Two For The Price Of One….

Hullo my lovely readers! Don’t all fall over in sock, but I’ve actually snapped myself in my outfits!!! Who would have thunked that I’d ever be inventive to work around the not having the proper tools for the job? Although I’m vowing once more to sort out fixing my inherited camera that will eventually accommodate a tripod…

So, enough chat and on with the clothes. I should have posted yesterday, but I was busy doing stuffs that I may or may not reveal at a later date, and then my bedroom was like a sauna so no way I was sitting at my computer posting! But that means you get yesterday’s and today’s outfit all at once. Arent you lucky!

Oh look, finally a shot of me wearing my new obsessed with its lovely-ness Owl necklace from Tesco!

Me wearing my owl earrings that were part of my Primark haul….I must say I really like this shot….dunno why!

I’ve a thing for photographing the patterns of my top’s fabric. Again, have no clue why!!

I must say I think this isn’t a half bad picture of me……given that I famously take a very bad picture. But you’ll see why in a mo!

So Friday’s outfit was Blue floral top from Evans that my mum bought me for my birthday last year, wide leg shorts, which you can’t really see in these pictures but were from Evans about three or four years ago when I went on holiday. And of course Primark/Tescos for the jewellery. As someone who loses it quite easily, I must say that Primark and all the supermarkets including my current employer are very good for cheapish jewellery if you’ve got a good eye for it!

So, today’s look….which as I’ve not bothered with makeup too much, I think I look a bit rough! But its hot, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ;p

See!! I’ve the world’s most awful habit of shutting my eyes when my picture gets taken….yes, I did indeed said taken as my mum asked me what I was doing and then volunteered to play photographer for me! I also think that I need to smile like a twerp in real life for it to translate on camera…..but that’s just me being critical, on the upside, you can see the outfit most lovely…as well as my new Dowton Abbey esque book….only on chapter three, so will let you know if its any cop!!

Again, random shot of my top’s fabric…..

Shots of my necklace and earrings…..although the latter is that dark that you can barely see it!! That is my eternal problem….where to shoot my pictures that has decent lighting….its a tricky one!

A shot of my far too often wore flip-flops that have been to Sri Lanka and back, as well as other exciting places like on a cruise around the Canaries! Soooo comfy and even though they’re a bit battered, I daren’t part with them!

So Saturday’s OOTD comprises of Evans top and shorts, again about three years old (I do own clothes that are more recently purchased, just they’re thinner on the ground because I’m reluctant to buy more as I’m trying to get fit and healthy and also as my weight has stayed the sameish. Not to mention when you’ve got loads and are a bit skint its hard to justify buying loads more! Although I may be about to break my current no spending rule come payday ;p). Jewellery is from Topshop, again another birthday gift, bought by my beloved sister, something which if you’re a regular reader you’ll already know! Also flip-flops are from Fat Face. Seriously folks, they do the most comfy shoes ever, I’ve a pair of sturdy ballerina style shoes, and I’ve worn them ever since I bought them around the same time….they last too, as only now are they starting to look a little worse for wear. As someone who has problem feet, I highly recommend them!

So, here endeth the clothing post. More tomorrow, after I’ve spent an evening gasping and nail-biting over the last Doctor Who ep in the series as well as talking at the tv while I watch Strictly and X Factor like almost every other person in the country!

Toodle Pip!

4 thoughts on “Two For The Price Of One….

    • its from Topshop….it was a birthday present from my sister, but I think it was pretty new in at the time….I’d popped in recently and they’ve either still got it or got something pretty similar!

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