Wishes of a Brit Girl….

So, I’ve gotten inspired by a blog by the lovely Sarah of essveebee, all about birthdays. Mine is in a few weeks time, and generally speaking I get rather excited by it….I’ve actually never worked it as I’ve always had jobs where I could book it off, so I did, and not only would I book the actual day off, I’d book at least a week. Many a time I’ve heard people say “Sara, you cant celebrate for a whole week, thats ridiculous!” Well, if its good enough for the Queen to celebrate alot, then its good enough for me!

I am probably a tad too materialistic, but hey, I’m a Leo, it goes with the terratory, I think! Often what I want for my birthday, and what others can realistically afford to buy me is often wide of the mark!

So, here’s all the things that I’d want to open if I had magical abilities and could make all my nearest and dearest suddenly rich enough to bestow the best gifts upon me…

near-sighted owl print in frame 4×6

Spied this via http://www.nearsightedowl.com/  – its on their newly opened Etsy shop, and as I’m nearsighted and have a things for owls, I’m totally in love with this!

Talking of Etsy, I’ve also spied some jewellery on there that I’m a-lovin. Namely, having seen Sarah’s post, I then got side tracked by her Etsy page, and these earrings…

Time For Tea earrings


I’ve a necklace that would go perfectly with these…but I’m also loving her For thee I’ll lock up all the gates of love necklace

Also, I’m loving almost everything Bijou Bijoux right now…again, she taps into my love of all things tea, and needless to say I love her tea necklaces and hair grips. Also, love all her feather headbands, but I think I’d need an occassion to be brave enough to wear them! So for me it has to be….

The Golden Key


Talking of tea, I’m also absolutely and completely in love with the limited edition scarf from Twinings….I’m a fan of Alice Temperley, often when I love a celebrity read carpet dress, its her thats done the designing and this is no exception. You’ll notice a pattern here, but I saw it on http://www.whatkatiewore.com/2011/07/06/taken-on-detox-day-4/ where the lovely Katie wore it as a headscarf….I’ve more conventional ideas in mind if I was ever to own it, but methinks its unlikely!

Temperley for Twinings limited edition scarf


So, onto things that I havent spied in other peoples blogs! I’m a Radley fiend, so no birthday would be complete without me wishing that I had some Radley shaped presents to open! And to think I used to think it was an old woman’s range! (note from editor: actually she’d like a Mulberry shaped present, but even she isnt that unrealistic in wishes!)

Radley Holloway in Bitter Chocolate


I’m also loving the Canonbury Medium Grab Bag in Marsupial Grey

I’m a speccy four eyes, and my current glasses are ancient. May sound like an odd wish for a birthday present, but when you’re poor like moi, sometimes wishing for a necessity is needed! Although these are gorgeous, so well, its warranted that I want them as a wishlist present!

London Retro Shoreditch in Tortoise


again, they were something I spied on someone else’s blog…which I guess is the point of inviting bloggers to events, its to make their readers want to buy what’s featured, right?

http://www.pocketrocketfashion.com/?p=1031 is where I first spied these beautiful glasses!

I’m also in love with these berry coloured brogues…http://www.next.co.uk/x482340s6   –  there would be a picture, but Next uses flash and thus unable to grab a picture from there!

Finally, for me, a birthday is nothing without a book to read, and I’ve been lusting after this Waterstones exclusive edition of The Time Traveller’s Wife…I already own a copy, but out of their extensive range of exclusive covers, this one is a combination of my favourite book + favourite new cover.

The Time Traveller’s Wife



So, that concludes my very long list of wishes….some that I’ve an outside chance of getting come my birthday, others not a cat in hell’s! If you had to compile a list of non-clothing wishlist, what would it contain? (shoes dont count as clothes in my book!)

Love and Hugs! xxx


4 thoughts on “Wishes of a Brit Girl….

  1. There is one gorgeous wish list! I’m completely down with the tea-related things especially, who wouldn’t want some gorgeous teapot earrings?! In fact – it’s an odd one but while I own tons of vintage crockery and have a cupboard full to bursting with tea itself I have nothing tea-themed in the jewellery line. You’ve given me food for thought!! 😀

    Some of the Radley bags this past couple of years have been utterly gorgeous, I love that shade of chocolate brown against the simple gold hardware; really striking. I’d imagine it’d be quite versatile too. Waterstones do some stunning limited/special editions!! Gorgeous cover!!

    • I know, right? I’m obsessed with anything tea related, always have been so its not just tea and teacups and teapots, but its also anything that looks like said items. My dad was a novelty teapot collector, so I think my love of tea related objects comes from him. I’m glad I gave you food for thought, and fyi, the teapot, cup and saucer and spoon necklace came from the Vintage Fair, which I’ve learnt actually travels the country and does indeed go to Derby as well as Nottingham, so I suggest seeing if the particular stall I got it from is there. But there’s some gorgeous tea related jewellery online, so thats another good place to look!

      I agree that Radley seem to have gotten into a good groove, designing wise, methinks they’ve got a creative director that has great taste! Its striking-ness and versatility is what made me fall in love with it….here’s hoping that all that cv pimping leads somewhere cos in that case I’d have a chance in hell of affording it! But yes, I agree with Waterstones doing some amaaazing editions of certain tomes, but you knew that anyway! When I was compiling the list, I kept changing my mind to which edition I’d want the most!!

  2. My list would contain Mulberry, Coach bags, Links jewellery and Orka kiely. But as it’s not my birthday i went shopping at primark, next and new look instead. found loafers in both black and brown. Both on sale!!!
    Hope my cv comments were helpful 🙂

    • Ooooh…good wishes! Have you seen the Orla Kiely designed Citroen? Its gorgeous!! Totally jealous of you now owning loafers, at this rate I may have to sit on street with sign saying “Will write for loafers – please give generously!”. Your cv comments were most helpful indeed…if all the people that tell me I’ve a vague talent in this writing lark are even half true, then coupled with your suggestions what I added to support the applications is even better than that….I really truly think that it was some of my best selling myself, even for someone like me!

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