A list of things to be done before the big 3-0….

So it’s exactly 11 months to the day that I turn 30. Which actually is an odd co-incidence, as I’d planned to do this blog after reading this post from A Thrifty Mrs. It originally caught my eye because of the fact it was talking about long hair and the battle between cutting it and letting it grow….which I’ve encountered many a time in my life! But then I got interested/nosy to what else was on her 30 before 30 list, read it and then felt inspired to homage her and do my own. And by homage I mean lovingly nick off her which makes me think perhaps I should stop reading other people’s blogs because I seem to end up copying their styles/ideas accidentally in the same way other people accidentally pick up accents. But I’ve an idea of how to take it one further, so I’m sure she wont mind!

So, here’s the list…..

1. Lose Weight. Yes, not very F.A of me, but its a health thing more than anything else…if I could be this size and be healthy, I’d be grand!

2. Get a career. By 11 months time, I want to at least want to be doing something I like, if not love.

3. Go on lots of dates. I’m already signed up to Match.com, I just need to become a fee payer so I can respond to any emails or likes….more on my dating attempts in the next few things

4. Let myself be set up by friends or anyone that reads this and knows someone in the Nottingham-ish area.

5. Go speed dating. I’ve said I’ll do this for like about two years. Time for less talk, more action.

6. Write a blog entry everyday, or at least every couple of days.

7. Dye my hair a different colour. I’ve always been blonde, maybe time for a change.

8. Have my hair cut in a non fat flattering but highly fashionable way

9. Make all my christmas cards this year

10. Tell people I love them at least once a week

11. Quit second life and any other online gaming for good

12. Read all the books in one of those 100 best books ever list

13. Join a choir/singing group

14. Join a book club

15. Ebay/Carboot all that crap that I’m hoarding and will never ever use.

16. Organise a blogger’s event.

17. Attend a convention of the sci-fi/comic/hp kind (preferably the latter)

18. Take up dance classes (I’d have to have done a bit of 1 first though!)

19. Implement a ‘do I need or do I want’ policy to shopping in an order to not buy stuff I don’t need.

20. Eat a curry

21. Make a cake

22. Learn to Knit

23. Conquer my fear of heights

24. Start letter writing to my favourite people. Nothing nicer than getting some post!

25. Buy a decent camera

26. Be brave and hit the streets to stop other plus size people who are looking fierce…my own plus size version of the Sartorialist (totes copyrighting that, unless someone else has already had an idea)

27. Draw up a map of places and attractions I want to visit in the UK and go to them all.

28. Go out of an evening at least once a week, money allowing.

29. Save up for a rainy day

30. Have a party on my 30th, even though I hate parties.


So there you go, my list. I’d also like other bloggers to either do one thing they’d like to do before 30 (or 40. 50 etc depending on age) and then blog it, or alternatively challenge me to do one thing that month that they think I should have on my list. Carpe Diem and all that….(seizing the day for those that don’t understand my no doubt badly written Latin!)

I’ll write-up the ‘Things to do before I’m 30 challenge” on a separate page at some point…nothing like a challenge without rules!

Hope its something that seems a bit fun and not at all lame! xxx

11 thoughts on “A list of things to be done before the big 3-0….

    • I’m currently swaying between keeping the colour but going for an above shoulder length cut, or going darker, perhaps with a bit of ombre action and keeping the length….cant figure out what I’m more attached to, the length or the blonde!!

  1. I think 2. applies to more and more people nowadays – barely any of us end up in a ‘career’ let alone what we wanted to do or something we love. So many of us are in jobs to pay the bills or ended up on career paths totally different to what we could have done.

    20-22 are quite surprising – though it obviously depends on where you live and the circumstances.

    24 is really a nice, sweet touch I think.

    • I wholeheartedly agree…and my currently desired path is far removed from what I wanted to do when I was 16, 18 or even 21, but I think that’s very much so because I didnt really know myself enough to choose something that would be the right choice for myself!

      20-22 are just things that I often say ‘Oh, I’ll do them one day’….never had a curry, havent baked for about 15 or so years and never learnt to knit despite having a mum whom is pretty brill at it!

      24 is a homage to a friend of mine who is very much so into the art of the old fashioned communication…..and I’ve been thinking how much I like getting letters so perhaps I should send some of my own!!

  2. Great list! quite a few of those are on mine too. Is there going to be a follow up next year saying how many of them you achieved?

  3. Wow that’s an impressive list….40 before 40 seems so daunting to me…lol I’ve got 3 years though right? Hmmmm…..

  4. OK so far I’ve come up with 31…let’s see if I can get the list done before my birthday…LOL that’ll be an item on the list to help things along:)

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