Birthday Reflections: My 16th

I’m feeling decidedly blah today….have no clue why, despite a full night’s sleep I still ended up having a mini nap this afternoon. Maybe all this navel gazing and nostalgia fest has lowered my mood….or maybe its just the post birthday come-down….but I’ve a night out tomorrow night, full of lovely people I’ve not seen for a while, so hopefully I’ll be full of my usual vim and vigour tomorrow.

So, another day, another birthday. My 16th to be precise. So as far as I can remember, I was a little way off getting my GCSEs, which were definitely comme ce, comme ca. (got a B in french, naturellement!). It was 1998, Grease was having a 20th anniversary merchandise, cinema re-release thing so I remember going to Makro to get the food for the family bbq and getting a book about it which I still own.

Dont remember that much about it, other than sitting on a plastic chair and falling off the edge of the patio backwards and ending up like an up-ended turtle stuck in a plastic chair, legs and arms in the air….not the first nor last time I ended up going flying out of the chair I was sat in!

So, I’ll give you the goods of the pictures, let them speak for themselves!!

so me, at 16….god I loved that dress, jacket and denim platform trainers….wore them to death!

me, Amelia and Estelle. Think its pretty fair to say this picture doesn’t really show the best side of any of us!

Another of the three of us…and a classic ‘Amelia pulling one of her photo faces’ picture!

Note that I’m sat on a step, not on a chair. Methinks this is post falling off that slight raise of patio in my chair!

Estelle and my cousin Janice. I *think* that might be the aforementioned Grease book that they’re looking at.

I think this picture of my Uncle Trevor and Estelle is just hilariously funny…dunno why, just is!

My beloved Dad, and Elizabeth whom was his cousin….that made her my second cousin? I never quite figured it out….but I’ll finish on a nice depressing note as neither of them are still with us, unfortunately!

So my 16th birthday…aka the year I seem to have had no fashion sense nor any grasp of the idea of a bit of makeup and hair dye makes you not look so washed out! Tomorrow, probably at a slightly earlier time in the scheduling due to birthday drinks, another birthday, this time from even earlier in my lifespan!

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