A quick mention of a week of fab giveaways!

So, I promise that a proper post is soon coming, I’ve been busy with submitting a potential guest post for somewhere else in the blogsphere, not to mention that I’ve had plenty of emails and ims from my various online friends to be keeping busy with, ontop of all that real life stuff that we have to do, such as work and household tasks. I promise I’d much rather be blogging that doing the last couple of things!

So this week sees the birthday of the lovely Sarah of essveebee…I mentioned her in my previous wishlist post…I must say her blog is one of a couple I visit again and again and nod my head in agreement over the clothing choices!

To celebrate her birthday she’s having a week of giveaways, so being the friendly blogger I am, I’m posting links to them all right here!

Day one – you can win one of Bijou Bijoux’s gorgeous things, I promise that it will be entirely hard to choose just one!


Day Two – The lovely people at Witch have given her their range to giveaway, which looks like must haves for your bathroom cabinet or dressing table!


Day Three – a cute pair of socks and some leggings from those nice folks at Tabio.


Day Four – a £50 voucher from those lovelies at Brand Alley, a site that looks worht signing up to even if you dont win!


Day 5 – 50 of the best english pounds to spend in that most marvellous of places, Debenhams. I defy any of you to not immediately know what sort of thing you’d get if you were the lucky winner!


There are another two days of her week of giveaways, so I’ll update this post when she posts the other prizes! I urge you all to go enter the ones that take your fancy, and to read her rather marvellous blog in general!

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