Birthday Reflections: My 13th Birthday

So, as promised, I’m delving into my memory banks and photo albums to wax lyrical about birthdays past. Although I do intend to take a slight detour to talk about my actual birthday at some point, of course, because what I’m doing right now is just as interesting as days gone by!

So, when I had the idea for this, there were three birthdays that are memorable in particular, although when I was leafing through albums this afternoon, I realised there were others that deserve honourable features this week! But the one that ties with my 21st for top place in my memory banks is my 13th.

That’s me on the right, obviously! Going through my tie-dye hippy phase…I also owned a Barbour waxed jacket back then…kinda wish I’d kept it!! This was taken in my parents’ lounge before heading out…thats my sister whom will no doubt kill me for this picture!! As you can see, this young lady is a happy smiley girl, about to have a lovely birthday, but until about three years ago, all I saw when I looked at this picture was fat. And not in the good reclaiming it as a positive word kind of way. You can definitely tell we’re sisters more in this picture than these days….and fyi, I think she’s stood on the fireplace to match me a bit in height!!

So, I don’t have any pictures of what proceeded this, which was a visit to the Showcase Nottingham to see (yes, I really *chose* to see it, no judgement!) An Englishman That Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain. I had a thing for Hugh Grant, I think. Anyway, this is post film meal time, also known as ‘the grown ups having a nervous breakdown at all these girls’. See, I bet you’re thinking that it looks like I’m a popular and well liked girl. Well, that might have been true, but I was a right pain….very dramatic and used to cry for no reason whatsoever….I’m pretty sure that I could have had more than two proper friends if I’d just chilled the hell out a bit. And gotten better taste in music a decade earlier too….just better taste full stop actually.

I’ve been very kind to you all/cruel to myself in including this one, but its much more a telling picture of myself than any other….basically I was and to extent still am, this uncool. There are *a lot* of pictures where I’ve got my eyes shut or a badly shot angle of my face or something…..I’m not very observant, so I get caught out very easily! I’d also like to stress that none of us were smoking and a responsible adult was taking this picture, as I’ve just noticed the ginormous ashtray!!

Looking through the pictures, I noticed that my best friend to this day, Estelle, doesn’t look that happy. Now, I think I should offer her a virtual, overdue apology. As I said earlier, wasn’t the most popular of girls, or at least so I thought, and therefore getting all these people to come to my birthday kinda went to my head, and she got stuck sat next to my sister! But I really like this picture as she looks so pretty and natural, like she’s not even aware of the camera….

The inevitable blowing out the candles shot. Now, I must say that how my hair is, my dad decided that it was my best haircut ever, and when I grew it long when I was about 16, 17 and had one of those annoying long sweeping fringes, he always nagged me to get it cut back into this. Funny how at that age you hate your hair colour….I thought it was horrible, and looking at these pictures I’m kinda like ‘oh, such a naturally pretty girl, don’t put Sun-In and other chemicals in your hair when you get to 15!’

So, the first trip down memory road…..plenty more, with much more personal embarrassment to come!!

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