to muchly!!

Toodle Pip!

3 thoughts on “Gok-ing hell, what a range….

  1. I checked out goks range (i blooming love that guy, he’s welcome to grab my boobs any time!) and thought it was great, as you say there are pieces in there to suit all ages and the pricing is good. I would love to see Mary take on the plus size world, give Evans a kick up the arse. Scarlett x

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