A slice of Brit Girl life….

me looking simply marvellous, or not so much, given that I’m full of cold….

my beloved chest of drawers’ top….

a close up of smellies both bought and gifted to me….Lola is empty though….I used her up!

my irredesant vase that has never had flowers in it that came from Next many many moons ago and used to live in my living room….

just two shelves of my five shelf bookcase…well actually its six but atm the top one is a display case/cd display arrangement…

One of my two Virago Modern Classics 30th anniversary covers books….this cover is entitled Puppet Ballet and is by Jaqueline Groag

another VMC 30 cover – this time Mystic Daisy by Celia Birtwell….with groovy shaky camera work from a sick person! But being serious, I’d totally want this pattern in a dress….

So, thats it from me….a brief insight into the nerve centre of this blog, and what I see when I post….although obviously I dont see myself, that would be weird!

I urge you all to return tomorrow and the rest of this week for my series about my most memorable birthdays, good, bad and ugly! I promise to have some juicy stories, and some personally embarrasing photos of myself!!

4 thoughts on “A slice of Brit Girl life….

    • *giggles* it doesnt always look that tidy! Hence why its not appeared in pictures before! Although the bookcase does always look like that….its the only thing I get obsessed with keeping neat and tidy!! Inside of my wardrobe not about to appear anytime soon!! The job for this afternoon is leafing through said pictures now I’ve battled to get them out of storage…just after I’ve enjoyed the five cup of tea of the day and eaten my ww blueberry muffin, which isnt half as nice as a proper muffin….oh the things I eat in the name of loosing a little bit of weight!!

  1. I have the exact same square, mirrored box (the one without the drawers) from Next lol! 🙂 I also have a mirrored chest of drawers – similar shape, different style from Joy! Gorgeous book covers, the Virago covers are so, so beautiful. xXx

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