A quick post….

So, I’ve been super busy and barely any time to blog! Nothing overly interesting, mainly just getting on with life and being too tired to turn the computer on! I’ve even become a little lax in commenting on all those wonderous blogs out there too, so you know that I’ve been busy/tired if I’ ve not even had the energy for that!

Although that being said, I’ve not written nearly a whole chapter of my hundredth attempt at novel writing….got a bit of inspiration one afternoon, so that’s the story behind that!

So, like almost everyone else on the blogosphere I’m so entirely excited that Autumn is here! At least, in the fashion world, if not in weather!! I’m not normally so much of an autumn girl…sure I love the new stationery/new bag-ness of Autumn, and I prefer the weather, but I used to very much prefer the summer colour palette. No more! All berry colours are what I’m craving right now…

Got a bit giddy when the Evans autumn catalogue got released online….have been having a bit of a falling out with the brand that I’ve been most loyal to over the last 13 years of being a plus size shopper, but with their new autumn catalogue full of goodies, all is forgiven! Being the top end of plus size, my options aren’t that vast – as lovely as ASOS is, their stuff will probably only fit the top half of my pear shape figure. Another reason why I’m loving Evans right now….the fact they’ve got this shop by body size thing going on makes my heart sing as I’ve always been a big avocet for shopping for the shape you’ve got. Yes, throw away those rules occasionally just cos you feel like it, because looking good is about being confident in what you’re wearing more than anything else.

So yeah, can’t snag pics for most of the things I’m lusting after, as it’s a flash enabled page, and only those currently in stock have pages on the main site….which as my luck will have it, most of the stuff I like is entitled ‘coming soon’. Also, Evans, not noticed any of the items I’d seen advertised in pre-release press so far….cant lust over something that isn’t there!! So, following is my personal round-up of what I’m drooling over in its Autumn offerings…

Loving the coat on pages 8-9…the black quilted jacket….I’ve a thing about country-style jackets and have been wanting one for aaages! Also like the wine coloured cords on page 13…that colour is exactly what I’m drooling over right now. Page 16 sees a skater dress/tights combo that I like….in fact there’s a few of them in the catalogue that I totally heart….it’s a winning formula as far as I’m concerned! The main image of page 27 I like too, although I think I’d have a slightly longer top instead of what they’ve got going on….loving the boots, but not sure if its a style that would work on my big calves, but I’d certainly try them on and give them a go! Over the page on 28, I want all of those boots except for the strap buckle ones….such gorgeous colours for Autumn. I also like the waterfall cardigan on page 30 – technically I think it’s probably something that would be deigned as not for my shape, but I love the colour and cut so that would definitely make my wish list!! But my favourite two pages would have to be 46-47….I want every single item on them, albeit that I don’t have that many occassions to get dressed up, but damnit, they’re pretty!!

Clothing aside, I think this catalogue is the first that I actually think is full of lovelies…in the past Evans catalogue has been a little sub-par and not a true representation of what they were about….I especially like the articles interspersed every so often, more chats with models/staff please Evans! Also more on body shapes too….I’m quite fascinated by the art of dressing according to shape…

So, off to work to dream of berry coloured clothing, countryside inspired looks, brogues and loafers, and everything Autumnal….what items are you lot lust over for this season, either clothing or otherwise?

*link to the catalogue*

4 thoughts on “A quick post….

  1. I’m always disappointed with Evan’s catalogues overall. There are some nice pieces (I love the jacket and have bought some boots already) but I’m still getting a less than fab vibe. Tempted to try a pair of their fashion fit bootleg jeans tho 🙂

    I agree with the articles tho, really great idea!

    I seem to be getting a clearer idea what my personal style is and that doesn’t intersect too often with this catalogue (although i do like some of the things on their site at the moment).

    hope to meet you next week!!

    • yeah, I agree that its all abput personal style and taste….my look has always been ‘Miss Marple became a librarian, time travelled around a few decades, went to a country fair and then had a mid life crisis and became a rock chick’….in other words I flick between librarian chic, country sort of style, old granny style, vintage-y from anywhere between the thirties to the fifties, and a sort of rock-lite look…..I really have become convinced I watched Mr Benn at too early an age and clothing has become sort of like costumes for me!!

      I will be there with bells on!!

  2. As a country girl, born and bred, I’m definitely a fan of country inspired looks – it was all Barbour jackets (Dad), jodhpurs, cords, flat caps (Grandad), quilted jackets and riding boots for me growing up! My Nannie had a brilliant khaki-coloured diamond quilted number with a rich brown velvet collar that I used to borrow to check on the horses as it was very snuggly in winter!

    I think you deserve a few countrified treats to wear for the new job!!! 😀 Pair of brogues would be just the thing for work shoes! 🙂

    Jem xXx

    • See, I think its all the country fairs, craft fairs and garden centres I got dragged to at a young age! I was talking about the time we went to Chatsworth Country Fair or whatever its called, and how I insisted that I get bought a proper Barbour wax jacket which I then never took off and wore over copious amounts of tie-dye….lo and behold, my mum then later on informs me that I’d been talking about it on the day the fair was being held this year!

      Yes on the brogues front, as would the jacket I’m drooling over atm as well as a lot of other stuff….is it wrong that I’ve an image in my head for how I’d look?

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