Birthday Reflections: My 6th Birthday (I think….)

Last in the series….which for me to actually do a whole week of posts is pretty good, as more than once I suffered from blog-itis and didn’t want to post, but other than friday night shenanigans, I managed to keep going!

So as I said, the last one and then I can resume normal blogging services! I think this is my 6th, but it could easily also be my 5th or my 7th….basically I know its post a certain age because of how old my sister looks, but below 8 years of age because of the other party attendees….I was clearly still at Preparatory school going by the party goers.

Me and my childhood friend Peter. I’m assuming that’s a present in my hand and hence the reason I look so darn happy!

The gathered party guests….my sister looking adorable!

me and the sister hanging out…as always she looks cute and I look nerdy!

so yeah, I had a bouncy castle in my garden for my birthday….stroke teddy bears picnic, hence the teddies. The girl in front of me had a bear that told you stuff….it said it was going to rain, and half an hour or so later it did. But to be fair, it’s the UK, so that’s always a 50/50 chance of happening!!

“yeah, lets just have a sit down….all this bouncing around is hard work!” I do find younger me adorable in that I’ve essentially become so attached to my childhood friend that we’ve even sat in the same way….bless! But yeah, as a child I found it easier to be friends with boys than with girls, probably because I’ve always been a bit geeky. Then I grew up, went to an all girls school and suddenly lost the ability to speak to the opposite sex for the most part!

So here endeth the blog series…..normal services resumed tomorrow and I can go back to blogging whatever takes my fancy that day!

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