A Collection of Thoughts….

So yeah, already pretty much failed on one of my 30 before 30….I did say I was going to post at least every couple of days, but oh well, my bad! Actually, being without flippant, my life has been a bit crazy mental while I’ve been dealing with another of my 30 before 30, namely my career. Thought I was progressing on and would be able to report ‘Oh! I’ve got one ticked and sorted’ but not to be. But that’s not stopping me, and the endless job applications for the perfect job continues….

But it’s not all bad news. I’ve resolved that this will be the week of the great clear out….I’m off for two weeks, but am realistic that the call of the need to spend my hard-earned spends will be too much the weekend after this, so I’m intending, weather allowing to get sorted through the week and then do a carboot at the weekend. Like I said, weather allowing and mother permitting, because otherwise there will be no car to carboot with! When I get stuff posted up on eBay, I shall post a link for you all to see/purchase….I know I’ve some great finds in that garage of mine!

Wednesday I’m off to the cinema, hopefully, with my cinema-going friend and if we go for a meal beforehand, I intend it to be the great curry tasting evening….another thing ticked off the list…..seize the day and all that. And if its cack, I can just then gorge myself on cinema foodstuffs.

On the gaming front, I’ve not played in an age, although I’ve gone on to just stop myself getting capped in messages and whatnot. This weekend just gone was the opening of a new roleplay that I was intending of being a part of, but I just wasnt inclinded. I think I just need to figure out a way of keeping the fantabulous friends I made in the game outside of it, and then I can finally say I’ve broken away from it. Not that it was all bad, it’s just I think I can’t play it and dedicate my time to this too, and sorry I want to be a blogger more than I want to be a gamer!

Have done a bit of googling on the subject of choirs/book clubs, and have found a choir and a book club that I might give a whirl….although techincally the book club is a film meetup thing, which as it’s a multifunctional club, I’ll settle for that as working! So yeah, next Tuesday and Wednesday I’m giving them a whirl (give myself time to psyche myself up and whatnot!)

I’m considering some brave moves on the dating front too….namely trying speed dating and having more than just a free ‘have a look around’ membership on the dating website I’m signed up to. I think if I’m serious about this ‘not being single by the time I’m 30’ lark, I need to put in some hard graft. Doesnt mean that I’m not going to procrastinate cos I’m shitting myself though!

So, on a completely non-related note, have I told you all how much I heart christmas? because I do, you know. Work’s got all the christmas goodies in already, but went to a well-known supermarket today that has ‘ every little helps’ as its logo, and they’re selling one of my favourite (well, since last year!) christmas cakes, namely a festive Bakewell. Yes, I’m that sucker that buys stuff because of its christmas packaging and the fact its got a holly berry on top. But I don’t know why, it’s just anything in Christmas packaging, and I’m all over it. I really, truly love Christmas although I have vowed to try to be more organised and pull out the stops this year to really personalise it.

So, anyhow, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’s final calls. Toodle Pip!!

3 thoughts on “A Collection of Thoughts….

  1. Hope you had a brilliant time at the cinema yesterday!

    I’ve fallen into the same trap of being excited by Christmas already when there is my birthday, halloween, bonfire night and Tristan’s 30th before then. But I can’t help it! There are few things I love more than mulled wine, choosing presents, making cards and tags and having a wander round a Christmas market. It’s just so warming inside 🙂

    Jem xXx

  2. “I think I just need to figure out a way of keeping the fantabulous friends I made in the game outside of it, and then I can finally say I’ve broken away from it.”

    Well no pressure to be in virtual worlds if it’s not a happy healthy pastime for you. We have facebook and skype always. And I do read your blog! Don’t be a stranger:)

    • See, this is the thing…..its not so much the game that matters to me these days, its the friends I’ve made from it, although in some cases such as yours I’ve been an uncommunicative friend! But like you said, most of those that I want to stay in touch have graduated to being allowed to be on my personal fb or skype ;p

      But yeah, I think that atm I’m trying to be a bit more focused on various things rather than thinking I can do it all!

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