‘She’d like to go out with you for texting and scones…’

I’ve bene having quite a few lazy days over the last couple of them….lazy in that I’ve been working ‘stay at home and make no effort’ chic, rather than not doing anything! I’ve been a-plenty busy….many an application for dream jobs filled in, so am continuing to cross my fingers as closing dates go by or draw ever near and I wish and hope to be short listed; already had one rejection this week, so that made me be a bit miserable and sorry for myself!!

I also decided to push on with the online dating lark…..signed up to two new sites, one which I later realised is simply a sister site to the one I am already on, gah, so still has the ‘you get so much free and then you have to pay’ lark, and then a site called howaboutwe.com which whilst it still has an element of ‘you get so much free….’ the free bit is a lot more fun and less frustrating than other sites, especially as it’s all about cutting straight to the date, rather than spending ages, and ages online flirting and messaging someone only to meet them irl and the spark not be there. Atm, as it’s an american made site, there are few and far between brits on it, unless you’re a Londoner, and then there are loads!! But I definitely, definitely like the idea of it, and hope that I manage to get at least one date out of it!!

Currently also contemplating going to a film night thing tonight at my local art house cinema….found it online when I was looking for book clubs and found one, but the day and time wouldn’t work for me long-term, whereas the film club offshoot of it did work most definitely….apart from the being too scared to go part!! But be brave, Sara, its sort of a 30 before 30 thing so seize the day!! I found it via meetup, which seems to be a pretty good site to find groups and events in whatever is your local area….definitely the week for me finding unusual and different websites! I’ve been bemoaning that my social life is lacking, so am going to follow the example of a very wise friend of mine and start joining things that match my interests and go from there! Although one group has a games day, which involves board games so will definitely not be going to that – there are a few incidents involving Monopoly and Risk that makes me think if I’m trying to make new friends, perhaps not showing my far too competitive board game side would be an idea!!

Anywho, you want to see the clothes, right? This outfit is from Sunday, when I hung out with the middle niece and we enjoyed the brilliant double bill of The Little Mermaid and Toy Story 2….odd combo, but it was nice to spend some one on one time with her for the second weekend running…she was really, really well-behaved, so am thinking she enjoyed the treat of all of my attentions! Yeah, totally that and not the fact there was a dvd on! Anyway, this is what I was rocking for an afternoon’s babysitting…..I mainly made the effort for you guys as I dont think it would have matter to any of my family what I had on….they’ve seen me in worse!

The obligatory face shot with me holding the camera at arm’s length while it takes me about ten attempts to not get a picture of me with triple chins and my eyes shut!!

So the money shot as they say…..Pink top, Grey jeans (which are just seen) and leaf necklace are all from Evans; the top was a birthday present birthday before last, the jeans a christmas present the christmas before last and the necklace something I got in the sale as a birthday bonus present birthday just gone. Not loving my hair in this picture….the bottom of it looks like spaniels’ ears and for some reason I’ve seemingly got three different sections of shades…my hair does not usually look like this! But then after friday I’ll not be looking like this anyhow as I’m going for a chop and a change of colour ala one of my 30 before 30. I’ve booked in at a salon I go past on my way to work, which I’ve always wanted to try….all the glamour of a city centre salon but a little cheaper as its out in the suburbs…..I’ll let you know what I think on Friday and promise pictures!!

A foot shot as you couldn’t see them in the main pic….shoes are ancient Georgina Goodman for Evans….I’ve a couple of the high heels, which I cannot walk in!! And those jeans are a little on the big side so I have to roll the bottoms up and wear a belt anytime I wear them!!

you can see exactly how well-worn these shoes are! It’s mainly because I can wear them both daytime and night-time as they go with a lot of my wardrobe….th last big thing they were worn at was my birthday night out, and they were also worn to my sister’s hen night so much worn and much-loved shoes. Although those silver discs jangle as I walk which does annoy some people!

So, off to go do some boring stuff like sorting out my garage full of crap….which I managed to put off by claiming it was too hot to do anything, but now its cold so I’ve no excuse!!

What task do you have on a to-do list that you’ve put off or would put off?

p.s I did start writing this post yesterday, but ended up not finishing it….so you might be lucky and get more than one post today!

One thought on “‘She’d like to go out with you for texting and scones…’

  1. I am very much fond of your eyes, your hair color and your amazing accessories (the shoes, the earrings..). I like your blog, it’s irresistibly charming…kisses.

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