Various Flights of Fancy and Tales of Internet Hopping…

So it may have not escaped notice that I’ve taken the confused out of my blog’s title…which has a simple reason – I don’t actually feel confused anymore. I think I’ve cracked the secret to life – you have to actually live it. Hiding away, either literally or figuratively is what stops a person from having the life they want. Now, whilst there are certain aspects I can’t fix with a magic wand, there are many that I can. My new motto, well outlook is that I’ve got to be the best version of myself, to show the person within and be confident and that s what will make life worth living. Many people have said that to me many a-tme before, but its only the much reading of other similar blogs on the interweb that has made me see that there is nothing wrong with being plus size, as long as you are happy and healthy. Now, I need to do something about the healthy part, as I’m a size 26/28 and 5ft7in and currently do zero exercise. I’d like to be a size 16-18 so I’m still plus size, but healthy and glowy rather than how I am now. I’ve no desire whatsoever to be thin. I did when I was younger, but I’ve realised I’d probably lose my personality too, as I’ve a feeling the thin person inside is a downright bitch when she wants to be ;p But anywho, I vaguely considered putting myself through the supposed hell that is spinning, mainly because sitting on my backside is the sort of exercise that appeals, but the local leisure centre has some complicated system that requires a card or something….back in the day you rang up, and they booked you a session or induction – simples!

I’ve gotten soooo addicted/distracted by other people’s blogs….I’m a naturally nosy person, and I find reading/seeing how other people like me get their fash-on ((see what I did there, see, right? lols)) but anywhos, the big huuuuge list on the right’s just gonna keep on growing. Some of them are sl related, because I find virtual fashion as appealing as real life fashion, some are more life style but the majority are plus size fashion and I heartily recommended them all, although the list is there mainly so I don’t have to have lots of bookmarks. Whatcha know, I’m lazy sometimes!

Talking of fabulous blogs and even more fantabulous bloggers, a couple of weeks ago I had the lovely pleasure of spending a whole day with Jem of Beautiful Clutter…I’d like to stress that I’ve known her a while, and she’s the one that encourages me to keep at this blogging malarkey. But she’s one of the best people in the world for cheering me up and making me feel so darn good about myself….I’m overjoyed that it comes across so well in her own blog that she’s such a lovely person, and it’s getting a steadily increasing following, although that wont stop me plugging it and her every chance I’ve got. Anyone that does these big blogger get togethers, I’d highly recommend including Miss Cope because you’ll be very much glad to have her there. Her and I have struck a deal that when I get a proper house she’s in charge of its interior and when she gets a important and deserved because she’s great job, I’m in charge of the newly purchased wardrobe. I actually wish that some of my friends would let me make them over…just pure and simply because they’re not shopping for their various body types and there’s nothing more than not looking the most fabulous you can that makes me sad. *sad face*

So, I’m without a camera as I lent it to my lovely sister a while back, thinking I’d no use for it as the only reason I’ve ever used it is for nights out and I’ve not had one of them for aaaages, but then I’ve started to want to head down the style blog route, and I’ve come to realise that a style cum slice of my life type blog doesn’t work without actual pictures. I may have to ‘borrow’ the mother’s camera, or alternatively find the cable for my ancient yet trusty blackberry – did try to find it, but to no avail. So, instead of that, I’m going to treat/inflict you with a nicked from Facebook picture of moi, and also as I’ve recently discovered lots of new online plus size shopping, I’m going to lust over my favourite pieces…although I’ll not be featuring Yours. We’ve a branch of it here, and there’s the online shop too, but idk maybe I’m just a snob but I’ve a thing about patterns and fabrics, and their stuff just doesn’t do it for me….I’ve a big thing about buying the best you can afford, or saving until you can *coughyeahrightlikeyoueversavecoughcough* and accessorizing, accessorizing and then accessorizing some more.

It’s a pretty old picture, 2009 at my sister’s hen do ((hence the badge and whistle)) but there are not many pictures of me recently and even less where I’m not either a)pulling a weird face b)accidentally got my eyes half-shut or c) would involve me doing some cropping to not include other people in the shot. I like to think I’ve lost a little weight since this picture, as my clothes feel looser, but as they do still sort of fit, I’m guessing any weight loss is miniscule….not the most glamour of pictures as I think I’m having a bad hair/makeup day in this pic, but some of the much older ones that I found whilst looking at all the ones that are on Facebook I think my face looks fatter in them, so hence me picking this one.

So as I was saying, I’ve recently thanks to my much blog hoping found a few new clothing sites. My favourite three thus far are Forever 21, ASOS Curve and eShakti.

The reason I love eShakti is the fact that the clothing is for *everyone* all you have to do is send in your measurements when you purchase, and poof, a gorgeous girly dress or suchlike will be winging its way to you. This dress is the one that caught my eye recently, but there are sooooo many lovelies on there…in my head it seems a bit pricey, but then I’m forgetting the price is in dollars, so yeah, its cheaper than I thought. But I think that they’re so nice that I’d probably only get one either if I had a wedding to go to, or if I suddenly got an office job and thus had a need to wear smart clothing.

ASOS Curve is probably the site that’s the most me, or at least elicited the most drooling from me. In actual fact, I’ve spied something in its sale that I actually got incredibly giddy about….there’s a very high possibility that payday might mean purchasing said item. But anyway, here’s the few items out of their current stock that are most definitely on my wish list.


I’m entirely obsessed by anything ultra girly or a play of feminine against masculine….I’m totally lusting after a pair of chinos, a pair of brogues, a cape and a couple of girly dresses….that’s the aim in terms of wardrobe topping up.Probably went a bit mad on the pictures of ASOS Curve, but believe me, I most definitely could have gone madder!

Lastly there’s Forever 21. I’ve got lots of American friends, so it’s a brand that I’ve heard of many times before, but then I read that it’s opened its first store over here, so I figured its website would most definitely ship to the UK…which it does….again, sooo much choice…the one tiny gripe I have about the choice on the high street here is that either its Evans which does gorgeous, gorgeous stuff but at present it’s too pricey for me as I’m only working part-time, or there’s New Look which is cheaper, but a lot of it I’d feel a bit too old to be wearing these days, plus there’s that thing I have with fabrics and patterns coming back into the equation ((although I think it’s getting a bit better – last time I went in they had a couple of nice mannish yet feminine looking shirts that I considered buying)). So finding cheap places online which from the pictures look like they’re not too badly made is up my alley, such as Forever 21. The beauty of that site is that it lets you make a wishlist that anyone else can search for and see – I’m on there as Sara Hook, and I’d love to see what anyone else’s list would look like.

I’ve not just been distracted by shiny things, I’ve also actually accomplished something today. I’ve had this idea for a novel, or fragments of an idea for a little while now, and after reading a few interviews with authors and reading a few books that really made me want to write something too, I’ve finally written about five A5 pages of notes to work out the idea roughly but mainly to work on getting the main protagonists down pat. I’ll probably type said notes up at some point, so they’re legible and I aim to, when I’ve written the first chapter, to post it on to get some feedback. When I’ve started my no doubt horrid first attempt at this particular project, I’ll be more than happy to toss it out to anyone that wants to read and have a giggle over it.

So, that’s me off to be creative….I’ve been inspired for a few more posts, so hopefully I’ll be posting something again soon, all depending on me sorting out a camera!


4 thoughts on “Various Flights of Fancy and Tales of Internet Hopping…

  1. Wonderful post :)Some rambling comments from me. I like Asos (just ordered two things from the sale), have looked at Forever 21 but unsure if they sell clothes in my size (think i got confused by the sizing charts) and am currently wearing a Next dress. Think they get over looked by a lot of plus size shoppers but they do some nice things once in a while.
    New Look I agree with you re fabric (and never bought from Yours after one trip into one of their shops put me off) but saying that I have bought trousers from there and been impressed and they do some nice tops onces in a while (Asos like but cheaper). I personally don’t like Evans. I don’t like the way they cut their clothes and resent paying that much for plastic fabrics (they never do winter wear in wool or other natural fibres). I think they may be changing their look though which can only be a good thing.

    Excerise makes a huge difference. I used to be the size I am now when I was 21 and had high blood pressure and felt like I was going to die any second. Although I’m the same weight now (and have been for about 4 years) I have normal BP, feel great and like going for a run rather than dying! I think the difference is that when i lost a lot of weight in my 20’s I learnt to love exercise. I started playing competitive sport (ice hockey and squash) and discovered a love of walking. Currently only walking with the dogs but do so for about an hour a day. Revitalises me and I think helps with my health. I do like gyms actually, if I have the right dance music but as I live in a village outside of a town it’s harder to get organised to do (and I have a toddler too!). Have bought a Pump it Up dance/exercise dvd which I’ll have to have a go with.

    One last thing, I would love to go to big blogger event, but how does one get invited??? Bye!

    • yeah, I’m terrible in that I *know* exercise makes me feel better…I mean of course it has health benefits which is the main thing about it, but it also actually makes me feel more on an even keel….I used to do alot of dancing and performing when I was alot younger, but that kinda fell by the wayside when I got older, and I’ve never found something to replace it since. I’m thinking of trying to find something to do that will get my general fitness levels on a better level, and then when I feel a bit fitter, start looking into dance classes of some kind, as actually I think thats the exercise I love the best. Also I keep meaning to get a Wii fit as I’ve heard loads of people rave about that as a fitness route.

      Whilst I love and adore some of the styles Evans do, I have to agree that I’m not always impressed with the quality of the clothing…I bought a winter coat from them, and not only is it not wool or at least that good a quality of wool, its buckles started breaking not long after I bought it. I think their quality is getting better, but I’d love to see them lower their prices slightly and give better quality of merchandise. I meant to mention Next as I love the fact their plus size range is the same as their normal one, except well bigger, so that means the clothes will be great quality…yet to buy anything from them, but I’m thinking next winter’s coat will be from them! Although my gripe is why cant they have the range in the stores? We’ve got a massive Next which manages to have every single other specialist range that they do, including wide fitting shoes, so fail to see why they cant have it in there.

      On the blogger event front, I’ve not the foggiest, but the idea of meeting a whole group of people similarly minded and have blogs that you relate to is one of the coolest ever…if I was a bit more proactive and organised I’d totally just have one of my own!

  2. I’ve got to say re: plus size fashion, I’m always envious of people who can accept their size and wear what they want. I go completely the other way, hate my size and therefore anything that clings to my body is a no – as are clothes that are too baggy, things have to ‘skim’ me in just the right way or I’m loth to buy them. Cuts down my clothing options somewhat and I seem to live in well cut black trousers and various kaftans/shirts. Though you’d be proud – I branched out into a lovely pair of cropped trousers I found in The British Heart Foundation for £2.55 with tags from Evans still attached. They look lovely with a pair of ballerinas!

    I’ll stick up for ‘Yours’ though, I have had a couple of tops and two maxi dresses from there in the past couple of years – one dress was for a wedding last year and another is for a wedding this summer and both feel nice quality wise and I’ve been impressed by the fit. The tops have also been a very good fit and have washed well. Evans are my staple shop though – their trousers really work for me, I’ve had a couple of nice Joe Browns things in sales from Simply Be and I’d recommend a look in M&Co too, there were some gorgeous on trend things last time I went in a couple of weeks ago.

    I’ve never bought anything from ASOS Curve as yet, it’s a little pricey for unemployed me! I’d take a look at the sale though as there are a handful of things I’m quite keen on – eShakti sounds really interesting and I had no idea Forever 21 did a Plus range so I’ll have to have a gander next time I’m in Brum as the store there is huge!


    • Go you on the cropped trousers front! And I wish I was as skilled on the bargain front…its actually shocking how much money I’ve spent on clothes over the last five years or so….I’ve even got a bag of stuff that I’ve never worn because I optimistically ordered the wrong size and have yet to fit in them….I’m actually going to take a picture of some stuff over the weekend and stick it on here….either I’ll give it away or swop it or something….

      On the dressing on trend front, I agree it takes a certain level of bravery and confidence in your shape to do it. I actually think my brief stint working in an Evans is what actually got me being braver when it comes to fashion – you really cannot be fashion forward if you work somewhere like that. But I read *alot* of fashion magazines and I’ve just gotten to the stage in my life where I’m not going to wait until I’m a certain size to wear them. But its also about knowing your own body shape – I cannot wear playsuits or jumpsuits as I’m a pear shape and they make me look far too bottom heavy….or at least the style of the ones I’ve seen wouldnt work for me. I’ve actually gotten far more compliments since I’ve started showing off the good parts and hiding the bad ones, than when I sused to do the same as you and try and hide my body shape…I used to wear long shapeless denim skirts or baggy jeans and shapeless jumpers or tops – I’ll dig some of my fashion faux pas for a post over the weekend!

      I used to order alot from Simply Be about eight or nine years ago…I had a rather fetching grey trouser suit from them that I wore constantly for a while but I remember rather clearly that I used to have to order more than one size in stuff and then send the rest back as their sizing was a bit off…but that was a while ago so I’m sure its different now….I look at the site occasionally, but have yet to spy anything that takes my fancy, when I do, I’ll give it a whirl.

      I’m too poor for ASOS Curve too, at least for the most part, but its got a sale on atm, so go have a look! I’ve my eye on a cape thats £31 down from £70, although I described it to my mother today, and I think she thought I’d gone insane! But then she shops almost entirely at Per Una at Marks and Sparks, so I’ll not listen to her taste! eShakti is right up your alley, I think, and probably not for everyday, but if you were brave enough to embrace your lovely body, you’d look even more drop dead gorgeous in one of their vintage inspired dresses…I can totally imagine you in one accompanied by an apron doing something fantastically craft wise! I dont know if Forever 21 has the plus size range in their stores, I just happened to read about it online, that they’d opened shops here, and Iike I said before, knew some americans that shop there that are plus size so I knew the range existed. If you go to Brum and its got it in the store, let me know, that will be another excuse for me to go shopping there – I’m dying to, what with it being not far, and I’ll be buggered if I’m only ever going to have seen the inside of its train station and nothing else!!

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