A little light relief….

So, the anti riot movement is making my heart sing! Images of all the clean up, and of people using everyday routines make me glad to be british…that blitz spirit in the face of such atrocities.

My favourite and now infamous image is this one….I’m not the only person to repost it, but hey, the more people who see it and take it to their hearts the better.

(click picture for link to original source)

There’s this brilliant anti-riot movement called Operation Cup Of Tea, although the fact it’s spearheaded by that Sam Pepper from the last Big Brother puts me off a little…not exactly the most politically minded person that would spring to mind, although that being said, props for doing something so worthy.

All the relevant links to find out more are thus –



Or simply head to that there Twitter and stick in #OperationCupOfTea to follow the latest efforts up and down the country to strike up against the riots via our national drink.

Yesterday I did my own bit to join in Operation Cup Of Tea, although that wasnt exactly a hardship!!

My favouritest necklace that I wore in honour of OperationCupOfTea….originally it was going to actually be a LOTD style post, with tea related things thrown in, but the weather was bad so you couldn’t see what I was wearing properly!!

My favourite cup with lots of tea inside! Also, my beloved china coaster, which was a house-warming gift from a good friend a few years ago!

My second favourite coaster, but slightly more used as its flatter, and just happens to live on the side of my desk that I put stuff…go for convienance rather than anything else! But it came from Bath, was torn between this and a much more expensive Elizabeth Barrett Browning wall display thing….actually, I was torn between this and most things in the shop….it was one of those white-walled, lots of white objects, lots of girly things sort of shops that I can’t come out of with at least one thing….but as I was with the Bristol based Best Friend, I consider this a tenuous link between two lovely cities unfairly attacked by riots…

So, what mug/cup do you favour when tea drinking? And are you a coaster or straight onto the surface kinda person?

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