Birthday Reflections: My 10th (I think!) and 29th – the extended remix

So, anyone that’s been paying any attention to the fact I’ve been doing a photo mini series will notice I didn’t post yesterday. Basically, I ran out of time! Yes, I should have done it before then and then posted it at the right time, but hell, if I was the sort of person that was that organised, well I wouldn’t be me.

Anywho, yesterday was really rather lovely. A much long overdue night out with a collection of my favourite people. My sister and brother-in-law were out, as my mum babysat for them, and four other friends whom I’m not going to mention individually as explaining some of them, and how I know them just gets complicated!

Started off the evening very low-key, in a place where there was no music so we could all have a chit chat….the conversation covered music of the early noughties, credit ratings and mortgages, work aspirations and ambitions, people that we knew and had in common with each other, our jobs (four out of the seven of us work in retail so were comparing notes). I chatted, drank and danced to my heart’s content, and truly contented I was. We ended up at a nineties/noughties retro bar (apparently that’s long enough a go to be retro now). Spookily, all the songs I’d been playing earlier in the week, and had a conversation about got played. Actually, it made me think. I realised that I was happy with how my life is right now. I’ve got friend that I truly care about, I’ve got family I really love, my life feels like its moving in the right direction, and I’ve got hobbies that feel like they’re beneficial to my well-being than perhaps being detrimental. Did I really, truly want to be back where I was eight, nine years ago? Do I really want to be that person I was then? Like hell I do! So apart from the occasional navel gazing and contemplative blog series, looking ahead is all I intend to do!

So, onto the photos. I *think* this is my 10th birthday party. I can’t be entirely sure, but given what I’m wearing, how old my sister seems to look, I’d guess around then. Maybe a bit younger, but certainly no older.

Anyway, we went to a place called Floralands, which is a garden centre, but way back then it had a kids adventure playground thing. It closed down, the playground not the garden centre, a while back but recently one of those family friendly farm things opened up in its place. We took the nieces there, and it was very strange leading the eldest around trying to get her to feed the animals whilst thinking ‘those go-kart thingys used to be over there, and then down there was the fire engine….”

yeah….these day’s I’ve a fear of heights…..clearly no fear at this age! well, that being said my face does look a little nervous!

The mustard, or camel, coloured, camel print hareem trousers and a matching t-shirt combo. With matchy matchy shoes and headband. I was totally ahead of my time! I bloody loved that outfit!!

I personally think my expression is very like my eldest niece here….but anywho, a close up of that delightful outfit, plus a shot of those weird go-kart sort of things in the background….

my sister looking either cute or like she’s being very vocal about something….who knows!

Amelia and our friend Vickie looking sooo cute! Bless!

I think my sister’s got a look of mischief on her face here….now we know where her middle daughter gets it from!

My sister, me and our beloved dad. I’m guessing this is post party, as both of us look a little untucked around the edges, and one of my sister’s bunches looks lower than the other. But there’s something about this shot I really love…maybe because it looks like my sister is more interested in the camera than in anything else!!

So, one more day of birthday reflections and then normal service will resume!

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