Recountings of a week gone by…

So, I’ve been a busy little bee in the last week or so. Well, I say busy I actually mean ‘doing one or two things other than doing nothing and thus seeming busy’. And even then I’m exaggerating a little, given that it was one thing, not two…but in my defense, I’ve been doing a little of overtime at work, all to afford having a week of birthday fun in a few weeks time. Talking of which, I’ve finally managed to nail the lovely Jem of Beautiful Clutter down to a date for meeting up during my birthday week….I’ll stress, probably to her shouting ‘nooooo, shush’ at me, that I knew her outside the blogosphere for quite sometime, so being able to somewhat name drop someone so talented makes me look better than I actually am!

Also, We’ve decided to take a trip up to Harrogate in October…we’re both similarly obsessed with tea, cake and shopping, and its somewhere that separately we’ve wanted to go to, and she happened to mention it so we seized the thought and ran with it! We’ll most certainly be looking for suggestions of the places to go, see, do as neither one of us is familiar with the area, although partly I’m looking forward to much googling nearer the time. If you happened to be based that way of the world, it would be even more exciting to add a meet and greet to the yet to be at all planned other than hotel/travel planning agenda!

I really do enjoy going around this little isle that we call home and going to quintessentially British places, such as Norfolk Lavender, Most of the South West coast, and I’ve probably been to most teapot/china manufacturing visitor centres in the country….Denby isnt that far from me so I’ve been a couple of times, and lots of others that my mind’s long forgotten….my dad was a teapot collector, so we often ended up weird places on holiday…but weird in a memorable and marvellous fashion. I challenge you all to start naming places like that, and I’ll see if they’re places I’ve been to…chances are I have! What weird and wonderful family obsessions did you all have growing up if you went travelling in this country, and if you did, do you still?

Anyway, back to my week. Last Saturday, I braved the big wild world that doesn’t half scare me, and got my glad rags on and ventured out. As per usual, given simple instructions, I managed to get myself lost, going the wrong way up a road split in half by a main road. Typical! Also managed to be bamboozled by buses, in that the timetable on the old t’internet was entirely different from the actual timetable at the bus stop. Times like those make me wish I wasnt so easily distracted and also poor so I’d have a car. But eventually I made it in one piece!

Given that it was a while (ok, a substantial while….actually, an age….I’d guess that it was about march/april time the last time I tried to go out. And even then it didn’t actually come off, so really it was January since I last went out and drank…flipping heck, I need a proper social life!) since I last went out, for some reason I suddenly lost all judgement in my ability to dress myself. Sure, I could put clothes on, I do that every day, but figuring out what level of dressing was suitable, well I entirely failed. Good job I had a trusty friend in im, and after much debating I said sod it, I’m wearing a skirt. Not that I don’t usually, but for some reason I was struggling to pitch the level of smartness of the party right – barbeque, which is middle of the road in terms of casual, but then knowing somewhat the people, would that mean it would more casual still? The host is the sort of person that has lots of lovely friends but from all different walks of life, so entirely hard to pitch it right. But as my friend giving the advice said, the main thing was for me to feel like I looked great, and you know what, none of the jeans I’d have perhaps put on instead would have made me feel quite as good as going semi dressed up.

I’m not going to go into laborious detail of the party itself, mainly because I only stayed a couple of hours, and heck, then I’d turn into a pumpkin who had to get the last bus home or be walking it back for days. At first sheer panic swept over me….there was about 30, 40 people there, and heck I get panicky at about ten so rather overwhelming. Also, given I was slightly late, the party was already in full swing, so that made me feel even more nervous….my eyes cast around the crowed back garden and everyone looked so bohemian and glamorous and intelligent and sociable. So, I got reaquainted with my old friend Mr Rose, which helped me edge slowly away from my chosen standpoint of by the bins. Which in reflection most certainly is an indicator of my standing on the social ladder of life. Eventually, those people who I’d met before started to recognise me, and I began, being fueled by half of bottle of plonk, to converse with other human beings! Actually, once I unwound, I actually started to have rather a good time, despite the embarrassment I felt anytime anyone asked me what I did for a living, as telling the truth which I did really is anything but glamorous or impressively intelligent/creative like almost every other being in the building. But as I was saying, I really truly enjoyed myself, and was rather annoyed that my coach instead of turning back into a vegetable was in fact soonest departing and I had to go. It’s certainly adding to the list of a few things I’ve done lately that are encouraging and pushing me to get out there more socially, as it makes me feel happier and more me to be around other people having a good time.

So, to the fashion that I wore and have previously mentioned…now, the camera was taken by my mum on her weekend away, so I didn’t have my own to be snapping away at myself, but thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I’ve managed to snatch the couple that others took of me to show you the items I pulled on last saturday….Also photographed them by themselves, because only my top half got photographed, and even if I’d had a camera to take a picture of myself once I’d gotten home, the bottle and a half I’d drank would have not helped me take a particularly good photograph!

Me and the birthday girl, by those aforementioned bins. I’d like to stress that my eyes aren’t that small, I’ve just an unfortunately recently developed habit of closing my eyes when my picture gets taken. Maybe I think that if I can’t see the camera, it wont see me? It only tends to happen when I’m a picture with someone else, oddly….

Here’s my much later taken pictures of the ensemble in its entirety…

So, yeah, when I get around to writing up my list of items for ‘The Great Wardrobe Challenge” that’s two fewer items!

Ok, my lovelies, off now but I’ve another post awaiting to be written, and what I think is going to be a great idea for many a post to come….but thats for another time!

So, any of you had any party/going out successes/epic fails lately?

2 thoughts on “Recountings of a week gone by…

  1. Ohhh the skirt is even more lovely than it sounded! Definitely the right choice and it works beautifully with the top and necklace – the bib detailing on the top is fabulous!

    So tempted to do more googling now you’ve mentioned Harrogate again . . . . ! Also have been onto Mum and asked her to try to remember some of the places we visited in Harrogate when we were there for the wedding – other than the obvious ones; Betty’s and the cheese shop 🙂 xXx

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