Simply Lovely Things…

So, yet another brand that’s got some fantastic things out this season is Simply Be. I don’t know why, but I really do most of the time prefer Autumn/Winter collections to Summer ones….maybe its the fact it’s all about cardigans, chunky knits, chic coats, and sensational scarves, but either way, I find it a lot easier to find stuff I like when the weather gets slightly cooler.

Anna Scholz Feather Jacket and PU trousers

I’ve been an Anna Scholz fan for a while, but her main line is waaay too expensive for me. However her diffusion line for Simply Be is a lot more affordable, and right now I’m lusting after this jacket and trousers, so I can indulge my inner rock chick…pile on the eyeliner, rock and roll jewellery and fierce heels and I’d be ready to go!

Anna Scholz Velour Dress

I’m also loving this velour dress….not that I have such occasions to go to, but its the sort of thing I can imagine wearing to dinner or drinks somewhere posh….It might actually be too glamorous for someone like me to pull off, but it looks like the sort of dress that would make you feel a million pounds in.

Bespoke Back Lace Shirt

This Bespoke skirt and shirt as well as the belt you can see is the perfect outfit for a night out with friends….I’d probably add a pop of colour in form of a cardigan now that the weather is getting warmer….for me this is the perfect sort of cut…nipped in waist, a-line skirt and detailed top. Worn with some modern style pearls, lashing of liquid eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

Bespoke Lace Maxi Dress

I absolutely love this dress! I’ve seen a version of it on another blogger when Simply Be launched its Autumn/Winter range, and have lusted after it ever since!! I think its pretty versatile – wear it with your hair piled high, dark smokey eyes and a pale glossy lip, tons of bracelets and some statement earrings or hair down, a prim and proper looking cardigan and loafers for a more daytime sort of look….fabulous!

And Abigail Stud Trim Top

And Abigail Stud Trim Cardigan

And Abigail Pocket Top

And Abigail Crinkle Blouse

I’ve slightly fallen in love with the And Abigail range, and reckon all these pieces would work their little hearts out for any owner of them….they’re that sort of casual that could be dressed up or down, and therefore you’d get plenty of wear out of them. Not to mention they look über comfortable!!!

Jeffery and Paula Fair Isle Cardigan

Jeffery and Paula Cocoon Cardigan

Jeffery and Paula Boyfriend Cardigan

Jeffery and Paula Knitted Cape

I absolutely bloody adore all the knitwear Jeffery and Paula have got going on this season. I caught a glimpse of it elsewhere in the blogosphere, and oohed and ahhed at them…in particular the Knitted Cape is the top of the knit wish list….there’s nothing I love more than a good cardi, and these are all ones that might find their way into my wardrobe.

So, Simply Be, you’ve simply won me over….I didnt used to be a fan, but now I’ve converted!!

My round-up of my favourite plus size fashion sites thus far would have to be as thus:-

1. Evans – their main line is one that I always go to as a base for my wardrobe…which might be because I know that it will fit me perfectly. However, not so keen on the newer addition of other brands to the site…I’ve yet to totally dig anything that isn’t part of the Evans brand.

2. ASOS Curve – This would actually beat Evans out, but as I’ve yet to buy anything from them, I’m not sure if their sizing would work for me. However, their obsession with Ponte fabric aside, they seem to churn out stunning item after item, so I’m slightly hooked to them!

3. Simply Be – I’m still to become a convert to their main line, but their designer lines are fantastic, as I’ve shown in this post!

4. New Look – gets a mention for being affordable….which is always important!!

5. Forever 21 – again, not budget breaking, and is quite fun fashion, which is always valued!

6. eShakti -Their dresses are to die for, and I love the fact they’re for everyone as they do custom sizing. Best idea ever!

7. Next – they’d be higher up, because the quality of their clothing is lovely, but they lose maaajor points for the fact the line is so sparse….if they’re deciding their capable of producing a plus size range, then why offer such little choice, and often random selections….I really do think they need to give it the same love and attention they give Petite and Tall ranges!

8. Eliza Parker – if I was looking for a dress for a posh occasion,I think I might give her a whirl, but other than that, the selection is kinda sparse.

9. Yours Clothing – now, I know this is a very, very well loved brand amongst the blogsphere, and maybe if I purchased I might be a convert, but we’ve a branch of it in town, and everytime I go in, I’m never very impressed with the quality of their fabrics, which is something that matters very much so for me.

10. Curvissa – there’s only one reason why this range is at the bottom of the pile, and that’s because it’s a brand that I’m not that familiar with, and I’ve yet to be wowed over…however, I think I can safely say it show promise, so there’s a likelihood it will move up in my estimations!

So, with that, I’m off to go drool over lovely things…..I hope that I’ve given you plenty of ideas of where to go drool over stuff too!!

2 thoughts on “Simply Lovely Things…

  1. The Jeffery and Paula Fair Isle Cardigan has really caught my eye – gorgeous, gorgeous looking thing and at £48.00 definitely not too steep for what it is. Hmm – may allow myself a birthday treat if it’s still around come October 🙂

    Jem xXx

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