A few little trinkets….

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a stereotypical fat person except for in one way – a love of accessories. I think it gets born out of the fact that when not all the clothes you might want are available to you, and in my case I’ve really, really wide feet so shoes a bit of a nightmare and were even when I wasn’t that fat i.e as a child so other than getting some new feet, that will always be an issue. Anywho, I’m a lover of a good accessory….that’s just me!

I also heart Primark when it comes to costume jewellery. Would I buy somewhere else if I had more money? Yes, but I’d have more money than sense because I lose/break things like they’re going out of fashion, and when something costs a couple of quid, that’s fine, but when its more expensive, it’s just a tad devastating.

So yesterday I went just a bit mad in my local Primarni….

my silk-esque scarf that needs a good old iron….was going to wear this as part of my outfit to Fat Swap Shop, but gah, life got in the way 😦

my new ankle socks! I intend to wear over tights this autumn….first time ever I’ll be braving this look…..I might look stupid and end up just wearing them as everyday socks!

What I actually went in for…..some new headbands as I’m terrible  –  I’ve got a fringe but I’m notorious for putting it back most days cos I can’t be arsed to style it….which I’d refer to changing my look but not being arsed is probably closer to the mark!

Deers! Soooo cut and very countrified….if you pay attention, you might notice that librarian-that-also-lives-in-the-countryside might be a slight theme to purchases!

animal hairgrips! also featuring deers as well as owls, foxes and squirrels!

really badly shot, but its a bird in a birdcage necklace…..and I’ve a thing for them both as either jewellery or household accessories….

feather hairgrips! Wingardium Leviosa! *totally wrong that I thought of Harry Potter when I saw these, but I did cos I’m a nerd and totes roll that way.*

Not usually a fan of bees, either as insects or as accessories….but for some reason really like this headband….again, was intending it to be part of my outfit today but total and epic fail on the adventure front.

My owl earrings….totally into owls, not just cos of the whole HP nerdiness, also because of having been a Brownie as a girl and then a Brown Owl for a little while too…but mainly because Owls wear glasses and read books in well, books and films and tv and stuff, and when I was little that was like my beloved dad, and also like me….I think if I was to have a patronus (yes more hp geekery…deal with it!), mine would definitely be an owl.

So anywho, I got home and the bag of stuffs was on my bed, which my mum looked through when I was on the phone to my sister….after I came off the phone, she gave me this…..

It’s an owl necklace! The pictures don’t look the same colour metal, but that’s because they were taken at different times with different lighting, they are actually a dead on match to each other! (although I might deem it too much owl and pair the necklace with the deer earrings…). I’d lusted after him when we went to Tesco to do the food shop, and my mum had bought him to give me if I got the new job. As things so far have not gone to plan, she was then going to save it until Christmas, but as I’ve been a miserable pain over the last few days, she gave me him to cheer me up and because of the earrings which are kind of similar! She also almost bought some earrings to match from Boots but then decided against it, spookily!

So that’s my haul of cheering up bits and bobs…..definitely did the trick along with a lovely pit stop in Costa….even though I’m still having stuff happen to put the dampener on what I’d want to be doing, I can look over my buys and go ‘oooohhhh….pretties!’….

What would you all buy to cheer yourselves up?

2 thoughts on “A few little trinkets….

  1. Ohhhh, myyyyyy goodness. The feathers!! I’m in Birmingham for a couple of days this week and I may just have to check to see if they have any as they really are beautiful 🙂

    So keen on the Bumblebee headband too, and naturally the lovely owl-y purchases! Great eye lovely these are all lovely and SO you!

    Jem xXx

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