Birthday Reflections: my 29th

Greetings readers! So, today has been my 29th, and I think I’ve finally cracked this birthday lark….spread stuff out, so you can have endless enjoyment, and therefore no pressure on one day alone. simple.

So, its been lovely and relaxing today, I started off with a new ‘do which I’m pretty happy about despite stressing about it because I was going somewhere new. But turns out there was no need to stress!

I then headed into town for my birthday lunch at somewhere I’d been wanting to go for a while – The White Rabbit Teahouse

Here’s some pics of what I ate and drink….cos thats the bit that matters, right?

Apologies for the dodgy photography, I took them on my phone, but was trying to do it subtly, what with being in public and all.

I got treated very well by the people who love me, and got lots of lovely gifts off my sister, nieces and mum. I’ve yet to take a picture, but my mum got me a pale pink hooded light dressing gown that looks a little like something Peggy Olsen would wear, at least it does to me…..I’m imaging dramatic monologues with my lovers as I type….

Anywho, here’s some of my swag. And I mean swag as in swag bag, black mask and stripey jumper ala Burgler Bill, rather than that yoof term which has spawned an awful, awful song by the gurning girl from last series of X Factor….


it’s a blue lion. the nieces gave it me. enough said. Well apart from the fact it now sits next to me as I type….

nothing more awesome than birthday socks with teapots, teacups and cakes on them!!

What’s in the bag?


and this….

and this….all of which selected and gifted to me by my sister, brother-in-law and the nieces….although suspect that sister dearest did the choosing ;p

Finished the day with sort of home-made burgers and a white chocolate and raspberry cake for a birthday cake…as we can’t eat a proper sized one…well we could, ‘cept I’m trying to be good, like.

I’ve actually had a lovely day from start to finish….although I got a bit pensive later on, thinking about how I feel more at ease this year in myself, despite the whole nearly the big 3-0 panic as everyday from now on is one less….its a bit like the millenium bug, a big fuss over something that is pretty unimportant, if at all a real thing to worry about….what do I think is going to happen? Someone’s going to jump out of a box the second I turn 30, and be like ‘not achieved anything? oh well, onto the scrap-heap!’? Anywho, like I said, I actually stopped to think for a moment today, and I felt probably the most contented in myself I’ve ever felt….maybe I’m just nuts, but it just feels like I’m on the edge of life turning good….just jinxed it probably, but oh well!!

Ok, so tomorrow, back to our usual birthday reflection scheduling…..I’ve now actually sat down and worked out what each day this week will be, which basically means I’ve sorted all the photos out. Tomorrow, unless I don’t get my hands on them as they’re elsewhere as they’re not my pictures, will be my 21st…well part of it….and I promise to tell the very embarrassing story of what happened on the second night out of my 21st birthday if you’re all very good!

Toodles, and ta muchly to all of you lovely people who wished me well over the last 24 hours!!

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