Jumping on the bandwagon of a bandwagon….

First and foremost, I’ve been inspired yet again by another blog that I love and adore, namely Beautiful Clutter by the lovely Miss Jem…..I’ve somewhat caught the list bug anyway, because its pretty easy to write a meaty post without having to write reams and reams of stuff. So, for the original and superior post click here !

Here goes….

A. Amelia

That would be my beloved sister, who is 25 (I think, feel free to hit me if I’m wrong!), and mother to my three equally beloved nieces. She far outstrips me in terms of well, everything, and is a force to be reckoned with. Except for when it comes to tweeting and blogging….she’s an account and a page which she doesn’t use which I like to try to get her too, although there’s a small part of me that likes being the only one with a small, tiny bit of cyberspace to pontificate within. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that she’d be a bit better at it than me!

B. Brother-in-Law          

I actually, or at least I like to think so, get on quite well with my brother-in-law. If I was going to a pub quiz, I’d want him on my team for sure, and he’s always good value on a night out, mainly because he’s got the most friends I’ve known a person to have, which always helps get a party started. Also could qualify for J as he’s called Joe.

C. Crush

I have a lot of them. I get them if not daily, at least weekly.

D. Dancing

I went to dance classes when I was little, the standard three of Ballet, Modern and Tap and I used to hate it, but only because I used to feel like the hippos from Fantasia next to all the other young girls (I didn’t actually look that bad….having reviewed the evidence!). Anywho, it’s still my preferred method of exercise, and I love going out and getting my groove on. When I dance, it’s the only time I stop thinking, and I think *a lot*….its going to sound so corny but its the only time I truly feel free

E. Eventually what I want to do

Be a librarian, although I’d also quite like to be a novelist or in total dreamworld-ness, a multi-million selling recording artist.

F. Fashion

Fashion and I’ve had a rocky road….we used to be at odds, and there were times when I wasnt even aware that it existed, but now we rub along quite happily, even to the point of obsession on my behalf…

G. Going Brunette

I intend to after 29 years of being blonde….scary stuff

H. Head

I’ve got a large head and I struggle to find another H – Hats to fit me. H could also stand for Heights, which I’m scared of.

I. I like to….

….think that I’m pretty good at guessing the plot lines of things I watch….I’m probably not as good as I think I am!

J. Jokes

I prefer a more situation based joke than a punchline based one…..but it doesn’t take much to make me laugh, really.

K. Karaoke

Something I only do when I’m drunk, but when I do, I really rather enjoy it!

L. London

I’ve had a weird obsession with our fair capital since I was little…..I’ve always dreamed of moving there and to be doing so would be the ultimate sign of being a grown up….a girl can still dream of living there….

M. Musicals

I’m such a fan of them, and have been in a few amateur productions via school in the past….I love all the west-end/broadway sparkle of them all and it’s probably one of the reasons why I love Glee…..I was a big old Gleek myself back in the day!

N. Neal

My dad’s name

O. Oranges

I hate them! I hate bananas too, to the point I can’t even stand the sight or smell of them! *shudders*


I really, really don’t have any!

Q. Queues

Except for queues, oddly….I think I just stubbornly refuse to be beaten by them!

R. Reading

If you cut me in half, I’d say ‘likes to read lots of books’….


I’m far, far too stubborn….gets me into trouble more than it ever benefits myself!

T. Toes

I was born with six on one foot….look at pictures of my feet closely and you’ll see how the end two of my left foot are a little twisted…they used to be joined together, and I’ve a scar at the base of my fourth toe where the extra toe was and it went over the top horizontally over the end two….yeah, you’ve been weirded out now, havent you?

U. Underwater

I can’t swim underwater…never had been able to….

V. Very very scared that….

I’ll end up an old spinster surrounded by cats. seriously, I am!

W. What makes me shiver

People touching my hair….if I don’t like someone, I’ll all but slap them for touching it, but if I *really* like someone, it well, makes me go gooey. It also is something I find really relaxing when I go to the hairdressers…..ultimate pampering to me is going to the hairdressers!!

X – X-rays

I’ve had a lot of them….and when I was little, and scared, the x-ray technician x-rayed my doll….whom then became known as X-ray doll. I wonder what I did with both the doll and the x-ray….

Y. Youth Hostel

Went on a youth hostel holiday in the last year of primary school, and it was quite traumatic….I didnt do very well when I went on holiday with school and without my parents!!

So yeah, a small insight to my rather weird world!


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